Pond life rebel over Europe

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Pond life rebel over Europe

Postby Captain Darling » Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:20 am

It was amusing to see my old sparring partner Stewart Jackson doing a tour of the TV studios yesterday.

As a parliamentary aide, he was one of the most prominent of the 81 Tory MPs who rebelled against the government in last night's vote.

Seventeen years ago, I fought and narrowly lost a local council election against Mr Jackson.

I apologise profusely not only for my failure, but also for the failure of the other two Labour candidates who contested the Ealing borough's Wood End Ward in 1994.

Had we managed to unseat the then Councillor Jackson it might, just might, have derailed his entire political career, thus saving parliament and the country from this insufferable squirt.

Of course, I could say the bloke has some redeeming features - but I would be lying.

The essence of those who want to pull us out of Europe (and, in the process, throw away millions of jobs) is that they do not like foreigners.

Why else would their cause have been supported by a joint UKIP/BNP demo on College Green just hours before the vote?

The parliamentary debate on the issue was so dominated by Europhobes it resembled a scene from Jurassic Park: but alas the grotesque spectacle of Bill Cash, John Redwood and the rest of the goons mouthing off was not the last thrash of a dying dinosaur's tail.

Their vomit-inducing xenophobia infects the Tory Party more than ever before (just check out Conservative Home if you don't believe me) and explains why a figure as sensible as Ken Clarke is so reviled by the rank-and-file.

The truth is that the Tory right simply cannot come to terms with the fact that the world is full of foreigners. They should either get used to it or get therapy.

To return to the ludicrous Stewart Jackson, he has been mooted as someone with a possible ministerial future. What a truly damning indictment of the calibre of others in the parliamentary Conservative Party.
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Re: Pond life rebel over Europe

Postby Captain Darling » Mon Dec 05, 2011 2:02 pm

The sceptics can barely contain their glee at the problems besetting the Euro zone.

"I told you so" is their favourite refrain, but don't let them fool you into thinking their opposition to the Euro was based upon economic reasoning.

Their hatred of the entire European project was (and still is) purely because of their nationalist spite. Take the absurd Ruth Lea as one example:

When she was head of the Institute of Directors, she commissioned NOP to conduct a survey of IOD members about their attitudes to the Euro.

Unfortunately for her, as the results of the survey started to trickle through it quickly became apparent that the majority of IOD members actually favoured Britain joining the single currency.

She responded to this by storming out of the Harrow NOP research centre shouting "Cancel the survey, we might as well hand the whole place over to the Germans".

Ruth Lea went on to found Global Vision. This quite hilariously claims to favour a 'middle way' on the issue of Europe, yet has a ragbag collection of Tory Europhobes as its patrons.

The European project has ensured peace and, for the most part, prosperity for half a century. Only the clinically insane of the Tory right could possibly favour its demise.
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