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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Chat skills

Chat skills

I can't talk. I always have no topic with my friends, and the scene is very stiff. Who can teach me how to find topics and chat with my friends

First point: establish communication

Circle of friends, this is very important. According to the circle of friends, we should roughly judge what kind of person the other party is and make an estimate. Find topics from the other party's circle of friends. Generally speaking, the circle of friends can roughly see a person's occupation and hobbies. If you can't open the topic, go to consult the other party's problems in the field.

Second point: chat level

This kind of life belongs to skip level chat, including checking your registered permanent residence. When you first met, it is not advisable. The other party will not feel your concern for her, and even draw a low label in your heart.

Third point: appropriate upgrade

After establishing a chat environment, if you don't know how to upgrade, you will have a high probability of turning into a chat for a long time.

The process of upgrading a relationship is usually a trial. If the other party takes the move, you will be upgraded successfully. If the other party doesn't take the move, you should also be in a retreat position.

Fourth point: grasp the rhythm

Suppress first and then promote or promote first and then suppress. People of the same kind will always have a feeling of empathy. As long as you don't perform too badly in this process, you won't be killed by the other party in a few steps and make the other party lose interest. Generally speaking, your position in her heart will be improved a lot.

Fifth point: learn to give up

Remember that giving up is not shameful. Chasing girls is not 100% successful. Giving up is not humiliating. The strategy of boys chasing girls is always to catch up with a high probability.

Although chasing girls is not 100% successful, you will always succeed if you chase more girls you like. You know, what you fear most is not that you can't catch up, but that you don't know how to stop loss in time.

Point 6: identify people

Girls' love is to score each other in the process of boys chasing themselves. If the score is enough, they will be upgraded to boyfriend. If the score is not enough, most girls will refuse and show their attitude, while a few girls keep it as a spare tire.

Boys score girls in the process of marriage or becoming boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. If the score is not enough, they break up or divorce.

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