Saturday, August 21, 2021

Chat topic

Chat topic

Good at finding topics. Several people chat together. If everyone feels speechless, it's

Dull. At this time, if someone who is good at looking for topics joins, it can break the embarrassing situation and activate the conversation atmosphere. Looking for topics can start from the following aspects. ① Find common ground. Some people are very good at finding common ground from the participants in the chat and leading to the topic. Peers can talk about some business problems, colleagues can talk about the situation of the unit, old classmates can recall the situation of reading together with their classmates, and people of similar age will have many similarities in their physical condition and family situation. From the common ground to find topics, talk speculation, the more "talk" the more right. ② Local materials. Any event on the chat site can be used as a topic. The problem is to be good at discovering. For example: calligraphy and painting on the wall, books on the bookshelf, motto on the table, a tree, a flower... Local materials and handy, often "chat" easily. ③ Follow the interest. If you want to chat according to your wishes and finally achieve a certain purpose, it is a trick to enter the topic according to interest.

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