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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

GLOBALink | COVID Chat across Timezones with Journalists - Xinhua

GLOBALink | COVID Chat across Timezones with Journalists. Source: Xinhua| 2021-08-31 01:16:40|Editor: huaxia. Video PlayerClose.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers sign veteran American receiver Naaman Roosevelt | CHAT News Today

The native of Buffalo, N.Y., played with the Saskatchewan Roughriders from 2015-19. Roosevelt was Saskatchewan's most outstanding player in 2016 when he had 76 ...

Last troops exit Afghanistan, ending America's longest war | CHAT News Today

In announcing the completion of the evacuation and war effort. Gen. Frank McKenzie, head of U.S. Central Command, said the last planes took off from Kabul ...

Chat benefits

Chat benefits

It's simple.. Just find an entry point.. for instance.. What are you doing right now? What if she said she was reading.. Just ask her what book.. But this topic will not last long.. Now that you've cut in.. Then you can transfer.. You can immediately move to the relevant topic. Like what happened at school.. Then just plug in some jokes. Because I am humorous. That's how my GF was tricked.. Hee hee.. And.. The pace of phone calls is too fast.. There is not enough time for you to study what to say.. So SMS is still the best. Then be gentle.. Be enterprising.. It means that what you say is a little ambiguous. Make her feel you.. Not casually chatting.. Talk about ordinary things for a while.. You can care about her.. Ask if you slept well or something.. These are specific.. Don't say anything that will scare her at first.. That is to say, you like to be so explicit at the beginning..

It's best to first understand each other's hobbies, even birthdays (which can be related to constellations. Go to the Internet to see some constellations). If there is no topic, you can ask questions to find the topic you are good at playing. You can also discuss common things, such as the programs you have made an appointment to watch or the songs you enjoy, or even some recent news, Whether it's current affairs or gossip, it can be used to chat ~ ~ ~ it can also be used to talk about some small things around you. The key is not to be afraid of losing face, not to be afraid of embarrassment, and not to stop because you have nothing to say. If you can't go on, you can change it to make the other party feel sincere.

You are introverted and want to chat with others. Hehe, if you are your friend or the opposite sex you like, you don't need to deliberately find a topic, but you should answer beautifully when she / he needs you to answer. For your own words, you should also pay attention to your attitude and take it easy

Monday, August 30, 2021

Michael Parkinson in tears watching back favourite interview in 50-year career - Mirror Online

Surprisingly, the 86-year-old marked a chat with an emotional renowned scientist as above and beyond his other interviewees. Speaking to the camera, ...

Swim champ Ariarne Titmus in her first in-depth chat since winning gold at Tokyo - Body+Soul

Swim champ Ariarne Titmus in her first in-depth chat since Tokyo. She reveals how she overcame a hidden injury, her golden 'pinch-me moment' – and how she ...

Sunday Night Waiver Wire & FAAB Chat | RotoGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Guest: Thanks for the weekly chats – appreciate the time, and they're a huge help throughout the season! In a 13-teamer, with QS, K, ERA, WHIP, SV, HLD, who ...



Broaden our horizons

Enhance friendship with friends

Enjoy the scenery and relax

1. People who often travel have quick ideas and broad horizons.

2. Tourism can make people forget their troubles and worries, make people feel happy and laugh every day.

3. Traveling together can increase mutual friendship, make your character cheerful and lively, willing to help others and selfless.

4. Tourism can broaden your knowledge and lay a solid foundation for your future work.

5. Tourism can exercise one's physical and willpower.

6. Tourism can also make friends.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Clubhouse launches surround-sound feature to help chats feel life-like | The Star Phoenix

Clubhouse, an audio-only chat app, said on Sunday it will launch a spatial audio feature to make voices sound as if they're coming from different directions ...

Windows 11 Chat App Now Available in More Languages - Softpedia News

Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 preview build that includes substantial improvements for the new Chat app powered by Microsoft Teams.

Twitter opens up paid 'Ticketed Spaces' audio chats for some users - Mashable

Earn some cash for chatting with your followers on Twitter. By Alex Perry on August 28, 2021.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Chat - Coursera Help Center

Official Coursera Help Center. Find answers to your questions about courses, Specializations, Verified Certificates and using Coursera.

Chat topic

Chat topic

It's simple.. Just find an entry point.. for instance.. What are you doing right now? What if she said she was reading.. Just ask her what book.. But this topic will not last long.. Now that you've cut in.. Then you can transfer.. You can immediately move to the relevant topic. Like what happened at school.. Then just plug in some jokes. Because I am humorous. That's how my GF was tricked.. Hee hee.. And.. The pace of phone calls is too fast.. There is not enough time for you to study what to say.. So SMS is still the best. Then be gentle.. Be enterprising.. It means that what you say is a little ambiguous. Make her feel you.. Not casually chatting.. Talk about ordinary things for a while.. You can care about her.. Ask if you slept well or something.. These are specific.. Don't say anything that will scare her at first.. That is to say, you like to be so explicit at the beginning..

It's best to first understand each other's hobbies, even birthdays (which can be related to constellations. Go to the Internet to see some constellations). If there is no topic, you can ask questions to find the topic you are good at playing. You can also discuss common things, such as the programs you have made an appointment to watch or the songs you enjoy, or even some recent news, Whether it's current affairs or gossip, it can be used to chat ~ ~ ~ it can also be used to talk about some small things around you. The key is not to be afraid of losing face, not to be afraid of embarrassment, and not to stop because you have nothing to say. If you can't go on, you can change it to make the other party feel sincere.

You are introverted and want to chat with others. Hehe, if you are your friend or the opposite sex you like, you don't need to deliberately find a topic, but you should answer beautifully when she / he needs you to answer. For your own words, you should also pay attention to your attitude and take it easy

Friday night Orioles game thread: vs. Rays, 7:05 - Camden Chat

This is true by a margin of four games. If the Orioles are going to turn their little two-game winning streak into something more, that's the team they're going ...

Ida aims to hit New Orleans on Hurricane Katrina anniversary | CHAT News Today

Ida intensified rapidly Friday from a tropical storm to a hurricane with top winds of 80 mph (128 kph) as it crossed western Cuba. The National Hurricane Center ...

Friday, August 27, 2021

Discover SCAD eLearning graduate studies in student-led virtual chat

See how SCAD eLearning is designed to be flexible to academic, personal, and professional needs in a virtual chat with a SCAD eLearning graduate student.

Chat topic

Chat topic

Take the initiative to find topics and talk about entertainment and hobbies.

Many families have cars, houses and children. In this way, there are many topics, such as what company you work in, where your children study, how your grades are, etc. as long as you choose the same topic as a chat topic, each can talk a lot of content. Life is rich and colorful. You can talk about everything for a few hours. For example, when chatting with people, you can ask others what they like to eat and whether they have any taboos. In every aspect, people with research can tell a wonderful story. When you talk about a topic you all know, a common language is found.

You can talk about what you have encountered, or talk about each other's interests and hobbies. Make yourself more meaningful and have a topic to talk about. There are many specific operations. As long as you leave the dormitory, don't stay at home. You can read books, watch movies, watch scenery, and even go shopping. When you receive information, you will naturally transform it. As for the improvement of expression, you rely on understanding and practice. When you are more embarrassed, you will naturally know what won't be embarrassed. In short, you should move. In fact, such a character is difficult to change, but as long as you are willing to take this step, you will naturally become more and more cheerful.

Everyone has his own hobbies. If he has a hobby, he will naturally have a topic. When chatting with people, you can ask him if he has any taboos, hobbies, areas he is good at, etc. Of course, we still need to start with our best areas, carefully prepare the chat content, and then lead it in this direction when chatting, so that we can not stop for a few hours.

