IT and OT, perfect results In an era of business flexibility

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IT and OT, perfect results In an era of business flexibility

Postby jiraporn66 » Thu Jan 21, 2021 8:07 am


One panaichill year ago We have seen the importance of a flexible work system. And we believe that digital transformation It is a flexible and efficient approach, such as having a remote monitoring and operation system. Predictive and preventive maintenance that leads to product confidence Behind all these technologies, it is most important to have an IT system that is stable and ready to use in any situation.

Schneider Electric understands the challenges of the past year. Which is what companies in the industry And trading companies are faced with digital transformation. The question therefore is not whether edge computing is possible or not. But it is that we will use edge computing. And how to support the business to be more efficient Integrating both OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology) requires a machine. And the production supply chain operating in an integrated way to make the whole environment more intelligent

In addition, digitization accelerates data collection and big data analysis. This will help clients see a new way to drive results for both workers and physical assets, and the push for digital processes continues. To expand results to cover the entire organization Since the production segment Until the part that takes care of the management But if it is to be installed to create such changes Customers need a solution to provide the information they need. Create transparency in matching with in-depth cognitive processes. To increase the amount of output

Schneider Electric is proud to help customers drive their products through automation. The current crisis shows that there are many manufacturing companies who have never truly experienced improved productivity. That is more than a matter of production lines Many of our executive clients believe that the productivity step function can be created through a digital workflow. And these processes are now more important than ever.

Craig Hayman, CEO of AVEVA, once said: Industries today are faced with the pressure to operate to become more efficient. Often, remote workers were required, however, the change didn't happen overnight. Especially when it is not just about technology

If it's about changing the culture of work And customers need advice on how to do it right. Both Schneider Electric and AVEVA are committed partners in this process. And see the role in delivering insights to customers It includes the information and tools necessary for advanced data pattern detection that will drive better productivity. With technology that works in an open system manner

Without having to know the system (system-agnostic technologies) and subscription options that offer flexibility. We can provide our clients with a solution that meets their personal needs and builds on an already invested automation system. This will help clients accelerate their payback and achieve truly maximum productivity.

In addition, Peter Hervek, one of the board members. And as Executive Vice President of Industrial Automation, Schneider Electric spoke about a digital transformation customer case study. Has helped food entrepreneurs improve their long-established sugar factories. To be modern and use digital systems

Due to the fact that the factory uses outdated hardware and software. It also faced 33-40 power outages during the 39-week festival period and this caused a downtime in production. This contributes to the productivity of the plant as well as product quality.Schneider Electric has helped develop solutions that provide more comprehensive visibility into plant operations. Making it possible to reduce the downtime And increased workload by 20 percent

It can be seen that the OT is combined with IT by using the IOT device as a link. And sent to process at the data center Or the edge of the data center Will allow us to see information From operation This means that we see information flowing throughout the operating environment. As well as the entire value chain as a whole more quickly. And analyzed to be beneficial to business operations To do this requires a strong control and security system. While allowing for flexible and predictable results for businesses Ready to be able to adjust according to the changes in this world

Even in Schneider Electric itself More than 80 manufacturing plants around the world have been digitized. These technologies improve operational efficiency. Flexible From various smart tools Better energy management Including forecast maintenance These are adjustments in order to move forward sustainably.
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