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Thursday, August 12, 2021

How to chat and what is the content?

How to chat and what is the content?

It is basically divided into two parts: public experience sharing and private emotion sharing.

In popular terms, public experience sharing is a third-party topic unrelated to you, me and him. Common daily topics include:

1. Wear. For example, if you like the matching, brand and color of clothes, you must remember that a woman's wardrobe is always short of a piece of clothes. When women walk on the road in twos and threes, in addition to sharing the gossip around each other, the most important thing is to evaluate the wearing matching of pedestrians. So men can do their homework and read some fashion magazines.

2. Weather. For example, the temperature difference between the South and the north in winter, you can refer to the passage on the Internet. The heating in the south basically depends on shaking. If you have had personal experience in both the South and the north, you can better start the topic. For example, I am from the South and went to university in the north. Before I went to the north, I always felt that more than 20 degrees below zero was not a life for people. I especially admire the northerners and think they are extremely powerful. But when I went, I found that the northerners were very happy, especially when I was frozen into a dog in Shanghai, I missed the days with heating.

It's very simple. Is there wood? We have been growing up for so many years. We always have some experiences and feelings. If we polish them a little, they can become conversation capital. Add some interaction in the process to mobilize girls' emotions and arouse girls' resonance. As soon as the conversation turns, the topic reaches girls. Hey, where did you go in college? What's the coldest in winter?

3. Delicious food. 90% of girls eat goods. Even if she cries all day to lose weight, even if she eats less food when she goes out with you than when she feeds cats, you must know that she will be attracted by delicious food.

4. Interests and hobbies. Such as music, reading, movies, travel, etc. I think these are very simple. The expansion method is the same as above.

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