You can try to find topics that girls are interested in. As soon as you say that her eyes are bright, you can go on by yourself. You should have some diction and sensitivity to emotional feelings. You can't stop talking when girls don't speak. You should pay attention to the response of the object throughout the communication process. If the momentum is not right, change the topic immediately. Be fast, tactful and not too blunt, The transition from Chenery's breeding to Bach must be natural.

Dan Szymborski FanGraphs Chat – 8/26/21

Dave: In honor of the Dodgers-Padres game last night, you should chat for 5 hours and 49 minutes. 12:14. Avatar Dan Szymborski: Oh god no. 12:14. Avatar ...

Paul Zeise's sports chat transcript: 08.26.21 | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Paul Zeise's sports chat transcript: 08.26.21 ... TominPunta Gorda: Hi Paul,just a feeling,but barring injury Kenny Pickett is going to have a monster year. Your ...

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Voice Chat - IIT Kanpur

Now Voice Chat facility is provided to campus users through various voice chat applications. eg. Google Talk, skype, etc ...

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Tuesday night Orioles game thread: vs. Angels, 7:05 - Camden Chat

Spenser Watkins will oppose former Oriole Dylan Bundy in tonight's matchup with the Angels. Plus, Jahmai Jones is making his long-awaited Orioles debut. By ...

Podcast: MXoN chat, AMA Budds Creek and MX National review -

MXoN chat, AMA M…… Aug 24•The GateDropPod by ...

Trump-backed Herschel Walker seeks Georgia Senate seat | CHAT News Today

ATLANTA (AP) — Herschel Walker on Tuesday filed paperwork to enter the U.S. Senate race in Georgia after months of speculation, joining other Republicans ...

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Every word of Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher's chat on Harry Kane transfer to Man ...

Every word of Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher's chat on Harry Kane transfer to Man United. The Spurs striker continues to be linked with a move away from ...

A chat with Emraan Hashmi on Chehre and more - Telegraph India

A chat with Emraan Hashmi on Chehre and more. 'I have been guilty of a certain repetition, very early on in my career. I have been fortunate to now get films ...

Resurgent Votto pounding homers again, keeping Reds in race | CHAT News Today

CINCINNATI — In the midst of a sensational, homer-crashing career resurgence, Joey Votto talked recently about getting his 2,000th hit.

What if there is no topic to talk about?

What if there is no topic to talk about?

1. Keyword chat:

Through the individual keywords that appear during the chat, you can find the topics that the other party is interested in, and you can keep talking. Let me give an example. For example, the girl said, "although the Cantonese food I eat tonight is light, it's delicious". What are the key words here? Tonight: Cantonese food, light and delicious. You can choose one of the above three keywords to talk about.

2. Story telling and chat:

For example, what happened when I went out to a buffet with my friends today, but telling a story well must have details, ups and downs and feelings. The narrative method must be humorous and interesting. The most important thing is not to tell anything unrelated to you. We must make the story related to you or the other party, otherwise it will make the other party very boring.

3. Chat Constellation:

Girls are very emotional animals and are very curious about mysterious things, such as constellations and tarot cards. If these things come out of your mouth, she will feel that you are an interesting person and will keep talking with you. If you can play Tarot, you will get more points. If not, talking about constellations can also arouse girls' interest in you.

4. Fun stories as a child:

You can share your childhood pranks or embarrassing stories to her to get the same feeling from the other party. Maybe the other party did a lot of stupid things when he was a child! You can also take the initiative to share your friends' interesting stories with each other. If you have common interests, you can talk more deeply and build a common connection.

5. Little secret:

Use the method of actively exposing yourself to share your "easy not to tell others" and harmless little secrets with the other party, which can be real secrets. Use the way of sharing secrets to shorten the distance with the other party and make the other party feel trust.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Chat focus

Chat focus

I don't know if you are a boy or a girl? If you are a boy, I'm afraid that boy is

I don't think you have too many words and questions. Maybe the boy has someone else's wechat to answer, or there are more important things to do. I think he may answer you if he is free. Don't think about it. If you are a girl, he may not want to talk too much with you, or he may not want others to see you chatting together. Although it is talking about some problems, maybe his girlfriend happened to want to chat with him at that time. He must also chat with his girlfriend, or he has more important things to solve. Maybe he will tell you the reason later, Must you be friends

Twitter Spaces may soon get new replay and live chat features: Here's everything we know ...

Twitter Spaces is reportedly set to get a bunch of new features including replay and rules for participants in a live chat. Here are the details.

India-made robots chat up diners at Hyderabad restaurant - The Hindu

India-made robots chat up diners at Hyderabad restaurant · Vistan NextGen is manufacturing robots that serve food, ask you about your day · Vistan NextGen is ...

Boulder to reinstate council walks and chats

Community walks and chats with Boulder City Council members are resuming. The city has scheduled a walk with council event on Aug. 28 and a chat with ...

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Chat topic

Chat topic

Good at finding topics. Several people chat together. If everyone feels speechless, it's

Dull. At this time, if someone who is good at looking for topics joins, it can break the embarrassing situation and activate the conversation atmosphere. Looking for topics can start from the following aspects. ① Find common ground. Some people are very good at finding common ground from the participants in the chat and leading to the topic. Peers can talk about some business problems, colleagues can talk about the situation of the unit, old classmates can recall the situation of reading together with their classmates, and people of similar age will have many similarities in their physical condition and family situation. From the common ground to find topics, talk speculation, the more "talk" the more right. ② Local materials. Any event on the chat site can be used as a topic. The problem is to be good at discovering. For example: calligraphy and painting on the wall, books on the bookshelf, motto on the table, a tree, a flower... Local materials and handy, often "chat" easily. ③ Follow the interest. If you want to chat according to your wishes and finally achieve a certain purpose, it is a trick to enter the topic according to interest.

Friday, August 20, 2021

How to find topics in chat?

How to find topics in chat?

A large number of people always don't know what to say when facing the object they like, feel that there is no topic, and don't know how to organize language to express, so they are always at a loss. How to find topics in chat? Let's see what topics we should use when chatting with our favorite object!

How to find topics in chat 1: Gossip

Girls generally like gossip topics, so chatting with them is a very common routine. Most girls are very interested in gossip, so when facing some problems of girls, if you can understand some, you don't have to worry about having no topic to talk about. Specifically, we can say that there is no topic to talk about as long as the content can attract each other. If the other party is not interested in these things, you can choose to watch more news or microblog on the Internet and pay more attention to these things. When chatting, you won't have nothing to say.

How to find topics in chat 2: talk about the past

Everyone has their own memories, so memories are priceless. Generally, many people are willing to share their past with others, but different people have their own unique views. Generally, you can say something funny or ugly about yourself first. As long as you let the other party open the chatterbox, you will talk endlessly. And chatting used to make people talk more and more, because talking about it usually reminds people of another thing or some people. If you two have common friends, you can speak freely. However, this method also has limitations, and is only limited to those girls who are willing to share their past. Some girls don't like to talk about their past with others, so don't talk about their past with others when you meet this kind of girl.

The ability to extend the topic of conversation is important in picking up girls, otherwise everything will be in vain. In other words, where did I know these things before? When I was learning love knowledge, I read a pick-up girl's e-book - love heart attack control. From there, I really realized that flirting with a sister is really a technical job, and there are many skills and methods to master. After that, according to the direct actual combat learned in the book, I basically took her heart when chatting with my sister. Meeting and dating are straight to the theme. Now I'm too busy to make an appointment. For the brothers who haven't taken off the order, you can learn. There are e-books when you find them directly by online ferry. Love heart attack manipulation. What girls always like is that they will flirt with girls, not straight men.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

How to turn off voice chat in Splitgate | Gamepur

Additionally, you can uncheck the Proximity Chat Enabled box to avoid enemy comments. The VOIP Volume controls the volume of other people you ...

Wednesday night Orioles game thread: at Rays, 7:10 - Camden Chat

The objective of baseball is to score more runs than the other team. The Orioles haven't been able to achieve that in over two weeks. Spenser Watkins ...

