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Monday, August 2, 2021

How can you talk to others

How can you talk to others

At present, high school students, and then no friends, friends say I am high and cold. I don't know what to talk about. I'm always in the cold. I want to improve myself.

Living in the city, most of us are busy every day. This busy life may make us spend less and less time with our friends. We want to talk with our friends, but we suddenly don't know what to say. Mobile phone and computer also have social software, sometimes they make complaints about strangers, but don't know how to speak. Next, discuss with you how to become a person who can chat, at least not make others hate you in the first chat.

Tools / raw materials

Various social software or phone

Method / step

1. Chat with friends who haven't been in touch for a long time:

If you are a former classmate, you can borrow a classmate party to open the topic. It's best to talk more about the days when we went to school together and the impressive things that happened when we went to school together, such as the sports meeting, snowball fights and other class activities, so it's easy to recall people's good memories. Don't show off what you have and how good you are when you go to the classmate meeting. It will make people feel very bored.

If you call a former friend, it can be said that if you suddenly think of you because of something, you will call to say hello, and then talk about your recent life and the beautiful or unforgettable things we have done together before.

2. Chat with elders:

You must have a good attitude, be polite and know how to respect others. Chatting with elders can really learn a lot, especially the elders who play an important role in interpersonal relationships. This is not to say that you should flatter them and try to please them. Of course, you can praise them appropriately, but don't go too far, it will make your elders feel that you are untrue. Ask your elders more about ways to avoid detours. Be sincere. Many elders may become your life mentors. They like to tell their previous stories, so calm down and listen. Being a good listener is also a part of chatting.

3. Chat with strangers:

This refers to chatting with strangers on social software. Sometimes you don't know what to say after saying hello, and the topic ends awkwardly. Maybe you also lose someone who may become a good friend. You can talk about what the other party likes, such as movies and songs. Most people like listening to songs. You can talk about which singer you like and why you like that singer. Don't blindly ask others personal questions, such as where your home is and what your parents do. You don't check your account. There's no need to know so much. Asking like this will make people feel that you are boring and naturally don't want to talk to you. In addition, don't think you can maliciously slander others if you don't know each other. Even if you don't like it, you should politely say goodbye. Don't pay attention to him any more. Don't hurt people with vicious words, which will make people think you have no quality. Sometimes, just because you don't know each other, you can talk freely, such as what problems you have encountered recently and what people you don't like. But here, I warn some men not to blindly talk about sex with their sister, just make a few jokes, and know enough.


4. Precautions

Polite people are not boring. People who are unhappy are those who always ask questions that are not nutritious and irrelevant.

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