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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:21 pm


Users of Facebook may like to join this excellent new page (entitled "I can't stop laughing at UKIP").

Here's the link. Enjoy!


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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:43 pm


Last Friday our campaigning group had another letter published in the Ealing Gazette. As it's not yet up on their website, here's the text...

I refer to the latest outburst from Benjamin Dennehy ('UKIP councillor kicked out by Tories lambasts probe into his conduct' Gazette April 5).
The best thing Cllr Dennehy can do is go on a sponsored silence. As well as raising lots of money for good causes this might also give him the opportunity to reflect upon his disgraceful behaviour.
His original article carried an inflammatory attack on Southall's Indian community and was applauded by two white supremacist websites.
Since then the Gazette has published a letter supporting his remarks from a Mr Ernest Pendrous, who just happens to be a former National Front candidate for Southall.
As for Cllr Dennehy's new party, UKIP has far right links and has even won the backing of the thuggish English Defence League.
Isn't it time for his impertinent whining to stop and to respect the fact that most of us wish this to be a racially harmonious country?

Organising Secretary
Middlesex Anti Racist Action
c/o SCA Resource Centre,
Town Hall,
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Fri Jun 14, 2013 3:08 am


Former National Front member Phil Andrews has requested a meeting with Hounslow's UKIP councillors. Andrews has already signalled his intention to stand as an 'independent' in next May's Hounslow borough council elections and is looking to persuade UKIP to give him and his colleagues a clear run against Labour in Isleworth Ward.

The former NF felon narrowly lost his seat in the 2010 local elections after it was revealed that he had put in an expense claim for the cost of a holiday flight. His wish to regain a foothold on the council is likely to be frustrated unless he can monopolise the right-leaning vote in Isleworth, which currently has three Labour councillors.

The Conservatives are unlikely to step aside because although the ward is not one of their better prospects it falls within the boundaries of the marginal Brentford and Isleworth parliamentary seat, where the sitting Tory MP Mary Macleod has a majority of less than 2,000. Their failure to contest Isleworth Ward would be seen as a sign that they do not take the area seriously and could impact on Macleod's chances of holding her seat in the 2015 General Election.

Surprisingly the Liberal Democrats have previously struck a deal with Andrews whereby they would not stand council candidates against his 'Independent Community Group' in return for the ICG endorsing local Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Andrew Dakers. The Hounslow Liberal Democrats believe that Andrews is a genuine convert from fascism and it is therefore likely that such a deal will be renewed in time for the 2014 local elections. Andrews must somehow simultaneously persuade the borough's four UKIP councillors (who recently defected from the Tories) that his philosophy is also in tune with theirs.

Since claiming to have ended his fifteen-year association with fascist organisations in 1991, Andrews has attempted to recast himself in the image of a left-leaning liberal. Even so, at various points in the last two decades he has shown a willingness to ally himself with figures on the right of Hounslow politics wherever such alliances have given him some short-term strategic benefit.

Andrews is frequently critical of the anti-fascist left and has even accused two members of Middlesex Anti Racist Action of vandalising his car.
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:20 am


It is now over forty years since the arrival of the first Ugandan Asian refugees to these shores. In terms of numbers Harrow benefitted more than any other part of London from the new settlers, and they have contributed not just to the prosperity and cultural richness of the town but also to its relatively low rate of lawlessness. Here, Middlesex Anti Racist Action takes a look back at how they were welcomed (or in some cases not welcomed) by the borough's public figures...

The entry of the Ugandan Asian refugees into Britain was a tribute first and foremost to the decency and resolve of the late great Sir Edward Heath. He was Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister at the time. Heath faced down not only public opinion (which was initially hostile) but also the right wing of his own party to ensure the safe passage of entry into Britain of 27,000 of the 60,000 Asians expelled by Ugandan president Idi Amin.

The front page of the Harrow Observer dated September 8 1972 carried the headline “No sign of Asian refugees” but on September 29 the newspaper reported on the arrival of the first 35 Ugandan Asians in the borough. By October 27 this number had swelled to 546 and was rising. Although precise figures are difficult to obtain, it is generally thought that thousands of Ugandan Asian refugees eventually settled in Harrow.

Who welcomed them? MARA has been researching other editions of the Harrow Observer from around that time to find out… Among those who spoke out in favour of the settlers was the newly-formed Harrow Community Relations Council, the Labour Mayor Alderman H.G. Gange, Anthony Grant (Tory MP for Harrow Central), Cllr Leslie Wagner (Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Harrow West), David Offenbach (Labour PPC for Harrow Central), and the Harrow West Liberal Federation.

Both the vicar of Pinner (the Reverend D.C. Richie) and the Harrow Rotary Club organised material help for the refugees, whilst the Jewish Youth Voluntary Service (based at the Middlesex New Synagogue in Bessborough Road) set up a special youth club for the new arrivals.

