Origin and power "Sen." British-American Election of power

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Origin and power "Sen." British-American Election of power

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"Representatives" of the Thai people popularly called MPs or their full names are members of the House of Representatives. It is the person who will become a member of the Parliament to act for the citizens of the legislative body in legislation and check the balance with the executive or government But the National Assembly does not consist of only one member of the House of Representatives. Because the parliamentary system used in many countries around the world will use a dual parliament system.

Another House that is located alongside the House of Representatives is the Senate. Which makes up the parliament In Thailand it is called the House of Representatives and the Senate, just like the United States. But in the United States it is nicknamed the upper house (sometimes the upper house) and the lower house, which is derived from the chambers of the two houses of the past, are on different floors. While the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Hereinafter referred to as England for convenience) calls the House of Representatives the House of Commons and the Senate the House of Lords.

Members of the House of Representatives of Thailand, Britain and the United States are elected by the same election, but the Senators or Senators of the three countries have different origins.


In the usa The Senate will be entirely elected. In England, the House of Lords comes from all appointments. For Thailand, there are senators both by appointment and election (based on the latest set of senators before the 2014 coup), which will soon come from all appointments. With England

However, the new Thai senators for 2019 have the same power as the US Senate, but the Thai senators have returned from an appointment like the British House of Lords. The British House of Lords does not have as much power as in Thailand and the United States, so in this article will explain the origin and function of the United States and British Senate / House of Lords to compare it to the "high house" with different origins. How do they have more and less power?

United States Senate
The Senate of the United States, also known as the Upper House or the Upper House. It is one of the Houses of the United States Congress merged with the House of Representatives or the Lower House. With all elected senators And the Senate has the nickname "the house that never dies".

Senators will have a six-year term, with a total of 100 out of 50 states, two of them each. Senators will not complete their term at the same time, with every two years one third of the number of senators will be re-elected. That is why the House of Commons is called the Council never dies. The longest serving senator at the moment is Vermont Democrat Patrick J. Leahy. He served as Senator for 44 years, he was elected since 1975 and expired in 2023.

The United States Constitution provides three eligibility for senators: 1) must be at least 30 years old; 2) must have US citizenship. They must have had citizenship for at least 9 years and 3) must have residence in a state where the senator is represented in the election.

The purpose of the Senate was established to examine the House of Representatives and the government. Thus, the two Houses have almost the same power. The Senate has the same power to investigate and enact laws as the House of Representatives.

The United States Senate has the power to ratify a treaty signed by the President. It would have to rely on two-thirds of the senators' voice if they had not been ratified by the Senate. That treaty shall be deemed as a failure The Senate, under each of the established committees, also has the right to appoint a ambassador. And a judge of the Supreme Court

The President of the Senate plays a key role in appointing senators to the Senate committee. Which has the power to consider and take legal action to certify or appoint government officials. This includes regulating state entities, including members of the Federal Council of Ministries of the President-nominated ministries, must be certified by the Senate. There are currently more than 1,200-1,400 positions that need to be "Confirmed" by the Senate. Those who are not approved will not be able to serve.


In the event of a lawsuit against a government official The House of Representatives will initiate prosecutions against government officials. There are times when the president gets sued. If the House has passed, it will be referred to the Senate to investigate the allegations, with a committee set up to consider the allegations, and since 1789 the Senate has removed government officials. A total of 17 people, including the two presidents who were removed from the presidency.

The most famous investigation is the Water Gate case involving President Richard Nixon in 1974, in which the Senate has carried out a series of investigations that it prompts President Richard Nixon to. Founded guilty, President Richard Nixon vying to resign before the results of the hearing

However, the position of President of the Senate according to the constitution requires a person who is the vice president to hold the position of President of the Senate. But did not hold a position as a senator And has no power to debate or vote on any motion unless there is a equal number of votes at 50-50.

The President of the Senate does not have much power. And often didn't come to perform their duties very often Which often adheres to a tradition that The "President Pro Tempore of the Senate", elected by Senators, will serve as President of the Senate when the Vice President is not in office. The interim Senate president is often selected by a senator from the majority-dominating party in the House of Commons, so there is a clear cross between the government and the Senate.

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