Host Chat - 08/18/21 - KOLR

Host Chat – 08/18/21 ... Copyright 2021 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

How to find topics when chatting?

How to find topics when chatting?

When I am with my friends, I can't take the initiative to find a topic, or I can't find a topic at all. I also want to talk and laugh with my friends. What should I do? Thank you!!

Hello, students. Chatting plays a very important role in getting along with both sexes. About how to find topics in chatting, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Try to avoid closed problems

Closed questions often make it difficult for people to answer. Girls try not to ask such questions when chatting. For example, if you ask her if she likes a recently popular film, the girl can only answer yes or no. But if you ask another question: what do you think of a film? This leaves room for girls to continue talking.

When many brothers chat with their sister, they often chat and die, and receive red exclamation marks from time to time. I used to be, and I never knew what the problem was? I also read a heart attack chat e-book - love heart attack control. I was deeply attracted by the heart attack chat, and directly put it into practice. The effect is remarkable. I have always won my sister through heart attack chat. Dating and meeting is to directly upgrade the relationship, you know. I feel that brothers who can't chat can learn the heart attack manipulation of love. There are e-books online, and they can improve themselves without spending money. It's not very good.

2. Look for their interests

Find a topic familiar to each other as the starting point, then grasp the girl's interest and talk more about the field she is interested in.

3. Be sure to listen carefully when the other person tells you

Don't interrupt the other person when she is talking. Everyone doesn't like to be interrupted when talking. Listening is respect for others. You should try to remember the key points in what the girl said. Don't always ask what she just said.

Brother, I wish you find your partner as soon as possible!

Pat's Chat | Opinion |

I wish I had the ability to convey to each person who reads this Pat's Chat online or in the papers or just in the email I send to those of you who have ...

Camp Chat: St. John Paul II Panthers - WTXL

St. John Paul II is featured on Friday Night Overtime Camp Chat.

Provide Support, Olark, Woopra, Zendesk, Kayako, LivePerson, SnapEngage - The Market Writeuo -

Global Live Chat Market Current Trends and Key Companies Overview: Provide Support, Olark, Woopra, Zendesk, Kayako, LivePerson, SnapEngage. August 18, 2021. 4 ...

What do you usually say at the beginning of a chat

What do you usually say at the beginning of a chat

If you need to talk and communicate according to the on-site atmosphere, don't be silent or boastful. Find a common language and be flexible.

1. Don't hide your personality. Don't worry, talk about anything you like.

2. Do some dialogue "games" to make the atmosphere ambiguous and interesting. The game can be a "truth adventure" or a less extreme game, such as a roll call game between two people.

3. Keep a sense of mystery. Women like challenging men. If you want a woman to remain interested in you, you need to make her feel that she needs to win your favor slowly. If she thinks you're too good... She won't be interested in you.

4. The best way to talk to women is to find some interesting, fun and sexual conversations. Talking to women may not be so difficult. You just need to know what topics they are interested in and what topics they are not interested in. Don't worry, just follow the above.

matters needing attention:

1. Never try to show yourself in front of a girl.

2. Don't panic when you don't know what to say, because the girl doesn't know what to say. If you can transfer the pressure of this chat to the other party, let her think and say what to say, and you're calm about what to do, you'll leave a deep impression on her.

3. Don't always talk to girls seriously.

4. Don't use too many questions.

5. Try to provide valuable information to the other party instead of getting valuable information from the other party's words.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

WhatsApp gets new features: Payments Backgrounds, Chat History transfer, and more

WhatsApp has also released the chat history feature for iOS users. WaBetaInfo reported that those who are using iOS beta version will be ...

Covid SA: Chat live with Professor Nicola Spurrier | The Advertiser

SA's Chief Public Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier will be chatting live with senior reporter Andrew Hough on and The ...

Camp Chat: Chiles - WTXL

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — 2020 was a difficult year for the Chiles football team. Covid-19 and Leon County's restrictions in place because of it ...

What other chat tools besides wechat?

What other chat tools besides wechat?

Skype, ICQ, aim, UC, Netease bubble, etc.

1、 Skype: it is an instant messaging software, which has the functions required by IM, such as video chat, multi person voice conference, multi person chat, file transfer, text chat and so on. It can have free high-definition voice dialogue with other users, and can also make domestic and international calls. No matter fixed line telephone, mobile phone or PHS, it can make direct calls, and can realize call transfer, SMS sending and other functions. Skype is a free voice communication software in the world, with more than 663 million registered users and more than 30 million online at the same time.

2、 ICQ: as the ancestor of similar software, it has more than 150 million registered users and has extensive user support all over the world, but the lack of Chinese localization support is still its biggest disadvantage.

3、 Aim: aim is an instant messaging software launched by AOL in May 1997, similar to MSN and Yahoo! Windows Live Messenger, etc., compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X and Linux. In 2005, aim's market share was 52%. The number of registered users ranks second in the world (excluding China), second only to ICQ.

4、 UC: as a rising star, UC has some functions owned by QQ members. Its free network hard disk service provides file upload and download services, with simple and practical functions. The space enjoyed by UC ordinary users (32MB) is twice that of QQ ordinary users (16MB).

5、 Netease bubble: it has done a good job in integrating Netease services without advertising interference. Most chat functions are similar to QQ, but they also have some unique functions: support users to choose pictures as avatars; There are "common phrases" service, which provides many chat quips; You can set selective stealth for each contact. Right click the contact.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Meng Wanzhou's legal team resumes extradition defence in BC court

CHAT News Today Sections. Meng Wanzhou's legal team resumes extradition defence in B.C. court. News · COVID-19 · Municipal Election · CHAT TV ...

Quadpay contact and FAQs

Get in touch. We're here to answer any questions you might have. Live chat: 7 days a week, 7am - 11pm EST. Call us: 7 days a week, 9am - 6pm EST.

Facebook Messenger's voice, video calls get end-to-end encryption

Also Read | WhatsApp to offer end-to-end encryption on chat backups ... Facebook said that it plans on testing end-to-end encryption for group chats, ...

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Lazy chat

 1. Lazy chat: repeat the key words at the end of the sentence

In the chat, extract the key words at the end of the other party's discourse, and then repeat them with the interrogative voice of interest, which can guide the other party to continue talking, so as to avoid awkward chat and termination of the dialogue, which is very embarrassing.

2. Keywords + related experiences, thoughts, feelings, etc

Simply put, grab a keyword in the other person's words, and then share your own or other people's experience, stories and ideas around this keyword to catch the plane and resonate.

3. Core keyword continuation

It is one of the easiest and most basic chat skills to grasp any core "keyword" in a sentence to continue the topic.

4. Common key words to enhance the emotional connection between each other

Grasp the key words that have a common topic with each other to extend and expand the topic, so as to deepen the relationship between you.

Chat notes

1. Pay attention to listening to each other. When we chat with each other, we should pay attention to being single-minded and not thinking about anything else. When listening to others, we should try to look into each other's eyes appropriately, which is also a kind of politeness.

2. When two people chat together, don't perfunctory each other. It's best to have a response. When the other party has finished, you can respond. If the attitude is very perfunctory, it will make the other party feel that there is no need to talk.

Nursing grads say pandemic experience pushing them out of Quebec hospitals

CHAT News Today Sections. Nursing grads say pandemic experience pushing them out of Quebec hospitals. News · COVID-19 · Municipal Election ...

WhatsApp gets five new features that iPhone and Android fans have been waiting for

Since July, the chat app has dropped several new features – some of which users have been waiting a long time for. Here's everything you need to ...

12 killed in overnight grenade attack in southern Pakistan

CHAT News Today Sections. 12 killed in overnight grenade attack in southern Pakistan. News · COVID-19 · Municipal Election · CHAT TV · Community ...