Who opposed the refugees settling in Harrow..? This role of shame contains some surprising names: chief among them was Hugh Dykes, the Tory MP for Harrow East. He would one day become a Tory ‘wet’ (and would even end up joining the Liberal Democrats) but in the early 1970s was firmly on the Powellite wing of his party. Dykes called for “generous financial assistance” to be offered to any Ugandan Asian willing to settle in another country.

Others who joined the Harrow branch of the National Front in opposing the refugees were Joe Page (Tory MP for Harrow West), Ms J M Deball (Tory Councillor for Pinner North & Hatch End) and Labour deputy mayor Cllr Garvey. He complained that the local office of the Citizens Advice Bureaux had been “flooded with enquiries” from Ugandan Asians looking for homes, something denied by CAB itself. One Wealdstone Headmaster actually used his school’s prize giving ceremony to make a speech warning that the Ugandan Asian influx could result in some subjects being dropped from the curriculum, though he also made some positive remarks about the new arrivals.

Despite the sensible stance taken by their MP, the Harrow Central Conservative Association sent the Prime Minister a resolution “strongly deprecating the action of HM Government in accepting responsibility for the Ugandan Asians and allowing them to be admitted to this country”. Yet to their credit the Kenton Young Conservatives branch passed a motion condemning the above resolution, asserting instead that Britain had “a moral responsibility” to accept the refugees. In those days the Tory youth wing was the conscience of the party, something it would cease to be in the 1980s.

Perhaps most shameful of all was that Harrow Council itself urged the Ugandan Resettlement Board to re-route the refugees to places other than Harrow, a stance endorsed by all three political parties.

This was all more than forty years ago, and many of those who helped or spoke up for the new arrivals will have long since departed. But history smiles on them, for the Ugandan Asian refugees are – by any measurement – a fantastic human success story.
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:43 am


Secondary schools situated in diverse areas of the Hounslow borough have all improved their GCSE performance compared to last year, new figures reveal.

Against the backdrop of a nationwide fall in the percentage of pupils achieving five or more GCSEs including English and Maths at grade A*-C, the figure for Cranford Community College rose from 71% to 72%, for The Heathland School from 63% to 74%, for Heston Community School from 60% to 71% and for Lampton School from 61% to 71%.

To read more about the huge improvement achieved at The Heathland School, click on this link:

http://www.heathland.hounslow.sch.uk/ne ... toryid=139
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Sat Oct 19, 2013 1:05 am


This is a little outside the MARA catchment area but it's an issue whose battle lines are familiar to those of us who have observed how some try to bring race into planning issues. Stoke Poges is a village in Buckinghamshire where a group of parents have exercised their right to establish a Sikh Academy. Although the village is home to a small Punjabi community it remains majority white English. The nearest centre of significant Sikh population is Slough (approximately three miles away) though the recently opened 'Khalsa Academy' welcomes pupils of all faiths.

Some residents have established a Facebook page entitled 'We don't want a new school in Stoke Poges', which currently has a membership of 1,396. Apart from the implied secrecy of it being a closed group, new members are scrutinised on an individual basis and asked what caused them to join. In an effort to assess the type of campaign being conducted behind closed doors one MARA member applied to join and, when asked, expressed his genuinely held twin view that he did not agree with the government's free school programme and felt that all faith schools should be secularised.

He was welcomed into the group by a team of moderators who appear, on the whole, to be doing a reasonably good job of keeping racists out. Nonetheless, there are worrying sentiments which have been expressed by a number of members and such comments have occasionally gone unchallenged and been allowed to stand. One Scotland-based "resident" had this to say: "This is social engineering plain and simple. The make up of the village will change as non Sihks(sic) move out and Sihks(sic) move in. Face it its(sic) happened in many other places,eg Bradford etc where uncontrolled immigration changed the towns forever. Look at the nonsense going on in other places where some of the locals are now trying to impose "sharia " law. It is naive to imagine that the imposition of a different faith/ religion/ creed into an area is not going to have consequences."

Another contributor opined that it would be okay if it was a Church of England School, though she was challenged by our undercover 'mole' and by an administrator who made clear that the campaign against the school was never about the particular faith involved. The member then voluntarily chose to delete her original post and the entire thread was subsequently removed.

It has to be said that the religious ethos of the school has been mentioned on a number of occasions, though in fairness such remarks have not really been representative of the overall tone of the Facebook page. In fact the campaign has, on the whole, been less sectarian than many others. Some years ago when Harrow's now highly successful Krishna Avanti Primary School was first mooted, pictures appeared in the Harrow Observer newspaper showing protestors holding up signs bearing the words 'Integration not segregation'. (Why they chose not to display similar signs outside any of this country's thousands of taxpayer-funded Christian denominational schools is unclear).

