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Friday, August 20, 2021

How to find topics in chat?

How to find topics in chat?

A large number of people always don't know what to say when facing the object they like, feel that there is no topic, and don't know how to organize language to express, so they are always at a loss. How to find topics in chat? Let's see what topics we should use when chatting with our favorite object!

How to find topics in chat 1: Gossip

Girls generally like gossip topics, so chatting with them is a very common routine. Most girls are very interested in gossip, so when facing some problems of girls, if you can understand some, you don't have to worry about having no topic to talk about. Specifically, we can say that there is no topic to talk about as long as the content can attract each other. If the other party is not interested in these things, you can choose to watch more news or microblog on the Internet and pay more attention to these things. When chatting, you won't have nothing to say.

How to find topics in chat 2: talk about the past

Everyone has their own memories, so memories are priceless. Generally, many people are willing to share their past with others, but different people have their own unique views. Generally, you can say something funny or ugly about yourself first. As long as you let the other party open the chatterbox, you will talk endlessly. And chatting used to make people talk more and more, because talking about it usually reminds people of another thing or some people. If you two have common friends, you can speak freely. However, this method also has limitations, and is only limited to those girls who are willing to share their past. Some girls don't like to talk about their past with others, so don't talk about their past with others when you meet this kind of girl.

The ability to extend the topic of conversation is important in picking up girls, otherwise everything will be in vain. In other words, where did I know these things before? When I was learning love knowledge, I read a pick-up girl's e-book - love heart attack control. From there, I really realized that flirting with a sister is really a technical job, and there are many skills and methods to master. After that, according to the direct actual combat learned in the book, I basically took her heart when chatting with my sister. Meeting and dating are straight to the theme. Now I'm too busy to make an appointment. For the brothers who haven't taken off the order, you can learn. There are e-books when you find them directly by online ferry. Love heart attack manipulation. What girls always like is that they will flirt with girls, not straight men.

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