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Friday, September 3, 2021

Chat skills

Chat skills

I looked at several answers that were praised a lot. There are some truth, and I agree with them. However, I need to add what I think is very important, which seems not to be mentioned in all the above answers. I think there are only two reasons why I can't talk with my sister. The first is that your chat skills are not qualified. Many of the above answers can be used for reference, and also mentioned how to change and improve. Second, my sister is not interested in you at all. She doesn't want to interact with you, let alone take the initiative to find a topic, so you try your best to find a topic and tell jokes. Her replies are "ha ha", "sleep" and "go to take a bath". In my opinion, the second reason is more important than the first one. I won't mention many of my personal experiences. Because it's too long to write, I'll make an analogy: ban Hua sent you a "are you" with QQ and dinosaur sister sent you a love poem with QQ. Who will you chat with? Maybe someone retorted that if you pass the chat skills, isn't your sister interested in you? For this, I will say the following two points. First, the first impression is an extremely important thing. Whether a sister is interested in you is very related to the first impression you give her. If the first impression is bad, you will be labeled as a "loser" in her eyes. It's too difficult to turn over. No matter how good the chat is, no matter how proficient the script is, it's difficult for her to be interested in you. Don't blame the girls for being ruthless, because in ancient times, female ape people must rely on excellent male ape people to survive, so all female ape people who won't quickly select excellent males will die, and their genes have been eliminated. Therefore, what is inherited into modern female genes is the ability to quickly identify whether a man is excellent, and it won't be changed easily. Second, the same words are different from different people. I know that has many so-called "conventions", that is, some ready-made scripts and sentences, but I think this has poisoned many people and turned many normal losers into obscene losers. In the past, I just didn't have girlfriends. Since "reciting" these conventions, I don't even have female friends“ Convention "is like glasses. Some people wear it properly, while others don't. A boy who is usually very humorous, optimistic and cheerful may make girls laugh if he says anything, but a boy who is usually very introverted and submissive has said the funniest joke in the world. Can you really laugh? Gao Shuaifu sent a yellow joke to the girl, and the girl would reply "annoying", while a loser sent a yellow joke to the girl, and the girl immediately put him on the blacklist. So my suggestion to the questioner is to first think about improving your value and ability. For example, if you are a student, study hard, participate in more cultural and sports activities, and dress up to make people feel clean and sunny. For example, if you go to work, work hard and get on well with your colleagues, dress up to make people feel mature and steady, or take other routes, In short, let you make a better first impression on your sister, so that she at least doesn't label you a "loser". When she doesn't dislike you or even likes you, you can think of improving your chat skills and conversation ability. If you can make her have a strong interest in you, you don't even need to improve your chat skills. She will take the initiative to find topics to interact with you. You should know that women will always chat more than men, but it depends on who she talks with.

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