Far worse was the campaign conducted by the Northolt Village Residents Association against the building of the Dawoodi Bohra Masjid in the early 1990s. The NVRA's officers distributed inflammatory racist literature about the projected development and even marched alongside placard-carrying National Front thugs at an anti-mosque demonstration. When the BNP started to show an interest in the controversy the Anti Nazi League responded with an anti fascist petition which was, in turn, publicly attacked by the NVRA's then Chairman.

The Northolt mosque issue actually saw a council officer being assaulted at a public meeting. Similar racially-charged violence occurred when residents turned out to oppose the conversion of a public hall into an Islamic prayer centre in Hayes in the mid-1990s. Some years later the siting of a Hindu temple in Hounslow attracted opposition from a quasi-fascist so-called residents' group whose chairman complained that nearby neighbours would not want their curtains to be "smelling of curry".

Outer West London has seen many such examples of how society's more squalid elements will try to turn what should be straightforward planning issues into an excuse to ferment racial strife. In comparison (and notwithstanding the remarks quoted earlier) the organisers of the 'We don't want a new school in Stoke Poges' Facebook page have on the whole done a reasonably good job of trying to maintain the integrity of their campaign.

What of the prospects for the new Khalsa Academy..? It should do pretty well if the experience of the Hayes-based Guru Nanak Sikh Academy is anything to go by: this was rated 'outstanding' in its latest Ofsted report.
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:05 am

Isn't it time we had another full-length essay? Okay, here goes...


In the early 1990s the building of a mosque in the north of the Ealing borough provoked a showdown between the forces of the racist right and the anti-fascist left. Middlesex Anti Racist Action takes a look back at the conflict...

The battle for Mandeville - 20 years on

Islamophobia was alive and well on the streets of Northolt when Tory councillors marched alongside NF thugs at an anti-mosque demonstration two decades ago. Here, MARA charts what happened when the local Labour branch and the Anti Nazi League combined to fight back against the racists.

In 1987 the moderate Islamic Dawoodi Bohra sect submitted a planning application for the siting of a mosque on a derelict industrial site on the periphery of Northolt Village. Ealing’s Labour Council duly gave the go-ahead for the development, which was earmarked for Rowdell Road. However, violence was the immediate response of a section of the local community: a punch was thrown at a council officer at a rowdy public meeting and each night a lynch mob carrying a ceremonial noose would gather outside the Summit Road home of Labour councillor Wallace Ward.

Milking the issue to the full the local Tory MP highlighted the way in which police dogs were needed to hold back demonstrators at one public meeting. His comment was not intended as a criticism of the violence threatened by protestors but more as an opportunistic attempt to underline (and endorse) public hostility to the proposed building.

Among the leaflets that were circulated to villagers was one anonymous flier which carried the headline “NO! NO!! NO!!!”, but the official literature distributed by the local Northolt Village Residents Association (NVRA) was no less inflammatory.

Against the background of this hysteria the Labour Party bravely issued a leaflet of its own. This sought to reassure locals that the development would not cause the traffic and noise mayhem that had been alleged. It also referred to how the issue was being used by “some of the worst elements of society.”

Publicly NVRA officers insisted that neither race nor religion were factors in their opposition to the mosque, but the tone of their campaign led some to suspect otherwise. To uncover their true motives one Labour activist used his role as a local newspaper journalist to meet up with the Secretary of the NVRA. Sounding sympathetic he asked her for the real reason they opposed the projected development. Off the record she replied that their association "... had no wish to see Northolt become another Southall." The NVRA issued a furious denial when her comments appeared in the local Informer newspaper.

The mosque issue featured prominently in the 1990 local election campaign in Mandeville and helped the Conservatives wrestle control of the ward for the first time in a generation. The party also seized control of Ealing Council. However the borough’s new Tory administration quickly found that it was unable to reverse what had been a legitimate planning decision purely on racial grounds. Thus the mosque construction continued apace and the scene was set for years of bitter conflict that would finally be settled by the result of the 1994 local election.

In 1991 the new Tory councillors marched alongside National Front thugs at an anti-mosque rally. Leading the demonstration was the then Chairman of the NVRA, a card-carrying member of the Conservative Party.

Up until 1992 the local Labour branch had fought a lone battle against the racists but after that year’s general election the Anti Nazi League was re-launched nationally in response to the rise of the far-right British National Party. A group of ANL members visited the site of the mosque to view the racist graffiti but only seriously became concerned when handed a copy of the NVRA’s quarterly magazine. Anxiety was expressed about the tone of its language.