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Chat skills

Chat skills

I can't talk. I always have no topic with my friends, and the scene is very stiff. Who can teach me how to find topics and chat with my friends

First point: establish communication

Circle of friends, this is very important. According to the circle of friends, we should roughly judge what kind of person the other party is and make an estimate. Find topics from the other party's circle of friends. Generally speaking, the circle of friends can roughly see a person's occupation and hobbies. If you can't open the topic, go to consult the other party's problems in the field.

Second point: chat level

This kind of life belongs to skip level chat, including checking your registered permanent residence. When you first met, it is not advisable. The other party will not feel your concern for her, and even draw a low label in your heart.

Third point: appropriate upgrade

After establishing a chat environment, if you don't know how to upgrade, you will have a high probability of turning into a chat for a long time.

The process of upgrading a relationship is usually a trial. If the other party takes the move, you will be upgraded successfully. If the other party doesn't take the move, you should also be in a retreat position.

Fourth point: grasp the rhythm

Suppress first and then promote or promote first and then suppress. People of the same kind will always have a feeling of empathy. As long as you don't perform too badly in this process, you won't be killed by the other party in a few steps and make the other party lose interest. Generally speaking, your position in her heart will be improved a lot.

Fifth point: learn to give up

Remember that giving up is not shameful. Chasing girls is not 100% successful. Giving up is not humiliating. The strategy of boys chasing girls is always to catch up with a high probability.

Although chasing girls is not 100% successful, you will always succeed if you chase more girls you like. You know, what you fear most is not that you can't catch up, but that you don't know how to stop loss in time.

Point 6: identify people

Girls' love is to score each other in the process of boys chasing themselves. If the score is enough, they will be upgraded to boyfriend. If the score is not enough, most girls will refuse and show their attitude, while a few girls keep it as a spare tire.

Boys score girls in the process of marriage or becoming boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. If the score is not enough, they break up or divorce.

Medicine Hat man killed by falling tree at Banff National Park

CHAT News Today Sections. Medicine Hat man killed by falling tree at Banff National Park. News · COVID-19 · Municipal Election · CHAT TV ...

Whose bus is this bus? 'We would like to chat with the owner,' Douglas County deputies say

"We would like to chat with the owner," the sheriff's office said. If you can help, email or call (541) 440-4471. (DCSO){/p}.

Here's how Gail Newel deals with indoor masking: That and other takeaways from her chat with ...

Says Santa Cruz Public Health Officer Gail Newel: “I really think that a mask mandate is not going to increase mask-wearing in our county. I am open to ...

Friday, August 13, 2021

What topics do you talk about?

What topics do you talk about

What do you talk about? If you are a girl, you will ask. When we talk to boys, they respond positively. Sometimes they find topics by themselves, but if you don't talk to them, they will never come to you, let alone invite you. What should I do? Don't they like me.

From the boy's point of view, they finished in a sentence. Indeed, they don't like you so much. Even how much men like women (inner life) is uncertain. After all, the world is much more fun for young boys to play games, make money, be a male leader in their field, be appreciated by big guys, etc. than to be bored with a girl on wechat or QQ.

So from the perspective of girls, we have to understand that the purpose of chatting is not to make others like you. If you have to be profitable to do something, this ambition should be put in the commercial society. As a saying goes, if you want to study well, you should go to the library instead of going to a tavern and being noisy.

So is online chat. Online chat is just a kind of light social networking. You should not give him too much responsibility. You should judge whether two people can finally get together through chat. This belongs to your investment of five yuan and want to make a bad fortune of five million. For most people, on the premise of no other substantive connection, chatting basically has the function of mixing faces, knowing that they don't hate each other and can talk about it when they have nothing to do. For a small number of people, they may greet them hundreds of times a day by dozens of people... It's estimated that it's too late to talk.

For ordinary girls who have a very narrow range of friends, because chatting is a kind of light social intercourse, it's not troublesome, so I suggest you go to a few people to chat casually. The purpose of chatting is not to catch a lover only through chatting, but to reflect on your words and deeds through interaction and other people's feedback, so as to understand how to improve yourself. Many girls have no problems in life, but they very reject social feedback. Their attitude towards feedback is polarized: on the one hand, they can completely expose themselves to people they fully trust, they are very confident in everything and any emotion, and the other party is absolutely interested... On the other hand, it completely rejects the feedback between strangers. If the other party doesn't like himself or can't judge the future trend, saying a little more is a waste of his time.

This polarization makes it very difficult for these women to make friends. On the one hand, they want to be excellent, serious and hard-working, but on the other hand, they reject the feedback mechanism, which will lead to the power of talking on paper and immature in practice.... Unless a few people are gifted, most people must have feedback to grow. Learn to adjust yourself through feedback, rather than give up immediately when you see negative feedback. After repeated battles and defeats, your thinking angle will become broader and broader, and your actions will become more and more self consistent.

Therefore, change the paranoid idea that "the other party must like me before they can feed back to me, otherwise it will be a waste of my time", make the chat easy and casual, don't interpret every word of him word by word, and don't study his circle of friends like a paper. Just take the chat as a way to adjust their emotions, which is not much different from buying a cup of coffee, Simply understand that different people have different frequencies, can talk about different topics, and... Don't be self-centered, chat easily, practice advance and retreat, be kind to others and understand yourself. As long as you don't disturb your normal work and rest and other life arrangements, you can talk if you want, and you can't talk if you don't want. If you really talk well, you can pull it out and slip away. If you don't talk well, you can be a zombie number - in short, I wish you a happy chat.

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How to be a person who can chat

How to be a person who can chat

1、 Listening & mastering the rhythm

All guys who talk annoyingly have a common trait, that is, they "don't consider other people's feelings at all".

I believe many people have met "torture" interlocutors. Open the chat records between you and him. In the 10 conversations, 90% of them are asking you all kinds of questions, ranging from where your parents work to your income and private life. This "unique way of communication" gives you the illusion of being caught and interrogated by the enemy.

In addition, I also know some "performance" talkers. They basically don't give you a chance to speak. They chatter about how good they are all the time, and then give you a set of life principles. It's so annoying. They don't need normal communication, but eagerly turn every conversation into a stage and give everyone a free talk show just to satisfy their fanatical desire for performance.

Of course you can ask questions, but you must master the boundaries of frequency and privacy; Don't talk about yourself, give the other person some chance to talk. The rhythm of conversation is a very important thing. It determines whether you can communicate happily. By the way, if you don't hate each other, you can try to smile and keep a friendly expression.

Before any conversation, please remember to listen to the other party instead of asking nonsense.

Two, do not make complaints about it, but be tactful.

Make complaints about the atmosphere of Tucao too heavy, so everyone began to make complaints about "Tucao" is a very cool thing.

Sometimes, it's cool to see Tucao's passage, but it's not the same thing to make complaints about yourself. Especially those who are not close enough to Tucao, you may make complaints about it. In real life, apart from cross talk actors, Tucao will not make you look funny and humorous, but it will make complaints about your "lack of courtesy and upbringing". The dislike of Tucao is that you put a big pot of salt on the other side's pain to make complaints about the "cheap and interesting". It can't help you solve any problems, but it may make things worse.

Even in the United States, where films like "bankrupt girl" are made, well-educated young people are very tactful and polite. On the occasion of life, everyone tends to "may I ask your name?" Replace "what is your name?"; When boys pay the bill, they often say "I will take care of it". Please pay attention to the usage of "take care".

If you want to be considered a decent person, you must use more honorifics and thanks, and say polite words such as "please", "trouble you" and "I don't know if it's convenient for you" when asking others for help. When the other party has made contributions to the project, say more "thank you for your contribution in XX..."; When rejecting others' requests, you can be firm, but use euphemistic words. You can say, "I'm really very sorry. I really can't help with this matter. Do you want to consider other methods, such as. In short, don't leave without a word. Let the other party feel that he is valued and respected.

