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Friday, September 10, 2021

How to find topics

How to find topics

Like a person, unless you know him at the beginning and are attracted by his personality charm, or you are attracted by his appearance. At this time, you want to rack your brains to ask for contact information. It's not easy to get the contact information and prepare to start chatting. You are very happy that you will have the person you like soon, but when you open the chat dialog box, You find that you are at a loss and have no topic to talk about. I also have this feeling, that is, you obviously want to talk and get close, but you find that you really have nothing to say.

Next, I will tell you how to find a topic and how to talk further after finding a good topic. First of all, we need to know that the first step of chatting is to have a suitable topic. A good topic will make the two people talk more and more exciting. Moreover, it is possible that you two will extend more topics because of this good topic. But if a bad topic, no one wants to continue talking, and it may leave a bad impression on the other party, he may think you are a particularly boring person.

The simplest is the conventional topic. It is very common to start with "what are you doing" and "have you eaten". Your topic can continue only if there are ups and downs. Don't make the chat very dull. There are no ups and downs at all. People will not be interested and don't want to talk while chatting.

What's more advanced is the topic of events. You can talk to him from the recent events. Of course, it's a topic he's more interested in. Of course, this kind of event topic is easy to start and successful, because it happens every day, everyone will pay more attention and interest, and can say two words more or less. As long as you can chat with the person you like and talk more, it's good. Don't argue about right and wrong on some unimportant things. In that case, you'll be too stupid and your chances will be destroyed by yourself.

More high-end is to find a topic with key words, and find the key words from the message returned to you by the other party, because his subconscious reply may represent his state. If you cut into the topic from his state, it may be to suit the remedy to the case and hit the heart. What he returns is no longer important, because the topic you are looking for has narrowed the distance between you two, It eliminates the strangeness between you, which is the magic of chat.

Sometimes it can't be said that people who can chat are just evil minded. They can only say that their EQ is relatively high. When chatting, many people feel that this person is so powerful and why he can know what I think. It's not that he is smart or powerful, but that he is good at observation. Basically, it's obvious that he uses his brain a little, I know what you mean, but you feel like he can read his mind.

Although mastering the above skills is not enough, the rest needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation. In short, the mind should be flexible.

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