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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Lazy chat

 1. Lazy chat: repeat the key words at the end of the sentence

In the chat, extract the key words at the end of the other party's discourse, and then repeat them with the interrogative voice of interest, which can guide the other party to continue talking, so as to avoid awkward chat and termination of the dialogue, which is very embarrassing.

2. Keywords + related experiences, thoughts, feelings, etc

Simply put, grab a keyword in the other person's words, and then share your own or other people's experience, stories and ideas around this keyword to catch the plane and resonate.

3. Core keyword continuation

It is one of the easiest and most basic chat skills to grasp any core "keyword" in a sentence to continue the topic.

4. Common key words to enhance the emotional connection between each other

Grasp the key words that have a common topic with each other to extend and expand the topic, so as to deepen the relationship between you.

Chat notes

1. Pay attention to listening to each other. When we chat with each other, we should pay attention to being single-minded and not thinking about anything else. When listening to others, we should try to look into each other's eyes appropriately, which is also a kind of politeness.

2. When two people chat together, don't perfunctory each other. It's best to have a response. When the other party has finished, you can respond. If the attitude is very perfunctory, it will make the other party feel that there is no need to talk.

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