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Friday, August 27, 2021

Chat topic

Chat topic

Take the initiative to find topics and talk about entertainment and hobbies.

Many families have cars, houses and children. In this way, there are many topics, such as what company you work in, where your children study, how your grades are, etc. as long as you choose the same topic as a chat topic, each can talk a lot of content. Life is rich and colorful. You can talk about everything for a few hours. For example, when chatting with people, you can ask others what they like to eat and whether they have any taboos. In every aspect, people with research can tell a wonderful story. When you talk about a topic you all know, a common language is found.

You can talk about what you have encountered, or talk about each other's interests and hobbies. Make yourself more meaningful and have a topic to talk about. There are many specific operations. As long as you leave the dormitory, don't stay at home. You can read books, watch movies, watch scenery, and even go shopping. When you receive information, you will naturally transform it. As for the improvement of expression, you rely on understanding and practice. When you are more embarrassed, you will naturally know what won't be embarrassed. In short, you should move. In fact, such a character is difficult to change, but as long as you are willing to take this step, you will naturally become more and more cheerful.

Everyone has his own hobbies. If he has a hobby, he will naturally have a topic. When chatting with people, you can ask him if he has any taboos, hobbies, areas he is good at, etc. Of course, we still need to start with our best areas, carefully prepare the chat content, and then lead it in this direction when chatting, so that we can not stop for a few hours.

You can try to find topics that girls are interested in. As soon as you say that her eyes are bright, you can go on by yourself. You should have some diction and sensitivity to emotional feelings. You can't stop talking when girls don't speak. You should pay attention to the response of the object throughout the communication process. If the momentum is not right, change the topic immediately. Be fast, tactful and not too blunt, The transition from Chenery's breeding to Bach must be natural.

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