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Wednesday, August 4, 2021



Is there a woman who can chat with strangers and express her loneliness and thoughts!

1. Learn to learn, learn more new knowledge and understand new current affairs and news. In this way, when chatting with others, you won't feel that you don't understand anything, especially some new topics. You must keep yourself from falling behind. In this way, we can have normal communication with others. 2. Learn to be sociable, don't be independent, and pay attention to being on the same channel when chatting with people at ordinary times. Don't cut in and say dirty things when everyone is talking about eating. It's obviously disgusting. It's a good performance to follow everyone's topic. 3. Pay attention to the way you speak. Don't be aggressive in your usual chat. Be sure to distinguish the results like debate. We should speak calmly, joke and make jokes appropriately at the same time, so as to make the topic go more smoothly. 4. Speak with literacy and don't put yourself above others. Just like when others consider buying a scooter, they all put forward various suggestions, and then you choose to discuss buying hundreds of thousands of luxury cars. In this way, no one is willing to chat with you. Therefore, we should learn to judge the situation and say the right words at the right time. 5. Pay proper attention to etiquette. Generally, you will be more open when chatting, but you must pay attention to moderation when talking or joking. Don't deliberately touch other people's taboos. Especially when there are ethnic minorities, we should pay more attention. 6. Learn to adjust the atmosphere and appropriately divert everyone's attention when some topics cannot be carried out. This requires real knowledge. We must learn to transfer without leaving a trace. In this way, we will be more relaxed and can see our personal cultivation level.

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