Wednesday, September 15, 2021

When chatting with people, if there is no topic suddenly

When chatting with people, if there is no topic suddenly, it's really embarrassing that you can't go on. Sometimes, using a little skill, asking questions in another way and telling a little story that can induce the other party to share themselves can stimulate the enthusiasm of the conversation.

1. Start the topic from the current situation of the other party;

A: Xiao Li, what are you doing lately? Long time no contact!

B: Aren't you busy with your work? Time is spent on work and there is no time to do other things.

2. Start with the characteristics of the other party to find the topic;

A: Look at your face so tired, I know you can't sleep well. Get busy and pay attention to your body!

B: I'd like to, but I can't finish the work. What can I do?

3. Establish topics from the hidden information behind each other;

A: Will the company not give you overtime pay or anything if you are so busy late in the day? Don't tell me you are voluntary labor!

B: Who knows? If the project is not completed in one day, we don't have money for one day!

We treat others sincerely and others treat us sincerely, which is of course very good, but if we treat others sincerely and others do not give the same return, we don't need to be angry or too sad. We just need to take back our sincere heart, because naturally someone will cherish our feelings - this is calm.

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