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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Mon Dec 05, 2011 2:13 pm


The seat previously held by the late Alan Keen (a good friend of Middlesex Anti Racist Action) sees a by-election on Thursday week.

This will almost certainly result in the election of Labour's Seema Malhotra.

She is, by all accounts, an excellent candidate who was unfairly denied the chance to serve the residents of Brentford Ward in the 2002 local council elections. (Because of her ethnicity, the electorate decided to vote for her two white Labour colleagues together with an Independent).

It was yet another example of how racism is alive and well in that part of West London, as regular readers of the BrentfordTW8 internet discussion forum can readily testify.

Thankfully, the large Asian vote in Feltham & Heston will almost certainly ensure that Seema is sufficiently 'insulated' from the effects of racism and will become the constituency's next MP.
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:47 pm


Here's a very informative comment left by an EDL supporter on their website:

12.16.2011 · Log in to Reply
http://news.uk.msn.com/uk/miliband-hail ... ll-triumph Just look at how SEEMA looks at milliband. She does not seem to like him even though he is her party leader. Well thats because she wants is job and sees him in the way of the Labour Party becoming the Muslim Party.

And there was us thinking that Seema Malholtra is a Hindu!

You sound like a real thicko, Angelina. You're sure to go far in the EDL.
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:59 pm


She gave a very moving speech after Tuesday's court verdict. It highlighted the shocking (and some would say deliberate) failure of the police to bring her son's killers to justice within a reasonable period of time.

Her tenacity did more than anything else to ensure the eventual imprisonment of two of Stephen's murderers. The fact that the other three are still at large is testimony to the racist cancer which was (and to a large extent still is) at the heart of the Metropolitan Police.

According to Labour MP Diane Abbott, it was Doreen who persuaded Jack Straw to establish the MacPherson Enquiry into the police failure to apprehend Stephen's killers, and into the wider issue of police racism. She did this during a meeting she had with the then Home Secretary in 1998. Abbott described it as "Doreen's finest hour".

The recommendations which flowed from MacPherson have without doubt strengthened our anti-discrimination laws, and although they have improved the processes within our various police forces, they have sadly done little to root out the racist attitudes of a large number of the officers themselves.

Despite one leading policeman saying his members were "spitting blood" over allegations of racism, subsequent events have shown that not only do many officers still feel confident in acting out their racial prejudices, but they actually think that racism in general - and violence against black people in particular - is funny.

Four years after the publication of MacPherson, a BBC reporter went undercover to film serving officers at a training college in Manchester. This was for a Panorama documentary entitled The Secret Policeman. In relation to those who murdered Stephen Lawrence, one officer had this to say: "They've done for this country what others fucking should do. The MacPherson report... a fucking kick in the bollocks for any white man that was."

He also said... "If I could get away with burying a Paki under a train track I would fucking bury him under a train track." The same officer admitted to "pulling cars" because of the racial composition of their passengers. He said he routinely stopped "Pakis" but... and here is proof that the increased form-filling which the police have to do is having the desired benefit... he would then sometimes stop a white person just so as to "even up the numbers".

Needless to say this officer was forced to resign when his comments were broadcast, along with five colleagues who had also been filmed making racist remarks. Yet is it not reasonable to suspect that the average team of officers is likely, by the law of averages, to contain people with equally vitriolic racist views? After all, this particular group was only chosen at random for Panorama's undercover monitoring. Further more, notice how none of their colleagues reported them over their remarks (but then, if they had done, they might have been victimised).

Some years earlier, officers from the same force had been covertly taped by Granada TV's World In Action documentary team. They were at a social function which was addressed by stand-up scum "comedian" Bernard Manning. The officers gave him rapturous applause as he joked "Them Los Angeles police kicking that fucking nigger on the floor. I thought fuck me that's not right. Not enough police there."

Sadly, it seems that people who possess a certain type of mentality are sometimes attracted to joining the police, and this mentality lends itself to a desire to bully others. After all if you scratch a racist, a bully is what lies underneath.

In October 2008, five years after the original Secret Policeman documentary, Panorama broadcast an update entitled The Secret Policeman Returns. This uncovered the fact that racism was still at the core of the force: a total of 362 BME officers completed questionnaires about their experience in the police and of these three quarters said they had experienced racism.

The sad fact is that recent history is littered with examples of police racism, brutality and mendacity. Whether it be the case of Adam Briggs, the scandal involving Eddie Ross, the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, the "destroyed documents" which caused the collapse of the trial of officers accused of framing The Cardiff Three, the continuing murders of black people in police custody, or indeed the hounding of black officers such as Ali Dizaei, Leroy Logan and Gurpal Virdi, little progress seems to have been made to stamp out the problem.

What of the local perspective on this? A few years ago we learnt from the Hounslow Chronicle that police volunteer Andrew Atkinson (who has frequently spammed his racist bigotry across local internet forums) routinely goes out with officers in their patrol cars. Among much else, Atkinson has complained bitterly about the number of Asian women working behind the Post Office tills in the Hounslow branch of WH Smith.

It is also worth mentioning that some members of our group have occasionally observed officers addressing both young and old within the Southall community in a rude and discourteous manner. The town continues to be served by a police force which is largely unrepresentative of the demographics of the local population.

