The work-from-home question: “Who is responsible for tea and

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The work-from-home question: “Who is responsible for tea and

Postby jiraporn66 » Fri Jan 22, 2021 5:00 am


For months, tens of slotxo1way millions of people around the world have had to adapt and move home to their workplaces.

But while many people are busy balancing work and life at home all the time. Some people began to wonder if Who should be responsible Welfare expenses that the employer normally takes care of

Gabriel Bettonville of the Netherlands NIBUD Institute Which specializes in family finance I told Reuters that the institute had assessed and calculated the expenses that were previously the responsibility of employers during the normal period. But it comes back to the burden of home workers, which includes beverages, tea and coffee, toilet paper, water and electricity bills and the depreciation of desks and chairs. Comes out at an average of $ 2.4 per working day, and this is what employers should be responsible for.

This figure is trivial, though, at a time when the whole world was troubled by the coronavirus pandemic during the century of COVID-19. Experts point out that This is something that many people should keep in mind. Especially when working from home may become permanent in the future.

European governments realized the importance of this issue and introduced a cost-account policy. Or protect the rights of employees, for example in the Netherlands The government paid a COVID-19 bonus of 363 euros, or about $ 427, to civil servants working from home at the time the lock-down measure was enacted, while the Spanish government rules employers responsible for maintaining equipment in Employee work at home And France enacted a law prohibiting employers from sending e-mails to employees after working hours.

However, some employers disagree with this kind of policy. This is especially true during the economic collapse due to the COVID-19 crisis, while AWVN, the employers' association in the Netherlands, sees the figures calculated by NIBUD. It does not reflect the benefits that employees receive from moving to work from home, such as saving on travel expenses.
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