3、 Accurately understand other people's information

The reason why many people talk annoyingly and can't say the point is often because they can't accurately understand the information conveyed by others, or they are arrogant enough to disdain to understand others.

When others say a word to us, they actually send us a message. Before giving back this information, it is necessary for us to analyze and process this information.

First of all, you should judge the other party's mood. Is he happy, depressed or in urgent need of comfort? Secondly, you should pause a little and refine what the other person's focus is in your mind. Also, why did he say that and what was his motivation. The next question is, what questions do they want you to solve and answer?

It may be a little tired to use this method at first, but if you keep thinking, you will find that your speaking ability will be improved in a very short time. In the final analysis, the improvement of expression ability comes from thinking.

4、 Express ideas accurately

A when you borrow money from you and you reluctantly say "OK", the other party will be happy, but you may not be; Abusive ex asks you to get back together. If you say "no problem", the other party is ecstatic and goes home to have a good sleep. From then on, your nightmare begins.

Before speaking, don't promise something you don't want to do in order to make the other party happy; Especially in the face of important commitments, please touch your heart and ask, "what do I want this thing to be?"“ What do I really want? ". You can make the other person feel comfortable in attitude, but you must follow your heart in making specific decisions.

After making a clear position, you need to sort out the cumbersome ideas in the order of 1, 2 and 3 in your mind. When the thinking and context become clear, you try to pass the information to the other party one by one.

In short, think clearly before you speak, don't worry about nonsense and commitment, and don't throw your messy thoughts to others. Organized expression is like a popsicle in 37 ° summer, which brings people a refreshing pleasure; If you use organized expressions in the workplace, colleagues and bosses will feel that you are more professional and trustworthy.

5、 Identify with each other's feelings

When the other party feels very bad, he pretends to be cold and throws down a few words "life is like this" and "this is your choice". It's really annoying. Who doesn't understand these big principles and won't say them? Sometimes, when friends ask us for advice and talk to us, they actually show their trust in us. They think that the fragility of this moment can be shared with us.

No matter whether you can do something for him or not, you should at least affirm his emotions, and don't be stingy with comforting words and warm hugs.

Sometimes, "being recognized" is the best healing medicine; For friends in trouble, a "I know you" and "don't cry, there is me" can make them feel more relieved than any reprimand.

6、 I'm not teaching you flattery

Some people will worry and ask, "learning to speak" is tantamount to giving up the real yourself?

My answer is, when you were a baby, you kept crying. Now you know restraint. Does it mean you have lost yourself? Of course not. Everyone evolves or degenerates with time and experience. There will be different you at different stages.

We are not adolescent children for a long time. It is childish to avoid correcting ourselves with the excuse of "I don't want to lose myself". It's really important to be cool, but it's better not to be cool on key things.

I don't agree with the values of flattery and flattery, nor do I encourage everyone to do such things“ Learning to speak "does not emphasize this. It emphasizes taking care of and understanding others and expressing yourself accurately and methodically. It is a skill that can improve the quality of life, just like learning cooking or playing the cello.

Whether you believe it or not, language is a very important thing after all. It not only has the power to warm people's hearts, but also has the ability to make you feel great pain. It is not only unpredictable, but also has unpredictable magic. Through communication with friends and lovers, we gradually begin to believe that "I am not alone in this world". Therefore, please cherish this special human skill, master it and treat it seriously.

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How to chat and what is the content?

How to chat and what is the content?

It is basically divided into two parts: public experience sharing and private emotion sharing.

In popular terms, public experience sharing is a third-party topic unrelated to you, me and him. Common daily topics include:

1. Wear. For example, if you like the matching, brand and color of clothes, you must remember that a woman's wardrobe is always short of a piece of clothes. When women walk on the road in twos and threes, in addition to sharing the gossip around each other, the most important thing is to evaluate the wearing matching of pedestrians. So men can do their homework and read some fashion magazines.

2. Weather. For example, the temperature difference between the South and the north in winter, you can refer to the passage on the Internet. The heating in the south basically depends on shaking. If you have had personal experience in both the South and the north, you can better start the topic. For example, I am from the South and went to university in the north. Before I went to the north, I always felt that more than 20 degrees below zero was not a life for people. I especially admire the northerners and think they are extremely powerful. But when I went, I found that the northerners were very happy, especially when I was frozen into a dog in Shanghai, I missed the days with heating.

It's very simple. Is there wood? We have been growing up for so many years. We always have some experiences and feelings. If we polish them a little, they can become conversation capital. Add some interaction in the process to mobilize girls' emotions and arouse girls' resonance. As soon as the conversation turns, the topic reaches girls. Hey, where did you go in college? What's the coldest in winter?

3. Delicious food. 90% of girls eat goods. Even if she cries all day to lose weight, even if she eats less food when she goes out with you than when she feeds cats, you must know that she will be attracted by delicious food.

4. Interests and hobbies. Such as music, reading, movies, travel, etc. I think these are very simple. The expansion method is the same as above.

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Why is chatting called chatting?

Why is chatting called chatting?

Most foreigners meet by talking about the weather. In fact, we are the same. Why else is it called chat? At the beginning of the chat, it means talking about the weather. Ha ha, this is from Zhu Ziqing's article. But it turned out that chatting was tantalizing. In this e era, the so-called chat can be divided into two types. One is online chat, the other is interpersonal communication with real life. Chat now has voice chat and video chat

First, online chat is completely free, without involving too many ideas. Give full play to your potential and spare strength as much as possible. There is no doubt that people with similar aspirations have fewer cups of confidants and forget their worries. So there are not too many constraints.

At first glance, it seems that this is a very stupid topic, but when you think about it carefully, it is still a little confused. I have been thinking about this seemingly simple but puzzling problem for nearly six years on the Internet. What is the network? Where is the full interpretation of the charm it provides us in this infinite space? Many friends told me that people are infatuated with chatting because they bear too much pressure in real life. They need to relax, talk, let people share his pain and failure, and look for vent objects and themselves from simple relaxation.

I think the real charm of online chat should come from the penetration of words into emotions. The world we see in our eyes is limited, while the thought we feel in our hearts is infinite and eternal. In real life, we know a person first by seeing, understanding and communicating. The Internet is not. We can't see each other with our eyes, nor can we rationally know the person opposite you, What we feel about each other is to dig and understand him or her step by step through words, thoughts and feelings.

Under the cover of the virtual veil, this kind of emotion fabricated with the soul has become particularly colorful and mysterious. In an instant, each of us has become tall and sacred, and everyone has become a great Savior. Everyone will take the initiative to help and understand those lonely people with fragile hearts. They have long forgotten who they are, and they are actually very lonely and need to be concerned. While communicating, we often attach our emotions to each other's emotions, such as "hello". In real life, it's an ordinary general greeting. When we say "hello" in the chat room, we may imagine the bright smile and pleasant tone when he (she) says this, as if we saw his (her) polite nod, Think again, are you smiling and nodding?

In reality, we use reason to experience life, but in the network, we use sensibility to fantasize about life, and see incomparable delicacy and perfection of emotion and friendship. When the fantasy comes to naught, you know that he (she) opposite the screen is not the idol you really want to get. At that time, do you have tears and heartache? I believe every one of us here has had a feeling, so we thought of leaving, hoping to return to reality and find our true self.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

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What are the benefits of chatting?

What are the benefits of chatting?

Chatting has many advantages. Chatting can delay the aging process of the brain, "running water is not rotten, Hushu is not stupid", various functions of the human body are used in and out, and the brain is no exception. When chatting and talking, people need to think with their brain, which is undoubtedly an exercise for brain function. It can prevent the brain from aging prematurely. Scientific research has proved that people's aging process, that is, the continuous accumulation of brain cell metabolite brown pigment, in order to reduce this accumulation, in addition to food control and the application of other drugs, strengthening physical exercise, using the brain scientifically and diligently is also an important aspect.