The issue reached a new level of urgency four months before the 1994 local elections when the BNP indicated they might field a candidate in the area. Their threat provoked the ANL into launching a petition which was, in turn, slammed by the NVRA Chairman. In an article in the local Greenford & Northolt Gazette he accused the ANL of “interfering with local democracy” and alleged that residents had been “intimidated by a mob”. However the ANL countered that there had been huge support for their petition and said they felt “uplifted” by the response on the doorstep.

While collecting signatures the ANL called on one Asian resident who said he had been made to feel unwelcome when trying to attend an NVRA meeting. He described the atmosphere as ‘intimidating’. The irony is that one of the NVRA’s own officers had previously written a series of letters to a local newspaper in which he criticised Asian people for allegedly keeping themselves separate from the mainstream.

In February 1994 the ANL distributed a leaflet which included an attack on the NVRA. The latter responded by threatening legal action, though this failed to materialise. Meanwhile two ANL officers addressed a meeting of the local Mandeville & Wood End Labour Party. The branch subsequently voted to affiliate to the ANL.

Despite the BNP’s earlier threat the May 1994 local election would be a straight Labour/Tory fight in Mandeville. Although supportive of the right of Muslims to worship, the three Labour candidates knew they could not win if the election revolved around race. So while the Conservatives distributed leaflets highlighting the mosque development, Labour instead focussed on the issue of better public services. The party also did its best to exploit the unpopularity of the national government led by John Major.

On election night it soon became clear that traditional class allegiances would determine the result. With most of the ballot boxes emptied onto the counting table the Northolt Village polling district was combining with another area of private housing to off-set Labour votes from the Racecourse estate. The struggle looked finely balanced until the contents of the last ballot box were added to the mix. Crucially this was from the Islip Manor estate and it visibly tipped the scales against the Tory incumbents. The three Labour candidates were eventually declared the winners, each polling around 2,000 votes (versus 1,700 for the Conservatives).

The Tories had previously won Mandeville on a mandate of opposing the mosque and so their failure to hold the ward proved to be a watershed. Although the Labour victory was largely due to two neighbourhoods that were some distance from the development, it nonetheless had an important symbolic meaning. As a result much of the impetus behind the anti-mosque campaign evaporated. In a further hammer blow to those opposing the development, Labour also regained a majority on Ealing Council.

Within a few years the community’s more moderate elements had taken control of the NVRA. An additional nail was driven into the anti-mosque campaign when, in 1997, Prince Charles made a well-publicised visit to the completed masjid. The event attracted national media coverage and not a single protestor turned out.

But perhaps a sign that things had really changed came in April 2008, when the Conservative London Mayoral candidate Boris Johnson made a campaign stop in Northolt to address the mosque’s patrons. Without a shred of irony he declared “We will not be divided”.

The peaceful Indian sect behind the Al Masjid ul Husseini are a mainly professional group with a strong philanthropic tradition. They always promised that they would be good neighbours and even designed their mosque to blend in with the semi-rural surroundings. Today the complex coexists in harmony with nearby villagers.


Front page headline: “KEEPING THE BNP OUT”

Local residents may be aware that the Nazi BNP intends to stand a candidate in Northolt in the May local elections.

They have not said which part of Northolt they will contest but the local press has speculated it may be your area – Mandeville Ward – because of the racism which some people have whipped up over the mosque.

You can be assured that if the Nazis stand here or anywhere else in Northolt then the Anti Nazi League will have a strong presence. We will not allow them to create the climate of fear and intimidation in Northolt that they did in last year’s council by-election in Millwall.

The BNP won Millwall by seven votes, yet dozens of people were afraid to go out and vote because of the BNP’s thug boot-boys patrolling the streets. During the course of the Millwall campaign an Asian student was almost killed in a savage attack, a councillor was beaten up and even a member of the local clergy was intimidated on his way to the polling station. (The BNP obviously assumed he was not going to vote for them – we wonder why!).

Britain’s Nazis are looking to repeat the success of their fascist friends on the continent. They are less strong here in Britain but as with Hitler’s Nazis they always start from small beginnings.

The Anti Nazi League is committed to ensuring that the poison of the Nazi BNP is not allowed to grow. There is no room for complacency. The price of democracy is eternal vigilance.


We have referred the right wing “Northolt Village Residents Association” to the Commission for Racial Equality (turn over to see why).


An ANL success!

Members of the Anti Nazi League have had a tremendous response while petitioning against the BNP on a Northolt council estate. Over 90% of people we spoke to – most of them white – signed our petition telling the BNP to keep out of Northolt.


Nazi activity is not new to Northolt. A few years ago NF thugs came into the area to disrupt a public meeting about the mosque. One officer was assaulted. Over a period of several months local councillors were bullied, harassed and intimidated and had property smashed. In the 1992 General Election the NF stood a convicted thug as their candidate in this constituency but he easily lost his deposit in an utterly humiliating defeat. Recently three families in Northolt have been driven out of the area because of racial harassment.


