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Thursday, August 5, 2021

What are the classic chat sentences?

What are the classic chat sentences?

The duck is too arrogant, the rabbit is too talkative, I am a pig, I am good. Brother, I'll throw a brick first. If there is jade, just hit it. Stealing one person's idea is plagiarism, and stealing many people's idea is research. A cobbler kills three Zhuge Liang. I give you two choices: either you marry me or I marry you! Your house is on fire. Please press and press again and again. The pig has no benzene. I said press and you press! You see a Tuo of stool on the ground, go up and smell it as if it were stool, put it in your mouth and taste it as if it was still stool. You are happy to say: Fortunately, you didn't step on it. In the crowded car, the pregnant woman said to a man sitting next to her: don't you know I'm pregnant? The man said nervously: the child is not mine! The police beat up pornography. The man stood on the right, the woman on the left and the pervert in the middle. Say you! Still playing with computers? Be sure to rest and sleep beside the road, which will speed up the recovery effect! Are you all right? Is the hospital comfortable? Do beautiful nurses like it? If you get better, I think you'd better stay for a few more days! I wanted to give you a piece of gold, but later I found that there was something more valuable than it. Do you want to know what it is“ Thank you "easy! If you want to thank me, give me gold!! Sorry, now I finally know my biggest weakness --- handsome!!!! Balloons will burst if they are too full. Although your skin is thick, you can't last too long. Let's breathe. Even from below, life is hopeless and all the money is spent! If you work in a bank, you will have hope in life from now on! If the money is on me, I'm afraid someone will rob it at night! Feeling that the relationship was very good, she asked, "how did you remember to write me a note?"“ Slobber, the first mock exam, I wrote to every girl in the class. Only you have an answer, "sunshine, Lu Sheng Zi smoke". Li Bai came to the roasted duck shop, and the mouth was three thousand feet straight. There was no money in a pocket. The wind has faded, the moon has hung on the treetops, the birds have returned home, everything is so beautiful... Only your grandson has not arrived! Smoking countless, drink straight vomiting. Drive into a tree and walk slowly on the dance floor. They all think you're cool. In fact, you can't walk when you see beautiful women. The wife cooked noodles for her husband, secretly released Viagra and brought it to her husband. The husband angrily said: Why did this noodles stand up one by one? ~ ~:) You can reflect people's shortcomings more than a mirror. You are more knowledgeable than Zhuangzi and have more strategies than grandson. Therefore, everyone affectionately calls you: grandson of Zhuangzi. Mother mouse a holds a picture of a bat: "this is my boyfriend." Mother mouse B: "it's so ugly!" Mother mouse a: "but it's a pilot. Hello, Hello, you eat grass every day, wear cotton padded jacket in summer, and wait for you to sweep the toilet. Money asks people. You think you're a lady. In fact, you're super stupid. If God can give me a chance to do it again, I'll say three words to you: no -- borrow -- money! If I have to add a deadline, I hope it will be... 10000 years! When using the computer, in case of emergency, please immediately take a sharp tool and poke the display screen to protect the host. Men's 20 are semi-finished products, 30 are finished products, 40 are high-quality products, 50 are top-grade products, 60 are top-grade products, 70 are waste products and 80 are souvenirs. If you must compare with a pig, I think you are at least two different from it: 1. You can eat better than it. 2. It is smarter than you. The four are not to be provoked: drinking without food, wearing a tie without arms, exposing breasts, and riding a bicycle. Maokeng door association: heroes all over the world, bow their heads and bend their knees here; Chaste women in the world come in and untie their wide skirts; Horizontal scroll: Heaven and earth are healthy. The top is hair, the bottom is hair, and the hair is next to the hair at night. An organ of the human body. Don't think, friend, it's eyes. 20 Pentium, 30 Hitachi, 40 Zhengda, 50 Konka, 60 Microsoft, 70 years old, only Lenovo!!! FID = 253, brother! Please don't think you can suck up the smell of fart after every fart P men are not bad, a little abnormal, men are not coquettish, they are a straw bag. Men are not playful, absolutely nervous, men are not hooligans, and their development is abnormal. When the ugly woman looked back, she scared a cow to death; Ugly two turn back, the Yellow River falls back; Ugly three turn around and Tyson plays table tennis instead! You are the wind, I am the sand, you are the toothpaste, I am the brush, you are Hami, I am the melon, you don't love me, I commit suicide, dear fish: I eat you because I need you; I need you because I love you; I love you because I have you in my heart; Having you in my heart is nothing more than wanting to eat you hey... Love your cat Pepsi Cola, everything Fanta, mood Sprite, work Red Bull, life Xuan orange, Wahaha every day, Yueyue Pepsi, gaolego every year, always eye-catching. There is no grass at the end of the world. Why look only at school. There is little grass in the school, and the grass quality is not good. When I see you, I'm afraid of electric shock; I can't see you, I need to recharge. Without you, I think I will cut off power. Being single is understanding, love is a mistake, breaking up is awareness, marriage is a mistake, divorce is awakening, remarriage is stubbornness, no lover is waste, more lovers are animals. May Valentine's Day: the boss follow you, the car let you, the fragrance of fresh flowers, and handsome men accompany you, Love sweet you - GG I want to die you Meimei Meimei I love you, like a mouse loves rice, you are my bread when I am hungry, you are my fruit knife when I commit suicide, you are my heart, you are my liver, you are three quarters of my life! To be beautiful with me, I make you regret, you have to pretend with me, I hurt you, you have to blow with me, I make your face gray, you have to play with me, I make you have no children. Discharge on Monday. Tuesday, hand in hand. Wednesday, "first kiss". Thursday, love. Friday, beautiful lie. Saturday, romantic "kiss goodbye". Sunday, rotation. Husband, husband, I love you like an old farmer growing rice. I wait for you carefully. When you slowly become rice, I love you. I want you to eat you before I start growing rice

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