Saturday, September 4, 2021

What if there is no topic to talk about?

What if there is no topic to talk about?

First of all, we need to find topics, and it is the simplest topic to cut in, such as weather, diet and so on. In fact, many people have no topic when chatting with others. At this time, you can find some topics, such as talking about today's weather, so that you can slowly find some content for communication and exchange.

Keep smiling and polite. Even if there is no topic on both sides, keep smiling and polite when getting along. This is a very important aspect of interpersonal communication, especially for people who meet for the first time.

Find mutual friends to cut into the topic. Some people don't have any topic to talk about together. At this time, you might as well find someone to introduce each other. In this way, you can hand over the embarrassing problems without topic to a third party, which will make each other get along more harmoniously.

From each other's dress and mental state as a topic. This coping method is especially suitable for women who have no topic. Generally, as long as you open the conversation box, you can find the chat content, and women's dress is the best topic.

If the relationship between each other is work communication, you might as well use your professional knowledge as a topic to chat with each other, which will help improve your business and find each other's topics. It is a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

When you really can't find a topic, you'd better find an excuse to leave, so as not to be embarrassed if you continue to stay. In fact, when many people meet for the first time, or have a bad temper, they will not have any topic to talk about. At this time, after a few greetings and a smile, they can find an excuse to leave.

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