Tory spammers Colonel Feely & Old Ma Kelly

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Tory spammers Colonel Feely & Old Ma Kelly

Postby Captain Darling » Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:58 pm

There's been much gnashing of teeth regarding Diane Abbott's remarks about white people, not least from the above characters (both of whom frequent the rival CCF forum).

When one poster defended the Labour MP on the grounds that anti-black discrimination is a bigger problem than anti-white prejudice, Susan Kelly had this to say: "I really don't think you can have a rule that only works one way. By exercising these double standards, you actually give ammunition to white racists who like to play the martyr by saying there is one rule for 'them' and one for 'us'."

But surely the double standards belong to you, Susan..? After all, when did you ever take a white person to task for posting anti-black remarks on any of the local internet fora which you so prolifically contribute to? If you have done then I will willingly stand corrected, but I cannot seem to remember a single occasion.

As for the absurd Todd Richard Feely, he's really been getting his knickers into a twist over this. Among much else, he describes Diane Abbott's comments as "bigotry" and "an awful, partisan worldview" which "doesn't describe the kind of country I want to live in."

Interestingly, I cannot recall a single occasion in which Todd took local Tory activist Jim Lawes to task for spamming CW4 with his anti-Asian bigotry. In fact, Todd has referred to Jim as a "lovely bloke", yet here he is starting an entire thread to let the world know how terribly hurt his sensitivities are by a brief twitter comment made by a black politician.

Surely the problem is this: Diane Abbott was right - we do like to divide and rule, and none of us as white people should be personally offended by this obvious statement of truth. Why can we not be big enough to just collectively accept it as fact?

Todd recently opined on the CCF forum that he would like to change our national anthem to the more jingoistic "Land of Hope and Glory". This suggests that there are aspects of our country's history which make him proud and upbeat. In which case, why on earth can he not also show some humility over those aspects of Britain's history which are shameful?

The various black peoples of the world have been brutalised and subjected to genocide by European colonialists for literally centuries, and to deny that this was done through a policy of divide and rule is to be disingenious.

In Africa, the white settlers would encourage black tribes to go to war against each other because the captives on either side would be sold into slavery. In India, the British Raj set Hindu against Muslim as part of a co-ordinated strategy: this resulted in Hindu nationalism gradually charting a separate course from Muslim nationalism which, in turn, led to partition and one of the biggest bloodbaths in human history.

As for the kind of country Todd wants to live in, it was not long ago that we saw the murders of four black people (one of them Stephen Lawrence) within a small radius of the former BNP Headquarters in Welling. We also continue to see a massive overrepresentation of minority ethnic people in stop-and-search statistics, as well as frequent black deaths in police custody. To top it all, the case against the officers who were accused of framing The Cardiff Three has just been thrown out because crucial evidence was found to have been conveniently destroyed.

Given the above facts, is it any wonder that racial discrimination has been identified as one of the causes of mental illness among the black community?

Todd Richard Feely and Susan Kelly also fail to acknowledge the concept of power in relation to this issue. White people, by virtue of their ipso facto control of the media, police, judiciary and civil service, actually have both the authority and numerical strength to act upon their racial prejudices. In contrast, black people do not possess that power.

Against this background, it is nothing short of comical for 'Colonel Feely' and 'Old Ma Kelly' to whinge about Diane Abbott's unguarded comment.
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