Yet despite all of this, there are some genuinely good and decent police officers, and further more we do actually need a strong and effective police service. After all, no democracy can function without one. When we at Middlesex Anti Racist Action leafleted Asian residents of Feltham West Ward to urge them to come out and vote against the BNP during the 2010 Hounslow borough elections, we included in our flier the contact details of the local police safer neighbourhood team. This was in case residents needed to report any anti-social behaviour on the part of BNP activists.

However, in order to give them the confidence to do so, we decided it was necessary to point out in the leaflet that the Feltham West SNT included an Indian Police Community Support Officer. We did this not as a comment on other members of the local SNT (who may well be perfectly decent) but because the issue of trust is one which continues to undermine relations between police and the BME communities. Collectively, it is the police themselves who are responsible for that lack of trust.

Well done then, Doreen Lawrence. Your great achievement - apart from your wonderful success in getting partial justice for your son - has been to bring the police under the provisions of the Race Relations Act. That was, after all, one of the upshots of MacPherson. Consequently, whilst racism in the force will doubtless continue, it will not go unchecked.
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:29 am


That's my view about the (over)reaction to Diane Abbott's comments regarding white people.

I've written a few thoughts about this issue, but as my remarks also take a sideswipe at members of a rival forum I thought it best to post them on a separate thread.

They can be viewed here:
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:30 pm


On The Daily Politics programme, Tory right winger Mark Pritchard was complaining that "Immigration has an impact on our hospitals".

He is, of course, correct. According to The Royal College of Midwives, the NHS maternity service would be "on its knees" were it not for migrant workers.
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:54 am


Someone’s right to live here should never be dependent on any contribution to our military campaigns made by themselves, their family or their ancestors.

Nonetheless, some on the right are fond of citing the sacrifice of this island’s fallen as a reason for curtailing immigration.

A new website entitled Forever India is a timely reminder of just how perverse their reasoning is.

It has been set up by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to highlight the contribution of Indian soldiers to the British war effort between 1914-18 and 1939-45.

India provided the largest volunteer force in military history, with a total of 2.5m men and women fighting for the allies.

Over 160,000 lost their lives, but do not expect to hear anything about their sacrifice from the jumped up little Hitlers who write for the Daily Express or Daily Star.

Here’s the link to Forever India

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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:11 pm


A recent edition of The Sun comic has reported that two-thirds of London's new-borns have at least one foreign-born parent.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for the xenophobic Migration Watch described the statistics as "extraordinary", claiming that the statistics showed London had been "changed beyond recognition".

What a nice welcome it is for those new-borns to be told they aren't wanted and do not belong here.

Still, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that a scummy organisation like Migration Watch chooses to take a backward view of this issue. What is more dissappointing is that Labour MP Frank Field should stick his oar in as well: "We need two hurdles for immigrants. One to decide whether they can come here to work and a second to decide whether they can settle down, get citizenship and start a family."

Leave it out, Frank. We British have always been very good at making ourselves feel at home in other people's countries. It ill-behoves us to lay down extra criteria for those coming here.
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:27 am


Ealing's Conservative councillor Benjamin Dennehy has recently launched an attack on Southall's Indian community, accusing them of exploiting their own people.

There is not a race or nationality on the face of this earth that does not exploit its own people, including those of us who are white British.

Initially, Ealing's Tory group leader Cllr David Millican defended Cllr Dennehy, but happily it now seems that the Cameron-types at Conservative Central Office have intervened to ensure his suspension.

Here's how the Ealing Gazette is reporting the saga. Take a good look at Cllr Dennehy's picture and you will see that he looks every bit as silly as he sounds...

http://www.ealinggazette.co.uk/ealing-n ... -30516619/
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:55 pm


Last week's edition of the Ealing Gazette published a letter from Middlesex Anti Racist Action in response to the attack made on Southall's Indian community by the above named councillor. As the letter is not yet on the newspaper's website, we reproduce it here for the delectation of ChiswickChat readers...

I refer to Tory Councillor Benjamin Dennehy, who states that 'criminality is endemic' in Southall.
No wonder his party has been unable to win a single election in our town.
I have lived here for over 20 years and have never once been a victim of crime.
Like most other parts of London, Southall has its deprived areas but it also has its prosperous neighbourhoods.
Cllr Dennehy attacks the Indian community for "exploiting their own people", but since when did his party ever care about ending exploitation when it was English landlords who were the culprits?
As for Conservative group leader Cllr David Millican's comment about immigration putting pressure on schools, perhaps he should bear in mind that many of the staff who help to run our local schools are themselves immigrants.
If either of these Tory councillors were to sustain an injury or illness it would in all probability be an Indian doctor that would make them better again.
Immigrants and their descendents are the backbone of public service in west London. The Conservatives would do well to bear that in mind.

Organising Secretary
Middlesex Anti Racist Action (MARA)
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Re: Middlesex Anti Racist Action

Postby Captain Darling » Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:23 am


Here's our tribute to the late Alan Keen, who was a good friend of 'Middlesex Anti Racist Action'...


Rest in peace, Alan.
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