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Sunday, September 5, 2021

The root of chat

The root of chat

1: Reasonable praise is the foundation of a pleasant chat

"Talk to others, talk to ghosts" satirizes those petty people who flatter them, but you should know that anyone who can master the essence of this sentence can finally get a good name of "high EQ", whether it is commendatory or derogatory, learn to praise quietly according to the characteristics of the other party and initiate topics according to the actual situation, This is a basic skill that everyone needs to learn.

"I feel that girls with big eyes are particularly gentle and considerate."

There is no ambiguity in this sentence itself, but when you say this sentence with a girl with small eyes, the ambiguity is great.

"What does he mean? Am I not gentle? Satirize me? " It's easy for the other party to think so.

So what is the first point of initiating a topic?

Is to find a place to praise her according to each other's personality and appearance characteristics.

If she has big eyes, you can say that the big eyed girl is gentle, if she has small eyes, you can say that the small eyed girl is smart. If she has weak character, you can say that she must be a good helper at home in the future. If she has strong character, you can say that she will make some achievements in the future. 2: Her circle of friends is her circle of life

In many cases, what a girl often sends in her circle of friends is what her interests are.

She often bakes and cooks, which shows that her second focus in life is on food. She often travels for fitness, which shows that she prefers to enjoy life. It is very accurate to observe a person through a circle of friends.

Most of the content sent in these circles of friends is within her scope of interest, and may even be the field she has carefully studied. When you grasp this part of interest, the chat frequency and chat quality will rise rapidly in a geometric way.

The most basic thing is to talk about exotic customs with people who like to travel, recent equipment with people who like to play games, and water inversion with people who understand constellations. It can not only open the topic, but also sometimes get some unexpected gains.

These topics in her interest can easily catch the G-spot of her chat, and your communication will become more comfortable and natural. 3: Seize the time point, event point

Always remember a sentence: "women are emotional animals."

Some specific time points, or some special events, will make their emotional emotions more rampant.

Take a simple example: when she just came out of a proposal scene, what would she think in her mind?

It must be that if the proposed heroine was herself, how would she face it.

If you seize this emotional transition point and talk to her about the romantic scene of a friend's proposal and the embarrassment of a classmate's proposal, it's easy to open her conversation.

This is the most typical way to grasp the event point and spread the topic according to what happened, causing her desire to discuss with you.

Many times, a girl's mood and atmosphere will be pulled by the events that have just happened and make her remember deeply. What you need to grasp is what kind of topic these events are essentially expressing. If you take this topic to chat with her, she will be more excited and happier.

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