Tuesday, August 10, 2021

What are the benefits of chatting?

What are the benefits of chatting?

Chatting has many advantages. Chatting can delay the aging process of the brain, "running water is not rotten, Hushu is not stupid", various functions of the human body are used in and out, and the brain is no exception. When chatting and talking, people need to think with their brain, which is undoubtedly an exercise for brain function. It can prevent the brain from aging prematurely. Scientific research has proved that people's aging process, that is, the continuous accumulation of brain cell metabolite brown pigment, in order to reduce this accumulation, in addition to food control and the application of other drugs, strengthening physical exercise, using the brain scientifically and diligently is also an important aspect.

A person's life can not be without troubles. The so-called "good luck in everything" is just a wish of people, especially the middle-aged and elderly people in troubled times. When they encounter the entanglement of diseases, the death of their old companions, the marriage of their children, the tension of interpersonal relations and the generation gap in the family, they often make people depressed and fall into distress and loneliness. When we encounter such unpleasant things, it is necessary to find some close friends to talk and pour out their hearts to relieve the temporary unhappiness and get rid of excitement, anger, grievance, depression, doubt and other emotions. In particular, people with introverted personality and depression should expose their emotions and obtain the comfort of others, which is very important for health. Practice has proved that chatting is of great benefit to people's physical and mental health. Especially for the elderly, it can stimulate their spirit like piano, chess, books, paintings, playing birds and fishing. It is the best way to eliminate loneliness.

Chatting is also a good opportunity to increase knowledge. When the whole family, old or young, or relatives and friends get together, they can exchange ideas and complement each other's knowledge because of their different knowledge and life experiences. Many literati in the past dynasties collected materials in chatting with friends or chatting with people.

Chatting can also make friends who forget their years. In addition to chatting with people of the same generation and near age, you can also make friends with people of different generations and ages. Many harmonious families respect the old and love the young, enjoy the happiness of their family, and are inseparable from the ideological communication and willingness to chat with generations.

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