A person's life can not be without troubles. The so-called "good luck in everything" is just a wish of people, especially the middle-aged and elderly people in troubled times. When they encounter the entanglement of diseases, the death of their old companions, the marriage of their children, the tension of interpersonal relations and the generation gap in the family, they often make people depressed and fall into distress and loneliness. When we encounter such unpleasant things, it is necessary to find some close friends to talk and pour out their hearts to relieve the temporary unhappiness and get rid of excitement, anger, grievance, depression, doubt and other emotions. In particular, people with introverted personality and depression should expose their emotions and obtain the comfort of others, which is very important for health. Practice has proved that chatting is of great benefit to people's physical and mental health. Especially for the elderly, it can stimulate their spirit like piano, chess, books, paintings, playing birds and fishing. It is the best way to eliminate loneliness.

Chatting is also a good opportunity to increase knowledge. When the whole family, old or young, or relatives and friends get together, they can exchange ideas and complement each other's knowledge because of their different knowledge and life experiences. Many literati in the past dynasties collected materials in chatting with friends or chatting with people.

Chatting can also make friends who forget their years. In addition to chatting with people of the same generation and near age, you can also make friends with people of different generations and ages. Many harmonious families respect the old and love the young, enjoy the happiness of their family, and are inseparable from the ideological communication and willingness to chat with generations.

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Introduction to chat tools:

Introduction to chat tools:

1QQ: as the most powerful chat tool in China, it does have a reason to dominate the country. According to statistics, the number of people using QQ in China is 200 million. This is a considerable proportion, accounting for 15.6% of China's population. It can be said that almost all Internet users are using QQ. QQ, formerly known as ICQ, is an Internet based instant messaging (IM) software developed by Shenzhen Tencent with reference to the famous foreign software ICQ. In decades of development, it has increasingly become the most authoritative and perfect chat tool in China. Compared with ICQ, it can be said that "green is better than blue". The perfection of various functions of QQ has reached the first in the world. Anyone can use QQ to communicate with friends and users, send messages and reply immediately. In addition, QQ also has the functions of voice and video chat, mobile phone SMS, online paging on BP machine, chat room, file transmission service and so on. Today's QQ is not IM software in a simple sense, but integrates a variety of functions, such as dating speed dating, personal space, network disk, WebBrowser, remote control, electronic pets, online games and so on. It can be said that the customer has realized everything he thought of. However, QQ also has its limitations. It is only developed for Chinese people and used by Chinese people. It does not support other languages. If you want to chat with foreign friends, you can only choose other chat tools. However, I believe that QQ will open the door to the world and become the world's top instant chat tool in the future. 2icq: (iseekyou) as a popular Internet chat tool, ICQ was invented by several students in Israel. He is the earliest chat tool. The biggest feature is online real-time communication. It is a new and user-friendly communication program. It supports chatting, sending messages and files on the Internet. With the new version of ICQ, you can view, find and print the message history, set up random chat, find and add other users in various ways, obtain more detailed user information, receive your friend's birthday and notify everyone of your own birthday in advance, and create your own ICQ home page. When you are online, others can visit your home page and use greeting cards ICQ plug-ins such as voice mail send greeting cards and voice mail, use icqemail to send, forward and copy e-mail, use your favorite font, font size and color to send messages, select sounds for different events and configure the sound effect of typing, divide your list into different groups, and let ICQ remind you of future events and activities, Use the note function to post your memo or note on the screen, search the web page through ICQ, chat in real time, play back the saved chat content, and insert actions and expressions in the chat. Disadvantages: ICQ password bypass disadvantages allow attackers to obtain user accounts of other icqs with malicious programs. A specific API can be used to access the ICQ account of the victim user, regardless of whether the account has security measures. There is currently no patch for this type. 3msn: full name: Microsoft service network. It is also a popular chat tool. Have the basic functions of QQ and ICQ. You can chat with your relatives and friends through text, sound, or video. You can also send files and photos, play games, let friends see what songs you are listening to, and use personalized display pictures and your own background. You can also share music, send messages to mobile phones, etc. I found that the biggest disadvantage of MSN is that it doesn't display recent visitors like QQ space. But MSN space can't. If anyone has come, unless he leaves a message, he doesn't know who has come recently. In addition, MSN has five mentally retarded disadvantages: 1. Lose messages and do not report lost messages; 2. Transmit messages in clear text: this weakness is often mentioned. Due to plaintext transmission, MSN messages are easily monitored. For example, MSN chat of employees in many companies is monitored by the boss. 3. No message: the other party can send messages only when he is online. If he is not online, he can't leave messages to the other party, which is inconvenient to use. 4. There is no breakpoint for file transmission: this weakness makes it impractical to transmit large files with MSN. It is unbearable to re transmit from the beginning after breaking. 5. No verification for deleting and adding friends: when adding friends to each other for the first time, there is a verification message. After that, delete this friend and add it again

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Chat mode

Chat mode

There are certain ways to chat, and not the same way can be applied to all

Talk to different people in different ways

To talk to smart people, you need to have extensive knowledge. Don't play smart

When talking to knowledgeable people, you need to have strong debate ability and be able to convince each other

When talking with a good debater, you should rely on brevity. The simpler you want to say, the better. If you talk more, you will be overwhelmed by the debate

When talking to a person of high status, you have to rely on great momentum. If you are frightened, others will not look up to you

To talk with rich people, we should rely on a strategically advantageous position. You should have a high-level superstructure, not a low one

When you talk to the poor, you should tempt them with interests. Poor people don't have money, so you need money to communicate with them

When talking with humble people, you should rely on people with humility and low psychological self-esteem. Don't be too arrogant. People don't bird you

When talking with a brave person, you should rely on courage. The other person is a brave person, and you should also be decisive and brave

When you talk to a fool, rely on your acumen. The other party is stupid. You should be sharp and make the other party feel that you are agile

When talking to a smart person, let him understand these methods,

When you talk to an unwise person, you should teach him these methods

These can not be learned in a day or two. They need long-term reading and practice.

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How do experts who can chat talk

How do experts who can chat talk

Chatting can be learned. Here I share some of my experiences with you. From "feeling flow"

Today, let's talk about chatting with you. Anyway, in this era of mobile phones, many people's social networking is in software. If you want to pick up girls, you must have a coquettish chat ability.

But on the contrary, the real coquettish chat ability is simple. That's what I'm going to tell you today.

There are many friends. Their understanding of picking up girls is in an embarrassing situation. It seems that they will be a little more coquettish than those pure good men, but let him really catch up with one, but he can't catch up. They often look very ambiguous, provocative and coquettish when chatting, but in fact, they all pretend to be too much. In fact, all normal girls don't like men who pretend to be forced. For many girls, they don't like the way of chatting that looks coquettish in form. It's never wrong to chat simply. After all, the real coquettish is in the bones, not by words.

Quite a few guys don't like to use the words "what are you doing?" they think it's too monotonous. It's only used by good old men. In fact, what are you doing? These four words are very useful. I have used them many times and think they are good. These four words can be used anywhere, whether in the beginning or in the middle, but don't do anything. You should understand that chatting, most of the time, depends on fragments, not single sentences. One sentence can't decide anything. The whole fragment can convey some feelings and information. For beginners, it is the safest and most comfortable for you to chat simply. But if you want to turn your sister into a cow, you can't just stay in a simple state. In other words, in fact, any single form, which lasts too long, is inappropriate.

Simplicity is only the foundation, which does not mean that the decoration, style or culture of your building is simple. There is no bright spot. Although it is safe, it is useless because it is not offensive.

Therefore, if you just start learning to pick up girls, simple chat is the main line. You don't need to think about other things. First learn to communicate with girls in a simple way. But to be awesome, there must be a lot of embellishments on simplicity, such as some highlights, sprouts, turns, climaxes or critical hits, which requires some skills.

