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Friday, August 13, 2021

What topics do you talk about?

What topics do you talk about

What do you talk about? If you are a girl, you will ask. When we talk to boys, they respond positively. Sometimes they find topics by themselves, but if you don't talk to them, they will never come to you, let alone invite you. What should I do? Don't they like me.

From the boy's point of view, they finished in a sentence. Indeed, they don't like you so much. Even how much men like women (inner life) is uncertain. After all, the world is much more fun for young boys to play games, make money, be a male leader in their field, be appreciated by big guys, etc. than to be bored with a girl on wechat or QQ.

So from the perspective of girls, we have to understand that the purpose of chatting is not to make others like you. If you have to be profitable to do something, this ambition should be put in the commercial society. As a saying goes, if you want to study well, you should go to the library instead of going to a tavern and being noisy.

So is online chat. Online chat is just a kind of light social networking. You should not give him too much responsibility. You should judge whether two people can finally get together through chat. This belongs to your investment of five yuan and want to make a bad fortune of five million. For most people, on the premise of no other substantive connection, chatting basically has the function of mixing faces, knowing that they don't hate each other and can talk about it when they have nothing to do. For a small number of people, they may greet them hundreds of times a day by dozens of people... It's estimated that it's too late to talk.

For ordinary girls who have a very narrow range of friends, because chatting is a kind of light social intercourse, it's not troublesome, so I suggest you go to a few people to chat casually. The purpose of chatting is not to catch a lover only through chatting, but to reflect on your words and deeds through interaction and other people's feedback, so as to understand how to improve yourself. Many girls have no problems in life, but they very reject social feedback. Their attitude towards feedback is polarized: on the one hand, they can completely expose themselves to people they fully trust, they are very confident in everything and any emotion, and the other party is absolutely interested... On the other hand, it completely rejects the feedback between strangers. If the other party doesn't like himself or can't judge the future trend, saying a little more is a waste of his time.

This polarization makes it very difficult for these women to make friends. On the one hand, they want to be excellent, serious and hard-working, but on the other hand, they reject the feedback mechanism, which will lead to the power of talking on paper and immature in practice.... Unless a few people are gifted, most people must have feedback to grow. Learn to adjust yourself through feedback, rather than give up immediately when you see negative feedback. After repeated battles and defeats, your thinking angle will become broader and broader, and your actions will become more and more self consistent.

Therefore, change the paranoid idea that "the other party must like me before they can feed back to me, otherwise it will be a waste of my time", make the chat easy and casual, don't interpret every word of him word by word, and don't study his circle of friends like a paper. Just take the chat as a way to adjust their emotions, which is not much different from buying a cup of coffee, Simply understand that different people have different frequencies, can talk about different topics, and... Don't be self-centered, chat easily, practice advance and retreat, be kind to others and understand yourself. As long as you don't disturb your normal work and rest and other life arrangements, you can talk if you want, and you can't talk if you don't want. If you really talk well, you can pull it out and slip away. If you don't talk well, you can be a zombie number - in short, I wish you a happy chat.

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