How to know if the customer has the power to make decisions?

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How to know if the customer has the power to make decisions?

Postby ritcha » Tue Oct 27, 2020 3:50 am

The difficulty with B2B sales is that the person talking is probably not just one person. Even when selling the company owner, there are still subordinates to sit in the liver, so accidentally the owner excused himself outside the meeting room and never returned Let your subordinates speak to you instead. I believe that there are many people who have experienced such events.

And then another challenge with corporate sales is not knowing who is responsible for it or the products and services you sell really match up with that person's position. Especially the big corporations, which have many positions, they are everywhere, ranging from Manager, Senior Manager, Director, VP, SVP, etc. All in all, this is a headache. slotxo Beyond Because the person you talk to is not really a person who has decision making. Makes you miss a deal unfortunately Once again, there was a competitor coming in, and he was still talking to the right person So this is what salespeople make without knowing it. Let's see how you can know if the person you're talking to is really the right person.


1. Always evaluate the value of products and services.

It's a simple way To give you an idea of ​​who to talk to in the right place is to analyze the products and services you sell as follows.
- Price: if there is an approximate average price 10,000-200,000 baht, the party most likely to be the most direct is the purchasing department So the people you should talk to are But if the price is higher than 500,000 baht, the decision-making power must be with the department head. To the management If in a million digits, then you have to use the Director level upwards or tens of millions, hundreds of millions, then have to be CEO level.
- Products and services: If it is a general product, such as paper, notebooks, office furniture, etc., starting to talk to the purchasing department is probably the most direct. But there is a condition like office furniture, then you sell executive chairs. The real people are executives. Therefore, the purchasing department may not be the one to make the decision because it has to be given to the management first. So you have to meet the commander. Get
- Value: See which department or department in the customer organization is most beneficial, such as selling IT products. The department that should be discussed is the IT department manager level or above You sell marketing products You have to find a marketing manager. Not the purchasing department, etc.

2. Check on LinkedIn to see what the people you talk to are empowered and responsible before talking.

It is always an easy and great solution for me. Because the link-in allows you to search the names and history of customers. (Looks like a resume) that they used to work What kind of position What's the responsibility This is very useful, especially for large organizations that may have the same positions but are responsible for different businesses. You can read what they are responsible for, for example, you sell IT products that are secure. So try to enter the position of IT Manager along with the big company name. You will know that IT has many kinds of responsibilities such as Database, Infrastructure, Security, etc. So you are interested in IT Manager who is primarily looking at Security and doesn't contact other people to talk to the right people and not waste time.

3. The appointment time should always be made at the manager level up.
A manager level (Manager) is always my starting point. Because they, even if they do not have the power to sign ten million, hundred million, really But they can be “Influencer” that guides you to the real decision maker. (If your work is really interesting) because managers are responsible for finding new projects or projects. That always make the organization better If there are companies from outside to introduce and interesting Until you decide to buy and use it for real and effective use The results here will fall to the manager. They are therefore always willing to listen to something new.

4. The presentation and found that the signal was good. Also ask the decision-making process.
This is a good moment to check if the person you are talking to has the real power to make decisions. When presenting, look at how they are interested, like asking you questions often. About products and services Want to try it out Or asking about prices, etc., so you can ask questions back that "May I know the decision-making process here?" This is a question for clients to spell out how they have to make decisions and who needs to be more involved than in a conference room. Come and help look at the details here. It means that the real decision-maker is hidden, and how do you get in there?

5.Get an opportunity to meet with the real decision-maker
When you meet a customer and know that the person you are talking to doesn't have the power to decide. So you need to be honest and use your courage to not break the head or over the head of the person you're talking to by asking for a manager-level opportunity to meet up with executives or owners directly. By saying that, you can make their job easier by preparing useful information, presentations, or product demonstrations, saving you time, and not wasting your customers' time. The real thing is easier.
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