Let me show you something:

Me: what are you doing

Woman: listening to music

In fact, the first reaction of many friends here is to listen to what songs ah and so on. Anyway, they like to go in the direction of topic chat, and finally make it the same as the reporter's interview. Can you be a little innovative. Simplicity and boredom are two things. We don't have to cut in from the angle that everyone wants to. For example:

Me: I'm listening to your song

In this way, the girl will be a little curious. Woman: how do you know what song I listen to. She usually has this kind of reaction. You know, girls are lazy when chatting. Basically, what they follow is her first reaction, because she is chased by you. She can enjoy the benefits of no brains and no efforts.

In this way, there is a point where you can move in and out. But at this point, some brothers who think they will jump out of their sister will usually reply angrily: because I am in your heart, because our heart has a soul. It's embarrassing to talk like this. If you want to talk like this, you can basically talk a few more words and almost collapse. So don't drive so often. Let's keep it simple. You know, a really good driving skill can't see the technical component.

Me: I just fantasize about the way we make the subway with one earphone for each person.

This sentence is more imaginative and will always keep you slightly aggressive. Then you can see a lot from the girls' reaction. If she returns: come on. In fact, it is a good impression. If she replied: ha ha, you think too much. Then it's easy to talk. Of course, her reaction was average. Let's say: Er. It's also possible. But it doesn't matter. You just have to be yourself. Chat and try to relax yourself.

In fact, it's almost the same when it comes to this. I didn't want to go on, but many friends wanted me to give some demonstrations before. Then I'll give you some guidance. I'll talk about all the above three situations for you to see.

Me: I just fantasize about the way we make the subway with one earphone for each person.

Woman: come on.

Me: maybe this weekend. Let's make our dreams come true.

Me: I just fantasize about the way we make the subway with one earphone for each person.

Woman: ha ha, you think too much.

Me: Why are you so happy.

Me: I just fantasize about the way we make the subway with one earphone for each person.

Woman: Er.

Me: allow me to think so.

That's about it. Split into each single sentence, you can see that the sentence composition is relatively simple. There are no sentences like old drivers driving, but none of them are talking about the topic. Now let's mix it up.

Me: what are you doing

Woman: listening to music

Me: I'm listening to your song

Woman: how do you know what songs I listen to

Me: I just fantasize about the way we make the subway with one earphone for each person

Woman: come on

Me: maybe this weekend. Let's make our dreams come true

As you can see, when combined into a fragment, the whole is simple and offensive. The first invitation appeared in about three sentences of dialogue, which also reflected that I said the progress of picking up girls should be fast.

So how can you have this simple and offensive chat ability. Read more books and strengthen your imagination, innovation and adaptability. As I said at the beginning, picking up girls is ultimately an understanding of life and a way of life. If you can actively live, learn and see the world, you will be awesome.

Hope to help you! Hope to adopt!

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Thursday, August 5, 2021

What are the classic chat sentences?

What are the classic chat sentences?

The duck is too arrogant, the rabbit is too talkative, I am a pig, I am good. Brother, I'll throw a brick first. If there is jade, just hit it. Stealing one person's idea is plagiarism, and stealing many people's idea is research. A cobbler kills three Zhuge Liang. I give you two choices: either you marry me or I marry you! Your house is on fire. Please press and press again and again. The pig has no benzene. I said press and you press! You see a Tuo of stool on the ground, go up and smell it as if it were stool, put it in your mouth and taste it as if it was still stool. You are happy to say: Fortunately, you didn't step on it. In the crowded car, the pregnant woman said to a man sitting next to her: don't you know I'm pregnant? The man said nervously: the child is not mine! The police beat up pornography. The man stood on the right, the woman on the left and the pervert in the middle. Say you! Still playing with computers? Be sure to rest and sleep beside the road, which will speed up the recovery effect! Are you all right? Is the hospital comfortable? Do beautiful nurses like it? If you get better, I think you'd better stay for a few more days! I wanted to give you a piece of gold, but later I found that there was something more valuable than it. Do you want to know what it is“ Thank you "easy! If you want to thank me, give me gold!! Sorry, now I finally know my biggest weakness --- handsome!!!! Balloons will burst if they are too full. Although your skin is thick, you can't last too long. Let's breathe. Even from below, life is hopeless and all the money is spent! If you work in a bank, you will have hope in life from now on! If the money is on me, I'm afraid someone will rob it at night! Feeling that the relationship was very good, she asked, "how did you remember to write me a note?"“ Slobber, the first mock exam, I wrote to every girl in the class. Only you have an answer, "sunshine, Lu Sheng Zi smoke". Li Bai came to the roasted duck shop, and the mouth was three thousand feet straight. There was no money in a pocket. The wind has faded, the moon has hung on the treetops, the birds have returned home, everything is so beautiful... Only your grandson has not arrived! Smoking countless, drink straight vomiting. Drive into a tree and walk slowly on the dance floor. They all think you're cool. In fact, you can't walk when you see beautiful women. The wife cooked noodles for her husband, secretly released Viagra and brought it to her husband. The husband angrily said: Why did this noodles stand up one by one? ~ ~:) You can reflect people's shortcomings more than a mirror. You are more knowledgeable than Zhuangzi and have more strategies than grandson. Therefore, everyone affectionately calls you: grandson of Zhuangzi. Mother mouse a holds a picture of a bat: "this is my boyfriend." Mother mouse B: "it's so ugly!" Mother mouse a: "but it's a pilot. Hello, Hello, you eat grass every day, wear cotton padded jacket in summer, and wait for you to sweep the toilet. Money asks people. You think you're a lady. In fact, you're super stupid. If God can give me a chance to do it again, I'll say three words to you: no -- borrow -- money! If I have to add a deadline, I hope it will be... 10000 years! When using the computer, in case of emergency, please immediately take a sharp tool and poke the display screen to protect the host. Men's 20 are semi-finished products, 30 are finished products, 40 are high-quality products, 50 are top-grade products, 60 are top-grade products, 70 are waste products and 80 are souvenirs. If you must compare with a pig, I think you are at least two different from it: 1. You can eat better than it. 2. It is smarter than you. The four are not to be provoked: drinking without food, wearing a tie without arms, exposing breasts, and riding a bicycle. Maokeng door association: heroes all over the world, bow their heads and bend their knees here; Chaste women in the world come in and untie their wide skirts; Horizontal scroll: Heaven and earth are healthy. The top is hair, the bottom is hair, and the hair is next to the hair at night. An organ of the human body. Don't think, friend, it's eyes. 20 Pentium, 30 Hitachi, 40 Zhengda, 50 Konka, 60 Microsoft, 70 years old, only Lenovo!!! FID = 253, brother! Please don't think you can suck up the smell of fart after every fart P men are not bad, a little abnormal, men are not coquettish, they are a straw bag. Men are not playful, absolutely nervous, men are not hooligans, and their development is abnormal. When the ugly woman looked back, she scared a cow to death; Ugly two turn back, the Yellow River falls back; Ugly three turn around and Tyson plays table tennis instead! You are the wind, I am the sand, you are the toothpaste, I am the brush, you are Hami, I am the melon, you don't love me, I commit suicide, dear fish: I eat you because I need you; I need you because I love you; I love you because I have you in my heart; Having you in my heart is nothing more than wanting to eat you hey... Love your cat Pepsi Cola, everything Fanta, mood Sprite, work Red Bull, life Xuan orange, Wahaha every day, Yueyue Pepsi, gaolego every year, always eye-catching. There is no grass at the end of the world. Why look only at school. There is little grass in the school, and the grass quality is not good. When I see you, I'm afraid of electric shock; I can't see you, I need to recharge. Without you, I think I will cut off power. Being single is understanding, love is a mistake, breaking up is awareness, marriage is a mistake, divorce is awakening, remarriage is stubbornness, no lover is waste, more lovers are animals. May Valentine's Day: the boss follow you, the car let you, the fragrance of fresh flowers, and handsome men accompany you, Love sweet you - GG I want to die you Meimei Meimei I love you, like a mouse loves rice, you are my bread when I am hungry, you are my fruit knife when I commit suicide, you are my heart, you are my liver, you are three quarters of my life! To be beautiful with me, I make you regret, you have to pretend with me, I hurt you, you have to blow with me, I make your face gray, you have to play with me, I make you have no children. Discharge on Monday. Tuesday, hand in hand. Wednesday, "first kiss". Thursday, love. Friday, beautiful lie. Saturday, romantic "kiss goodbye". Sunday, rotation. Husband, husband, I love you like an old farmer growing rice. I wait for you carefully. When you slowly become rice, I love you. I want you to eat you before I start growing rice

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021



Is there a woman who can chat with strangers and express her loneliness and thoughts!

