Monday, September 6, 2021

Chat topic

Chat topic

When two people are not very familiar with each other at the beginning, they can introduce themselves to each other and ask each other about their preferences, interests, work, life and so on. They can have a good chat. However, as time goes on, the two people become familiar with each other, and become too familiar. They know everything about each other. There is really nothing to ask. Chatting will fall into a dead end. Both sides will feel embarrassed, so that they dare not take the initiative to say hello in the future. Over time, they will affect their feelings and become strange. So what should we do now? In my opinion, to avoid embarrassment, we should take the initiative to find topics. For example, we can talk about a happy thing we met or an unhappy thing we met. Take talking about children as an example. We can talk about children's recent performance in school and teachers' teaching, then extend to the current phenomenon of making up lessons, then to the construction of teachers' ethics, and then to the regulation of teachers' paid making up lessons by the Ministry of education. Why is the governance effect not obvious, then extend to the fact that it is not easy to control chaos, and then extend to the regulation of doctors receiving red envelopes by the Health Commission Take kickbacks and the chaos of the hospital, etc. In other words, we can take a topic as the starting point and learn to expand infinitely. In this way, we can avoid embarrassment to the greatest extent.

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