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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

What is the meaning of electrical technology application?

What is the meaning of electrical technology application?

High gloss traceless mold can be used to process complex shape plastic products, and the surface of processed products has no weld mark, flow mark, streamline and shrinkage mark; Highlight the surface to achieve the mirror effect; Without spraying process, it can reduce the manufacturing process, save energy and materials, and protect the environment. At present, high gloss traceless mold is widely used in home appliances, automobile, communication, daily necessities, medical and other industries.

High gloss traceless injection molding technology

High gloss traceless injection molding technology is also known as rapid heat cycle molding (RHCM). In this process, high temperature steam is introduced into the injection molding to raise the temperature of the mold to 100-150 ℃ instantly. At the same time, in order to improve the production efficiency, the mold surface should be cooled to 20-40 ℃ quickly after the mold is heated at high temperature.

High gloss traceless injection molding process: mold closing → input of high temperature steam → injection molding → discharge of steam → input of cooling water (cooling) → removal of cooling water (cleaning with high pressure air) → mold opening → ejection → mold closing.

Under the condition of high mold temperature, when the mold temperature is higher than the hot deformation temperature of the molding material, the molding material can have high gloss. At the same time, the high gloss traceless injection molding technology also eliminates the weld mark problem existing in the traditional injection molding process, and eliminates the need for secondary processing of products, which can save costs (such as painting), environmental protection and energy saving. In addition, the common injection molding technology, after adding GF (glass fiber), CF (carbon fiber) and MF (metal fiber), can enhance the performance of the product, but the appearance is not very good. The high gloss and traceless injection molding technology is adopted. Due to the high temperature of the mold surface, the added GF, CF and MF can enter the interior of the product polymer, The surface effect is very good, and it is helpful to improve the surface hardness of products.

High gloss traceless mold

High gloss traceless mold, high gloss plastic materials and quenching and heating control system are the three main parts of high gloss traceless injection molding technology, in which high gloss traceless mold is the key and core part.

High gloss traceless mold is a kind of mold which uses high-temperature steam as heating medium, controls the mold temperature through quench and heat control system, supplemented by hot runner, solenoid valve and timing controller.

The main features of high gloss and non trace mold are as follows: first, the molding temperature is higher. At higher mold temperature, injection molding can eliminate weld mark, flow mark, internal stress and other defects. Therefore, the mold needs to be heated when it is working. In order to prevent heat loss, the resin heat shield is usually added on the fixed mold side; Second, the surface of the die cavity is extremely bright (usually 2 or higher). The products produced by high gloss mold can be directly used to assemble the whole machine without any surface treatment, so this process has high requirements for mold steel and plastic materials; Thirdly, there are many hot nozzles in hot runner system (generally 6-8 nozzles, sometimes more). Each nozzle must be equipped with a sealing needle and an independent air passage, which can be controlled separately by solenoid valve and timing controller to realize time-sharing glue feeding, so as to achieve control and even eliminate weld marks.

High gloss traceless injection molding technology has some basic requirements for the mold: the inner surface of the mold requires very high smoothness to ensure the surface quality of the product. The setting of pipes inside the mould must be reasonable to ensure rapid heating and cooling. The pipe inside the mold should have good thermal conductivity. Due to the need to keep heating and cooling in the production process, the mold needs to choose high-quality steel. In the process of use, we should pay special attention to the maintenance of the mold to ensure that it is dry and dust-free.

In addition, the performance and service life of high gloss traceless mold are directly related to the steel used in the mold. Due to different working conditions of plastic mold parts, the external influence is also different. Therefore, in addition to the basic requirements, the steel should also be emphasized. For example, large high gloss plastic mold cavity steel, in addition to the requirements of good cutting, EDM and welding performance, also need to have excellent throwing rotation and high hardness and other characteristics. This can not only form a bright and beautiful product, but also reduce the wear of plastic on the cavity surface, which not only extends the service life of the mold, but also reduces the injection pressure and protects the injection molding machine. At present, the high-performance and high gloss non marking die steels used in different processing conditions of flat-panel TV include polmax, lkm838h, lkm818h, s-star (a), NAK80, Stavax S136, Stavax s136h, Optimax, x13t6w (236), x13t6w (236h), etc.

Application in the field of home appliances

In recent years, the traditional CRT TV in the TV industry has been gradually eliminated, and replaced by the new appearance, thin volume and visual quality

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