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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Chat topic

Chat topic

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The weather is a good topic. For the first time or at the beginning of the communication, in order not to be too hasty, you can choose a transitional topic. The weather is a good topic. It's a nice day today. It's sunny and looks good. In other words, the weather is really cold recently, and it is always cooling down. In this way, it is not too presumptuous to communicate, which can shorten the distance between the two.


News hot spots or sports events. All kinds of stories are happening in our world every day. We can also communicate with the news hot spots or current affairs hot spots that everyone is concerned about. For example, the 18th National Congress is a good topic, and the sports events that male friends generally like to pay attention to can be used as the topic of communication.


Interesting things in life. Sometimes you can talk about some interesting things in life. For example, the child made a very naive mistake and forgot to bring his wallet when he went out to take a taxi. These little things in life may happen to no one, so it will feel friendly and easy to get close to each other.


Physical condition, etc. Sometimes when chatting, you can also communicate about your physical condition. For example, recently, you have been insisting on physical exercise and feel full of vitality, or you may be too tired and have no spirit recently, or your most worried insomnia has occurred. You don't know what to do. Many times, you can solve these problems by saying it, My heart will be more comfortable.


School or work. If you are a student, you can talk about your recent learning, existing confusion, etc., you can also talk about your favorite teacher, or some interesting things that have happened in the classroom. If you have participated in work, you can also talk about the interesting things in your own unit, or the people or things you encounter at work.


The situation of relatives or family members. If you are familiar people, you can also talk about your family or relatives during communication, such as the health status of your parents, changes in temper, children's studies, growth problems, the relationship between husband and wife, etc. of course, you should pay attention to the protection of privacy, etc.

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