“The day our supporters lose the ability to hate is the day they lose their ability to gain power.” – John Tyndall, Chairman of the British National Party.


Back page headline: NVRA – A CAUSE FOR CONCERN

Like many residents we have spoken to we think the so-called Northolt Village Residents Association is not representative of local opinion in Northolt Village.

Some people might reasonably argue that the NVRA have whipped up unnecessary hysteria about the mosque issue with the emotive language they use in their “magazine”. We believe the magazine is riddled with coded language. Below we have highlighted some such words and phrases that we picked up in just one of the magazine’s articles alone. Arguably, these can only excite racial tensions:-

“… these people”, “… almost SAVAGE contempt for BRITISH planning and conservation regulations…”, “… a mere few feet from CHRISTIAN grave stones…”, “… people who have no cause to respect our way of life”, and, incredibly, “Never forget that alone in this country your NVRA fought to prevent this FOREIGN sect from obtaining legal status similar to that of the Queen and the Bishops of the Church of England”.

Why are the Dawoodi Bohras called a “foreign sect” when many of their members are British citizens? Or does it all come down to colour? Officers of the NVRA who worship at St Bernard’s Catholic Church may care to remember that the Virgin Mary was a woman of Middle Eastern origin.

The NVRA magazine even contains a contribution from someone who has had letters published which, to say the least, were unfriendly to black people. More worryingly, some leading officers of the NVRA seemed perfectly content to march with thugs carrying NF placards at a demo a few years ago.

There are Asian people living in Northolt Village. This is a multi-racial community and we should be proud of it. Isn’t it time we had a residents association that reflected this instead of one that peddles ugly nationalism?



“Combat 18” is the name of the paramilitary terror group which is attached to the BNP (the numbers 1 and 8 denote the 1st and 8th letters of the alphabet – the initials of Adolf Hitler). Four black people have been murdered in racial attacks in the area of the BNP’s South East London HQ. One of them, an Indian child, was killed in nearby Eltham. When his family and friends held a memorial march it was disrupted by a large gang of Sieg-Heiling BNP thugs who screamed mocking abuse at the participants. In another incident an Anti-Nazi League member was nearly killed when BNP members beat him to the ground and dropped a black of concrete on his head. This is the true nature of the Nazi BNP.


Support March against racism in East London: Saturday 19th March 94 Organised by TUC

Support the Anti Nazi League Carnival: Saturday 23rd April 94



Fill in this form for more information and send to: ANL, PO Box 2566, London N4 2HG. (For the attention of Ealing Borough branch).
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:26 am


In the 1980s the Sunday Times reported on the catalogue of violence and harassment suffered by a lone Indian family on Heston’s Brabazon Road estate. Middlesex Anti Racist Action reproduces the article below…

Playing in their local park in Hounslow, west London, are Rajinder Singh Mann, a 34-year-old Sikh, his wife, Kulbir, 31, and their two children Jitender (five next month), and Harjinder (3 and a half). But this outward appearance of domestic normality masks the enormous psychological and physical strain from which the family are attempting to recover.

After three years of living on an all-white estate in Heston, the family have been forced out by the racist abuse heaped on them by their neighbours. The Mann family have now been moved by the London borough of Hounslow to another estate in Wellington Road where the council is grouping together the Asian victims of racial harassment.

A stone smashed an Asian neighbour’s window last Friday when the Manns were talking to the Sunday Times. A white youth was seen running away. “A common enough occurrence”, remarked the police constable sent to investigate.

This is the account given by the Manns of life on a white estate, a long and horrifying catalogue of hate:

• In 1984, when Mann went to clean and furnish his first council flat in Feltham, Middlesex, he discovered the kitchen windows had been smashed and the place vandalised to stop him moving in. The council kept the family in Thorncliffe House, a bed-and-breakfast hotel, for several weeks before allocating another flat in May on the white Brabazon road estate.

• On his first day a neighbour asked “You moving to this house?” When he said he was, her response was to say, “Bloody hell” and bang her door shut.

• Jitender and Harjinder found it impossible to play in their garden where boys, aged 10-12, would spit at them or hit them. Jitender was kicked hard and had to be taken to the doctor.

• Verbal abuse was hurled regularly at the Manns by some of their neighbours. The theme was “You bloody Pakis. Why don’t you go back to India?”

• Mrs Mann, who wears Punjabi salwaar kameez – a sort of loose trouser suit – was taunted about her clothes and christened “funny lady”.

• At night, the Manns found it difficult to sleep because of the banging on their door. Rubbish was tipped and people urinated on the doorstep, and beer was poured through the letter-box.

