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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Chat with women

Chat with women

Today, I'd like to talk about some shy topics with you - what if I don't have a topic when dating my sister?

embarrassing conversation? Continue to be cold?? no!!!

When dating a girl, many boys want to hold her hand, hug her waist, kiss her head and let her snuggle in your arms.

But! When it comes to real dating, you'll find that girls don't. Instead of bringing the relationship closer, you can only let the atmosphere continue to be weird.

So, is there any way to distract you from language and emotional tension? Trying to create physical contact can help you save the field.

An interesting group photo

Girls always like taking pictures, especially addicted to beauty cameras.

When she promises to go out with you today, she will make up in front of the mirror, choose clothes, do her hair, and then go out a few hours in advance.

It's a rare opportunity. Don't miss it in vain. Boys who know better understand that it is necessary to praise girls for their beauty.

When you find that you can't find a topic halfway through the conversation, you can take the initiative to invite her:

"I think the beauty opposite me is very beautiful. Can I take a picture with her?"

What do you think a girl will think when she hears this sentence?

She must be secretly pleased: it seems that my cosmetics have not been wasted. She really knows how to appreciate them! Then I'll agree to your request.

At this time, you can take the initiative to go over and sit next to her and take a selfie with her, and take this opportunity to get close to her, but your actions and expressions should be as natural as possible, and don't look timid, which makes girls think you are very strange.

You certainly don't have as many tricks as girls in self shooting. At this time, you can ask her: "I can't swing. How can I swing? Teach me?"

A naughty girl may ask you to follow her, talk and sell cute, or make a flashy expression. Whether you like it or not, you should cooperate with her.

Let her think you are a very fun and interesting person, so that she can put down her face and make her happy, so as to shorten the distance between them.

Here we recommend some good apps, such as Jimeng, faceu and Wuhe. There are many expression patterns in them, which can be played for a long time.

There is also a recent tiktok, which you can practice together with a group of movements, and some contact on the limbs, then take a video.

It usually "breaks" many times, but it's especially fun to practice more times.

II. Mobile games

Now many girls also like playing games. In fact, you can give full play to your advantages.

If you know in advance that girls also play king pesticide or other mobile games, you can download the game in advance. When there is no topic in the chat, you can ask:

"Can you play games?"

At this time, my sister's interest points come up, and she will reply to you: "play."

You can then ask, "king? A game? "

If she is in good shape, she will promise you right away. At this time, it's time to show your personal charm.

When playing games with girls, be patient and tolerate girls' mistakes. Don't open your mouth

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