'Soft Skills', a skill that an AI can't compete with humans.

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'Soft Skills', a skill that an AI can't compete with humans.

Postby ritcha » Wed Nov 04, 2020 9:36 am


In an era where robots and AI are coming to work for people Social skills or "Soft Skills" such as language, communication, friendliness, optimism. Social expressions, personalities, etc. are important skills. Because robots can't use this skill anyway, of course, today's employers or organizations still value academic skills. Knowledge To work towards the goal slotxo But what will help strengthen employees is social skills.
International research indicates that more than 92% of organizations value "Soft Skills" and more than 80% say "Soft Skills" are critical to their organization's success.

What kind of "Soft Skills" do organizations want?

1. Creativity and creativity
Organizations are always looking for talent or creative employees to be at the top of the list of job seekers that require "Soft Skills." But if profound language is required The plot is unique. And the key notes that reach the audience's emotions with flesh, flesh, human, robot, and AI definitely can't.

The creativity mentioned here is not just art or design. It also means creating fresh solutions to meet or solve old problems, synthesizing massive amounts of data, creating actionable insights. And able to create connections and find common points of ideas that are scattered to come together

2. Persuasive
Influencing and motivating is another essential skill in many office jobs. An obvious example is a salesperson. Customer service personnel And other positions that need to coordinate with people These positions If employees are not good at persuading and persuading people Will affect the performance of the company To the company's income

Although robots and AI are better at Hard Skills than humans, but when it comes to an event that must be contested Tell stories, want to taste the country And explain statistics that only contain numbers for people who are not good at numbers to see pictures Would inevitably escape human work that is good at persuading and motivating people anyway

3. Team Work and Cooperation
Working successfully requires collaboration from many departments, so getting cooperation from other departments is not easy. But it is not too difficult for a talent with excellent social skills. In a world of business where everything goes fast The skills for seeking cooperation and cooperating in the workplace are of great importance to employers.


4. Adaptation
In today's business world it is changing rapidly. And one of the skills that will make each employee work stable is adaptive skills. And besides the skill of working together with other people in the office It also means smiling, embracing and embracing change in business terms. Demand in the market fluctuates. Customers love or may not like your product. Employees come to start work shortly and then resign, etc. In the business world, anything can happen. Just have to adapt to keep up

5. Manage time
One skill that organizations always need and is the most important of all time is time management. Because everyone has the same time to work And time is still seconds Minutes and hours are days and years and do not change. The skill to allocate time per second, per minute, or whether per hour. Showed that Employees are fully attentive and laborious to employers. Although sometimes employers may not be clearly appreciative of time management skills. But that makes employees proud to be able to meet the deadline and create a positive impact for employers in the future.
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