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Friday, August 6, 2021

How do experts who can chat talk

How do experts who can chat talk

Chatting can be learned. Here I share some of my experiences with you. From "feeling flow"

Today, let's talk about chatting with you. Anyway, in this era of mobile phones, many people's social networking is in software. If you want to pick up girls, you must have a coquettish chat ability.

But on the contrary, the real coquettish chat ability is simple. That's what I'm going to tell you today.

There are many friends. Their understanding of picking up girls is in an embarrassing situation. It seems that they will be a little more coquettish than those pure good men, but let him really catch up with one, but he can't catch up. They often look very ambiguous, provocative and coquettish when chatting, but in fact, they all pretend to be too much. In fact, all normal girls don't like men who pretend to be forced. For many girls, they don't like the way of chatting that looks coquettish in form. It's never wrong to chat simply. After all, the real coquettish is in the bones, not by words.

Quite a few guys don't like to use the words "what are you doing?" they think it's too monotonous. It's only used by good old men. In fact, what are you doing? These four words are very useful. I have used them many times and think they are good. These four words can be used anywhere, whether in the beginning or in the middle, but don't do anything. You should understand that chatting, most of the time, depends on fragments, not single sentences. One sentence can't decide anything. The whole fragment can convey some feelings and information. For beginners, it is the safest and most comfortable for you to chat simply. But if you want to turn your sister into a cow, you can't just stay in a simple state. In other words, in fact, any single form, which lasts too long, is inappropriate.

Simplicity is only the foundation, which does not mean that the decoration, style or culture of your building is simple. There is no bright spot. Although it is safe, it is useless because it is not offensive.

Therefore, if you just start learning to pick up girls, simple chat is the main line. You don't need to think about other things. First learn to communicate with girls in a simple way. But to be awesome, there must be a lot of embellishments on simplicity, such as some highlights, sprouts, turns, climaxes or critical hits, which requires some skills.

Let me show you something:

Me: what are you doing

Woman: listening to music

In fact, the first reaction of many friends here is to listen to what songs ah and so on. Anyway, they like to go in the direction of topic chat, and finally make it the same as the reporter's interview. Can you be a little innovative. Simplicity and boredom are two things. We don't have to cut in from the angle that everyone wants to. For example:

Me: I'm listening to your song

In this way, the girl will be a little curious. Woman: how do you know what song I listen to. She usually has this kind of reaction. You know, girls are lazy when chatting. Basically, what they follow is her first reaction, because she is chased by you. She can enjoy the benefits of no brains and no efforts.

In this way, there is a point where you can move in and out. But at this point, some brothers who think they will jump out of their sister will usually reply angrily: because I am in your heart, because our heart has a soul. It's embarrassing to talk like this. If you want to talk like this, you can basically talk a few more words and almost collapse. So don't drive so often. Let's keep it simple. You know, a really good driving skill can't see the technical component.

Me: I just fantasize about the way we make the subway with one earphone for each person.

This sentence is more imaginative and will always keep you slightly aggressive. Then you can see a lot from the girls' reaction. If she returns: come on. In fact, it is a good impression. If she replied: ha ha, you think too much. Then it's easy to talk. Of course, her reaction was average. Let's say: Er. It's also possible. But it doesn't matter. You just have to be yourself. Chat and try to relax yourself.

In fact, it's almost the same when it comes to this. I didn't want to go on, but many friends wanted me to give some demonstrations before. Then I'll give you some guidance. I'll talk about all the above three situations for you to see.

Me: I just fantasize about the way we make the subway with one earphone for each person.

Woman: come on.

Me: maybe this weekend. Let's make our dreams come true.

Me: I just fantasize about the way we make the subway with one earphone for each person.

Woman: ha ha, you think too much.

Me: Why are you so happy.

Me: I just fantasize about the way we make the subway with one earphone for each person.

Woman: Er.

Me: allow me to think so.

That's about it. Split into each single sentence, you can see that the sentence composition is relatively simple. There are no sentences like old drivers driving, but none of them are talking about the topic. Now let's mix it up.

Me: what are you doing

Woman: listening to music

Me: I'm listening to your song

Woman: how do you know what songs I listen to

Me: I just fantasize about the way we make the subway with one earphone for each person

Woman: come on

Me: maybe this weekend. Let's make our dreams come true

As you can see, when combined into a fragment, the whole is simple and offensive. The first invitation appeared in about three sentences of dialogue, which also reflected that I said the progress of picking up girls should be fast.

So how can you have this simple and offensive chat ability. Read more books and strengthen your imagination, innovation and adaptability. As I said at the beginning, picking up girls is ultimately an understanding of life and a way of life. If you can actively live, learn and see the world, you will be awesome.

Hope to help you! Hope to adopt!

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