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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Chat and find topics

Chat and find topics

If you don't have a topic, find a topic, but don't be limited to one topic at the beginning.

First assess the other person's age and dress.

If your age is similar to your own, you can start from each other's life fields, such as where people are, the specialties of your hometown, how many years you have been out, your feeling in a foreign land, whether your work is stable or not, and whether you plan to buy a house here are all topics.

If you judge from each other's clothes that they are famous brands, you can first boast that each other's clothes are suitable and beautiful, and then talk about what kind of brand is coming out now. Then, since she has the ability to consume high, it means that she has high income, you can learn from which company she works in, the products of that company, etc. such a person with a sense of economic superiority might as well find topics related to her work as usual, She'll be more willing. If the other party wears ordinary clothes, first observe her words and deeds to prevent low-key rich people from being regarded as ordinary people, so as to avoid looking for the wrong topic. If the other party's words and deeds tell you that she is not a very confident person, it shows that she will not be in a high position in the workplace. You can talk with her about entertainment, TV dramas, etc.

In short, as long as you observe carefully and think from the other party's position, you will always find a topic and become a good chat object.

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