• When they cut their grass, they were told the noise disturbed sleeping babies. When they stopped doing so for two months, neighbours complained the garden was untidy.

• Children threw stones at Mrs Mann when she took her boys to school. A neighbour set his dog on Jitender who was knocked to the ground and had to see a doctor.

• The verbal abuse grew in intensity, and the psychological pressure began to tell on the family. The boys’ headmaster confirmed in a letter their health was suffering.

• Mann was grabbed by three youths who warned him “Hey, you bloody Paki. We don’t want you here. If we see you again, we’ll kill you.” Shortly afterwards, their kitchen window was broken.

• While Mrs Mann was in hospital suffering from asthma, their flat was burgled, and jewellery and a camera stolen.

• A Community worker advised the Manns: “If white people walk on one side of the path, walk on the other side. Avoid trouble.” But matters came to a head when the family found their way blocked by girls who lay in the road.

After exchanges with the girls’ parents, Mrs Mann phoned the police. The girls, in their early teens, kicked on the kiosk. “Come out, you bloody Paki”. When she did, they threw stones at her. Though four months pregnant and weeping, she was set upon by a group of girls and their parents, who punched her, grabbed her by the hair and knocked her to the ground.

Mann was hit on the head with a rod and also punched on the face. When he fled indoors, his assailant shouted: “Come out, you Paki bastard. I’ll kill you.”

Neighbours told a policeman and a WPc they were “defending themselves”. Mann’s assailant emerged with a cup of tea and said “I don’t even know them”. The neighbours’ version was accepted and the police left with the alleged comment to Mann: “You are wrong, your wife is wrong, everyone is complaining about you. We can’t help you.” A doctor was called to the Mann home late that night.

The following day the Manns were moved to their present address and filed a complaint about the behaviour of the police. Police said yesterday that their complaint was being investigated.

According to the Commission for Racial Equality, the Mann case is unexceptional. This is also the view of the Hounslow Community Relations Council. Last week the commission published a report, Live in Terror, about the growing harassment.

The commission, having examined 1,500 incidents reported from all over Britain, says that systematic harassment of the ethnic minorities is becoming an established feature of life in housing estates.

Mann observes his case is not without irony – he actually came to this country to escape the escalating violence in his native Punjab: “My brother and my mother were both murdered by terrorists”.
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Tue Apr 01, 2014 8:21 pm


Admittedly this is way outside of the MARA catchment area, but if you would like to sign the petition being sponsored by Upminster’s Oasis Academy the link is given below.

Their star pupil Yashika Bageerathi is a teenager being held at the Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedford and awaiting deportation to Mauritius, where she has no family or friends.

She arrived in London two years ago to escape abuse and danger and has been studying for her A-levels. For no better reason than the fact that she is now over eighteen she is to be torn from her family (who live in the UK) and sent back to Mauritius in contravention of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.

Yashika was to have been deported on Mother’s Day (last Sunday) but the airline refused to take her due to ongoing protests. At the time of writing this, the petition had reached 174,799 of its 200,000 target. Your signature can make the difference! Please sign now, it only takes a minute…

https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j ... 8443,d.bGQ
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Sun Apr 06, 2014 6:41 am


These will be held on May 22 to coincide with elections to the European Parliament.

Word has it that UKIP will try to field one candidate in each of the wards comprising the boroughs of Ealing and Hillingdon, and at least one in each of the wards in Hounslow.

Though Middlesex Anti Racist Action holds the view that UKIP have a generally malevolent influence on British politics, their presence on the ballot sheet will at least have the beneficial effect of ensuring a derisory performance for any candidates that might be fielded by the National Front or BNP.

Unlike in 2010 it seems that MARA will not, in all probability, be taking an active role in the local elections. This is for a range of reasons, not least the fact that yours truly has been diagnosed with a debilitating illness.

As things currently stand it would be entirely correct to say that MARA has become a group that exists purely in online form. Apart from this thread on ChiswickChat we have just our Facebook page which, unfortunately, is regularly spammed by people promoting left-wing campaigns that often have little to do with race relations.

For the record, here is the link to the MARA Facebook page…

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id ... ts&fref=ts


On current form there is unlikely to be any change in terms of which party controls the boroughs of Ealing (currently Labour), Hillingdon (Tory) and Hounslow (Labour), though there is an outside possibility that the latter could become a hung council if UKIP run the table in culturally-conservative Feltham.


Although UKIP could conceivably achieve a breakthrough in one or two areas of the borough, the long-standing Tory hegemony in Hillingdon is not likely to be broken.

The best opportunity for UKIP is probably Harefield, where they polled 9.3% of the list vote in the 2012 GLA elections. (It is important to note that their strength has increased significantly since then). The ward is one of many that are affected by the proposed HS2 rail link, which UKIP are opposing.

