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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Introduction to chat tools:

Introduction to chat tools:

1QQ: as the most powerful chat tool in China, it does have a reason to dominate the country. According to statistics, the number of people using QQ in China is 200 million. This is a considerable proportion, accounting for 15.6% of China's population. It can be said that almost all Internet users are using QQ. QQ, formerly known as ICQ, is an Internet based instant messaging (IM) software developed by Shenzhen Tencent with reference to the famous foreign software ICQ. In decades of development, it has increasingly become the most authoritative and perfect chat tool in China. Compared with ICQ, it can be said that "green is better than blue". The perfection of various functions of QQ has reached the first in the world. Anyone can use QQ to communicate with friends and users, send messages and reply immediately. In addition, QQ also has the functions of voice and video chat, mobile phone SMS, online paging on BP machine, chat room, file transmission service and so on. Today's QQ is not IM software in a simple sense, but integrates a variety of functions, such as dating speed dating, personal space, network disk, WebBrowser, remote control, electronic pets, online games and so on. It can be said that the customer has realized everything he thought of. However, QQ also has its limitations. It is only developed for Chinese people and used by Chinese people. It does not support other languages. If you want to chat with foreign friends, you can only choose other chat tools. However, I believe that QQ will open the door to the world and become the world's top instant chat tool in the future. 2icq: (iseekyou) as a popular Internet chat tool, ICQ was invented by several students in Israel. He is the earliest chat tool. The biggest feature is online real-time communication. It is a new and user-friendly communication program. It supports chatting, sending messages and files on the Internet. With the new version of ICQ, you can view, find and print the message history, set up random chat, find and add other users in various ways, obtain more detailed user information, receive your friend's birthday and notify everyone of your own birthday in advance, and create your own ICQ home page. When you are online, others can visit your home page and use greeting cards ICQ plug-ins such as voice mail send greeting cards and voice mail, use icqemail to send, forward and copy e-mail, use your favorite font, font size and color to send messages, select sounds for different events and configure the sound effect of typing, divide your list into different groups, and let ICQ remind you of future events and activities, Use the note function to post your memo or note on the screen, search the web page through ICQ, chat in real time, play back the saved chat content, and insert actions and expressions in the chat. Disadvantages: ICQ password bypass disadvantages allow attackers to obtain user accounts of other icqs with malicious programs. A specific API can be used to access the ICQ account of the victim user, regardless of whether the account has security measures. There is currently no patch for this type. 3msn: full name: Microsoft service network. It is also a popular chat tool. Have the basic functions of QQ and ICQ. You can chat with your relatives and friends through text, sound, or video. You can also send files and photos, play games, let friends see what songs you are listening to, and use personalized display pictures and your own background. You can also share music, send messages to mobile phones, etc. I found that the biggest disadvantage of MSN is that it doesn't display recent visitors like QQ space. But MSN space can't. If anyone has come, unless he leaves a message, he doesn't know who has come recently. In addition, MSN has five mentally retarded disadvantages: 1. Lose messages and do not report lost messages; 2. Transmit messages in clear text: this weakness is often mentioned. Due to plaintext transmission, MSN messages are easily monitored. For example, MSN chat of employees in many companies is monitored by the boss. 3. No message: the other party can send messages only when he is online. If he is not online, he can't leave messages to the other party, which is inconvenient to use. 4. There is no breakpoint for file transmission: this weakness makes it impractical to transmit large files with MSN. It is unbearable to re transmit from the beginning after breaking. 5. No verification for deleting and adding friends: when adding friends to each other for the first time, there is a verification message. After that, delete this friend and add it again

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