Wednesday, August 18, 2021

What do you usually say at the beginning of a chat

What do you usually say at the beginning of a chat

If you need to talk and communicate according to the on-site atmosphere, don't be silent or boastful. Find a common language and be flexible.

1. Don't hide your personality. Don't worry, talk about anything you like.

2. Do some dialogue "games" to make the atmosphere ambiguous and interesting. The game can be a "truth adventure" or a less extreme game, such as a roll call game between two people.

3. Keep a sense of mystery. Women like challenging men. If you want a woman to remain interested in you, you need to make her feel that she needs to win your favor slowly. If she thinks you're too good... She won't be interested in you.

4. The best way to talk to women is to find some interesting, fun and sexual conversations. Talking to women may not be so difficult. You just need to know what topics they are interested in and what topics they are not interested in. Don't worry, just follow the above.

matters needing attention:

1. Never try to show yourself in front of a girl.

2. Don't panic when you don't know what to say, because the girl doesn't know what to say. If you can transfer the pressure of this chat to the other party, let her think and say what to say, and you're calm about what to do, you'll leave a deep impression on her.

3. Don't always talk to girls seriously.

4. Don't use too many questions.

5. Try to provide valuable information to the other party instead of getting valuable information from the other party's words.

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