The party will also be hoping for a breakthrough in West Drayton, which provided them with their second best showing in 2012 (8.6%). This ward has had a far-right problem in the past and in fact a local Hindu temple suffered an arson attack in the aftermath of the killing of Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby.

The Hillingdon UKIP website features a picture of a highly multi-racial group of the party’s alleged supporters. Yet curiously this is not reflected in their list of chosen candidates for the May local elections, only one of whom appears to be from a BME group.

Their website is amusing for another reason: it proclaims that they would do away with “diversity officers”. This is quite ironic given that their organisation could almost certainly do with one.

Despite Uxbridge Tory MP John Randall having a good anti-fascist track record, the performance of the Conservative-controlled council has been pretty dire in race relations terms. Only one of their 44 councillors is a member of a visible BME group and the local authority has even refused to recognise Black History Month.

In fact the party’s track record in this borough has been really quite shameful. Terry Dicks, Tory MP for Hayes & Harlington from 1983-97, once described Asian people as “flotsam & jetsam” and suggested that if black people wish to go back to Africa then they should be “given ladders so they can climb the trees”.

Subsequently, another Conservative who contested the same seat opined that locals were “upset” by the existence of Somalians. No public attempt was made to disown him by any of his party colleagues.

What sort of inroads can Labour realistically make into the Tory majority on Hillingdon Council? Many of the wards in the Hayes area, especially Townfield and Yeading, have benefitted from the residential over-spill from neighbouring Southall. These are already rock solid for Labour.

However, demographic change has been occurring too slowly to be of much benefit to the party elsewhere. This is especially true of the North of the borough, which borders rural Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire and where the Tories appear to have an electoral lock.

The best Labour can probably hope for is to consolidate their position in the four split wards, all of which are in the South of the borough. Even that may be a challenging task, especially as in one of these (West Drayton) the party advanced substantially in the last borough elections. Improving still further on such an impressive performance will almost certainly prove difficult.

If the party actually can clean up in the divided wards then they will increase their current tally from 19 seats up to 27. Unfortunately this would still leave them six short of a majority and it is hard to see where they could realistically make the additional gains they need.

Many of the areas in the centre of the borough – such as Uxbridge South and Hillingdon East – were once highly competitive electoral battlegrounds (in fact the latter was even represented by a member of Militant in the 1990s). However, these wards appear to be moving permanently beyond Labour’s reach.


Generally thought to be more cosmopolitan and culturally liberal than the Hillingdon borough, Ealing looks like being one of the least fertile areas for UKIP. This is especially so now that the party’s sole councillor has been expelled from their ranks.

Northolt Mandeville provided UKIP with their best showing on the 2012 list vote, but even here the party only achieved 5.2%. The ward has traditionally provided a hard-fought Tory/Labour contest in local government elections and is currently split with one Conservative and two Labour councillors. This will almost certainly mean the UKIP vote gets squeezed.

On the Ealing UKIP website their candidate for Northolt Mandeville lists a number of “hot issues” which he says he is concerned with. Curiously, one of these is “inadequate facilities for normal local people”. But exactly who does he mean by ‘normal’? More importantly, who is excluded by this term?

The Friday before last we at Middlesex Anti Racist Action asked that very question in a letter that was published in the local Ealing Gazette. So far, no reply has been forthcoming. For those of you who are on Facebook, the letter can be viewed here…

https://scontent-a-ams.xx.fbcdn.net/hph ... 2292_n.jpg

Another UKIP candidate who is likely to be squeezed by the two-party hegemony is their standard bearer for Walpole Ward. He complains that “uncontrolled immigration has had a negative impact on housing, education and local health services”.

He seems strangely oblivious to the truth. Here are some facts that might help him:

(1) Much of our housing stock was actually built by immigrants. In fact the late construction tycoon Sir William MacAlpine once asserted that the contribution of the Irish to the success of his industry in the twentieth century had been 'immeasurable'.

(2) Ofsted inspectors have rated as ‘outstanding’ many of the borough’s schools where most pupils speak English as a second language, including Southall’s Blair Peach Primary.

(3) Migrants provide the backbone of services at the local Ealing Hospital. The next time UKIP’s Walpole candidate goes for a blood test he may care to look at the list of 93 lead clinicians shown on the back of the form: around two-thirds of them have immigrant or immigrant-descended names.

Assuming that the UKIP candidates for Mandeville and Walpole are typical of the quality of their candidates throughout the rest of Ealing then it does not bode well for their chances on May 22.

In terms of the main two-party struggle, Labour will probably augment their current majority. They presently hold 39 of the borough’s 69 seats but expect them to increase this to around 48 on election night.

