Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Chat method

Chat method

1. Chat should be divided into objects. At least you should have two chat systems: strangers and acquaintances

2. Don't answer questions you don't understand. Try to throw back the head

3. Don't expect you to use "sorry, I speak more directly" to minimize the damage after you say direct words at any time

Everyone likes to be praised, but try not to exceed three sentences

5. If you don't want to answer, rhetorical questions are the best answer

6. A lot of information comes from your daily fragment reading

7. Develop one or two hobbies and make them part of your topic

You ask these silly carving netizens hahaha, we all talk about it on the Internet. We don't say anything in real life, hahaha

How to say? If you can ask, it shows that you want to change this. It shows that you are still willing to contact everyone. It's okay. A positive attitude is the most important.

Maybe you just haven't found a suitable circle. There are many divisions of labor in the world. It's normal for someone to play a speaker and someone to play a listener. Listen to others, see how others answer, and see the difference between their ideas and their own. As long as your heart is good, someone will always find your good.

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