The problem with this country is

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The problem with this country is

Postby Pixie » Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:54 pm

that is has always been invaded.

The dear Romans who left so many ideas which are still used today left very little in the way of impregnating local girls.

The Angles and the Saxons had a better success and most British people consider themselves as Anglo-Saxons.

The Danes had a go. The Norweigans had a go. With some success along the way. People are people after all.

But the legacy left behind by the Romans trompled over usurpers when religion came into the mix.

And then people move around a bit and it all blended together.

And then this country got the runaways. From the Huguenots to the Jews from Eastern Europe through to the Greeks (once a wonderous nation who championed stuff like viewing the psyche) through to the Cypriots wh settled on these shores and then invited cousins from the colonies who were just the wrong colour to blend in but were needed to fix things after WW2 and then after that everything went tits-ups!

And now:

As a country what has been through a bunch of turmoil needs to view other countries getting caught up in internal conflicts from an objective pov and offer advice. Not intervene.

The 'what is Africa' is another thread for another day but lets just say that continent was not designed for humanoids.
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