For their part, the Conservatives will probably regain the seat they lost through defection to UKIP (Hanger Hill) and may have a shot at taking the Lib Dem seat in the split ward of Ealing Common.

However, these gains will be more than off-set by the losses they suffer to Labour elsewhere. They look particularly vulnerable in the divided wards of Elthorne, Hobbayne, Northolt Mandeville and Perivale and may also have difficulty in holding on in Greenford Green and Walpole.

Overall their new tally will likely fall to around 18 – five fewer than the party’s current haul of 23 councillors. The present Conservative figure includes two BME members (quite good by Tory standards) one of whom recently made a name for herself by attacking women for their alleged promiscuity.


As always this borough will throw up the most entertaining and least predictable contest as the Independent Community Group attempts to regain the 6-seat foothold it lost in 2010.

The ICG is a registered political party which was created by a former NF parliamentary candidate, though it would be a mistake to believe that the group’s current ideology owes much to its fascist origins.

However, the behaviour of one or two of its most prominent figures certainly does resemble the thuggish qualities of the far-right. In fact the author of these words has been subjected to a number of thinly-veiled threats, both from the ICG’s highly-strung leader and from a spokesperson for one of its ‘community-led’ front groups.

Among much else the former has indicated his desire to give yours truly a ‘slapping’ (something he rather foolishly chose to publish on his public Facebook profile) whereas the latter has been actively stalking me and even called at a former abode of mine demanding to know my whereabouts.

One amusing anecdote is that the ICG leader has become increasingly keen on having a face-to-face meeting with me since learning that I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. (He and his colleagues have this hilarious notion that anyone who disagrees with them should have to submit themselves to a personal cross-examination).

In fact, a comment he recently posted on a local internet forum leads me to believe that his unhealthy obsession with trying to track me down may have finally borne fruit.

To show him that I resent being stalked and will not be intimidated, I have decided to update and enlarge an article I posted about his organisation back in 2011. I commend it to you as quite possibly the most detailed, balanced and authoritative account of the ICG’s history that you will find anywhere. It can be read here:


On a broader note, the ICG leader genuinely seems to have difficulty with the concept of democracy. He chooses to make himself into a public figure and constantly craves personal recognition but fails to understand that these things involve accepting criticism so long as it is done lawfully and accurately.

In return he should try to ensure that some of his own allegations can withstand the test of scrutiny and that his language and behaviour behove one who aspires to renewed public office.

As to what will actually happen in the two wards being contested by the ICG, that is way above my pay grade. The party’s often controversial campaigning methods render any conventional psephological formulae redundant.

More predictable is the Tory/Labour struggle unfolding elsewhere in Hounslow: Labour’s near-hegemony in seven of the borough’s wards will likely assure the party of 21 of the 60 available seats. They are also in contention in a further nine wards representing 27 seats. Should they prevail in just one third of these it will pretty much guarantee them continued control.

What of the Conservatives? Chiswick’s three wards are true-blue but will only be enough to give the Tories nine seats. On paper they should also edge it in Osterley & Spring Grove and in Hanworth Park, both wards where they enjoyed a lead on the 2012 list vote. However, the fact that two of their three Hanworth Park councillors have now defected to UKIP could upset this calculation.

Elsewhere in Feltham the Conservatives face a near total wipe-out. This, combined with their likely defeat in a demographically-changing Hounslow South, will leave them with around only 15 seats (down from 20 now).

UKIP have a total of four councillors, all of them Tory defectors. Their group leader believes his new party could replace his former party as the local authority’s principal opposition. His main hopes for a breakthrough lie in the five wards in the West of the borough, where UKIP averaged 9.1% on the 2012 list vote.

Much depends upon whether those Feltham residents who vote UKIP in the Euro election choose to maintain that allegiance when casting their local election ballot. Should they fail to do so, expect to see big Labour gains on the night.


For those of you who are on Facebook the following links are to groups which are playing an active role in opposing Nigel Farage’s party in both the local and Euro elections. They provide the reader with a regular series of updates about the more buffoonish elements within UKIP. Many of you are sure to find something you would like to ‘share’ from their timelines:

“UKIP Weather”…

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id ... ts&fref=ts

“Still Laughing at the United Kingdom Independence Party”…


“I hate UKIP” (this is a fledgling group that could do with a few more ‘likes’) …


Meanwhile here are some groups dedicated to fighting against the anti-immigrant hysteria currently being whipped up by UKIP and other fringe parties:

“Alliance Against Bulgarians and Romanians Discrimination”…


“I Love Immigrants”…


And last but not least “Migrant Voice”…

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Migrant- ... ref=stream

Even if you are not on Facebook you can still access the following anti-UKIP link, which is on the general net. It’s for Hope Not Hate’s “Purple Rain” blog…

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