1. Learn to learn, learn more new knowledge and understand new current affairs and news. In this way, when chatting with others, you won't feel that you don't understand anything, especially some new topics. You must keep yourself from falling behind. In this way, we can have normal communication with others. 2. Learn to be sociable, don't be independent, and pay attention to being on the same channel when chatting with people at ordinary times. Don't cut in and say dirty things when everyone is talking about eating. It's obviously disgusting. It's a good performance to follow everyone's topic. 3. Pay attention to the way you speak. Don't be aggressive in your usual chat. Be sure to distinguish the results like debate. We should speak calmly, joke and make jokes appropriately at the same time, so as to make the topic go more smoothly. 4. Speak with literacy and don't put yourself above others. Just like when others consider buying a scooter, they all put forward various suggestions, and then you choose to discuss buying hundreds of thousands of luxury cars. In this way, no one is willing to chat with you. Therefore, we should learn to judge the situation and say the right words at the right time. 5. Pay proper attention to etiquette. Generally, you will be more open when chatting, but you must pay attention to moderation when talking or joking. Don't deliberately touch other people's taboos. Especially when there are ethnic minorities, we should pay more attention. 6. Learn to adjust the atmosphere and appropriately divert everyone's attention when some topics cannot be carried out. This requires real knowledge. We must learn to transfer without leaving a trace. In this way, we will be more relaxed and can see our personal cultivation level.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Is the pleasant chat going on?

Is the pleasant chat going on?

1. Adjust the attitude of chatting. Chat with people and put your mind right. No matter how high a person is or how many factors you don't like, if you need to talk with others, you need to put your mind right. Otherwise, who wants to continue chatting with someone who doesn't seem to want to talk?

2. Learn to listen. Listening is an expression of respect for others. If chatting with others makes people see that you are absent-minded or don't let others finish, they are eager to express their thoughts and views, how can the chat go on happily?

3. Don't talk about others. There is a famous saying of chatting. Sit still and often think about yourself. Don't gossip about people. Especially when chatting with people. No matter how close and confidant you are, don't go beyond that famous saying. You don't know everything about others. You're not the judge of life. Don't make a conclusion for others.

4. Understand the personality, hobbies and habits of the people you chat with. Respect a person, including that person's living habits, personality and hobbies. If you don't care about other people's personality, hobbies and habits, it will give a signal that you don't want the chat to go on.

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Chat method

Chat method

1. Chat should be divided into objects. At least you should have two chat systems: strangers and acquaintances

2. Don't answer questions you don't understand. Try to throw back the head

3. Don't expect you to use "sorry, I speak more directly" to minimize the damage after you say direct words at any time

Everyone likes to be praised, but try not to exceed three sentences

5. If you don't want to answer, rhetorical questions are the best answer

6. A lot of information comes from your daily fragment reading

7. Develop one or two hobbies and make them part of your topic

You ask these silly carving netizens hahaha, we all talk about it on the Internet. We don't say anything in real life, hahaha

How to say? If you can ask, it shows that you want to change this. It shows that you are still willing to contact everyone. It's okay. A positive attitude is the most important.

Maybe you just haven't found a suitable circle. There are many divisions of labor in the world. It's normal for someone to play a speaker and someone to play a listener. Listen to others, see how others answer, and see the difference between their ideas and their own. As long as your heart is good, someone will always find your good.

Monday, August 2, 2021

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How can you talk to others

How can you talk to others

At present, high school students, and then no friends, friends say I am high and cold. I don't know what to talk about. I'm always in the cold. I want to improve myself.

Living in the city, most of us are busy every day. This busy life may make us spend less and less time with our friends. We want to talk with our friends, but we suddenly don't know what to say. Mobile phone and computer also have social software, sometimes they make complaints about strangers, but don't know how to speak. Next, discuss with you how to become a person who can chat, at least not make others hate you in the first chat.

Tools / raw materials

Various social software or phone

Method / step

1. Chat with friends who haven't been in touch for a long time:

If you are a former classmate, you can borrow a classmate party to open the topic. It's best to talk more about the days when we went to school together and the impressive things that happened when we went to school together, such as the sports meeting, snowball fights and other class activities, so it's easy to recall people's good memories. Don't show off what you have and how good you are when you go to the classmate meeting. It will make people feel very bored.

If you call a former friend, it can be said that if you suddenly think of you because of something, you will call to say hello, and then talk about your recent life and the beautiful or unforgettable things we have done together before.

2. Chat with elders:

You must have a good attitude, be polite and know how to respect others. Chatting with elders can really learn a lot, especially the elders who play an important role in interpersonal relationships. This is not to say that you should flatter them and try to please them. Of course, you can praise them appropriately, but don't go too far, it will make your elders feel that you are untrue. Ask your elders more about ways to avoid detours. Be sincere. Many elders may become your life mentors. They like to tell their previous stories, so calm down and listen. Being a good listener is also a part of chatting.

3. Chat with strangers:

This refers to chatting with strangers on social software. Sometimes you don't know what to say after saying hello, and the topic ends awkwardly. Maybe you also lose someone who may become a good friend. You can talk about what the other party likes, such as movies and songs. Most people like listening to songs. You can talk about which singer you like and why you like that singer. Don't blindly ask others personal questions, such as where your home is and what your parents do. You don't check your account. There's no need to know so much. Asking like this will make people feel that you are boring and naturally don't want to talk to you. In addition, don't think you can maliciously slander others if you don't know each other. Even if you don't like it, you should politely say goodbye. Don't pay attention to him any more. Don't hurt people with vicious words, which will make people think you have no quality. Sometimes, just because you don't know each other, you can talk freely, such as what problems you have encountered recently and what people you don't like. But here, I warn some men not to blindly talk about sex with their sister, just make a few jokes, and know enough.


4. Precautions

Polite people are not boring. People who are unhappy are those who always ask questions that are not nutritious and irrelevant.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

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“I actually texted the group chat and said let's try and start a bit better than we did last time we went there, let's try not to be 2-0 down after two minutes.

Learn to chat

Learn to chat

Many people have experienced the stage of "unable to speak", and chatting is a very important part of social networking. You think you are a person with an active atmosphere, but maybe others will think you are very annoying, especially the one who chews your tongue, and you don't know whether the person in your mouth intersects with the person listening to you, I believe some people have suffered because they "can't speak".

To tell you the truth, I am not a person with high EQ, but I have always adhered to the principle of "sit still and think about myself, gossip and don't talk about people's non". I don't understand, don't evaluate, and don't make blind evaluation, so many people are willing to communicate with me. I have seen Li Xiaoyi's video about chatting before. She is a woman with high EQ in my mind, I didn't expect that there was a time when EQ was not high. This happened 20 years ago. She shook her wits with her teacher's embarrassment. Unexpectedly, the other party was someone else's daughter. I was embarrassed for Li Xiaoyi off the screen, not to mention herself. It was also this thing that Li Xiaoyi knew the value of keeping silent. She said at the end of the video: we learned to speak in two or three years, But it took a lifetime to learn silence. It's really reasonable. I suggest everyone can go and have a look.

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