Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Chat topic search

Chat topic search

ordinary.. Just find an entry point.. for instance.. What are you doing right now? What if she said she was reading.. Just ask her what book.. But this topic will not last long.. Now that you've cut in.. Then you can transfer.. You can immediately move to the relevant topic. Like what happened at school.. Then just plug in some jokes. Because I am humorous. That's how my GF was tricked.. Hee hee.. And.. The pace of phone calls is too fast.. There is not enough time for you to study what to say.. So SMS is still the best. Then be gentle.. Be enterprising.. It means that what you say is a little ambiguous. Make her feel you.. Not casually chatting.. Talk about ordinary things for a while.. You can care about her.. Ask if you slept well or something.. These are specific.. Don't say anything that will scare her at first.. That is to say, you like to be so explicit at the beginning..

In fact, simply speaking, it is based on feeling (I can know all the wind and grass in a ten mile radius without looking. Why? This is feeling ~).. Don't be scared.. Say whatever you want.

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