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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

What is the definition of chat?

What is the definition of chat?

Chatting in modern Chinese dictionary is interpreted as: chatting, that is, talking in your spare time.

What is online chat?

At first glance, it seems that this is a very stupid topic, but when you think about it carefully, it is still a little confused. I have been thinking about this seemingly simple but puzzling problem for nearly six years on the Internet. What is the network? Where is the full interpretation of the charm it provides us in this infinite space? Many friends told me that people are infatuated with chatting because they bear too much pressure in real life. They need to relax, talk, let people share their pain and failure, and look for the object and themselves to vent from simple relaxation.

I think the real charm of online chat should come from the penetration of words into emotions. The world we see in our eyes is limited, while the thought we feel in our hearts is infinite and eternal. In real life, we know a person first by seeing, understanding and communicating. The Internet is not. We can't see each other with our eyes, nor can we rationally know the person opposite you, What we feel about each other is to dig and understand him or her step by step through words, thoughts and feelings.

Under the cover of the virtual veil, this kind of emotion fabricated with the soul has become particularly colorful and mysterious. In an instant, each of us has become tall and sacred, and everyone has become a great Savior. Everyone will take the initiative to help and understand those lonely people with fragile hearts. They have long forgotten who they are, and they are actually very lonely and need to be concerned. When we communicate, we often attach our emotions to each other's emotions. For example, "hello" in real life, it's an ordinary general greeting. When we say "hello" in the chat room, we may imagine his brilliant smile and pleasant tone when he said this to her, as if we saw his polite nod to her, Think again, are you smiling and nodding?

In reality, we use reason to experience life, but in the network, we use sensibility to fantasize about life, and see incomparable delicacy and perfection of emotion and friendship. When the fantasy comes to naught, you know that his "she" opposite the screen is not the idol you really want to get. At that time, do you have tears and heartache? I believe every one of us here has had a feeling, so we thought of leaving, hoping to return to reality and find our true self.

We have all been excited and excited about this distance. We have also cried and lost for this distance. After sitting in front of the screen for a long time, our eyes are spent, our hands are numb, our emotions are exhausted, and our thinking begins to be dull. At this time, we may really choose to give up all the beauty and pain, but friends! If he still knows how to cherish her, there is still a touch and passion in his heart. The feelings of concern and difficulty can reintroduce us here at any time. Since we are unable to escape and restrain the emotion that burns in case of fire, let the soul that has been moved be quietly collected -- forever...

After talking so much, I still don't understand what online chat is? What does it leave us in the end? Will you answer me?

Talk to people when you see people and talk to ghosts. It's best not to talk to strangers!

In this e era, the so-called chat can be divided into two types. One is online chat, the other is interpersonal communication with real life. Chat now has voice chat and video chat

First; Online chat is completely free, without involving too many ideas Xi. Give full play to your potential and spare strength as much as possible. There is no doubt that people with similar aspirations have fewer cups of confidants and forget their worries. So there are not too many constraints.

Second; Speaking of interpersonal communication. In this regard, a large factor depends on an individual's personality tendency. If you want to be a good communicator. Then first, let your character integrate into the group. Chat regardless of regional culture. Yan may not be an academic scholar. As a good talker, the first thing you have is the quality of your heart and the openness of your personality. As the saying goes, if you want to do well, you must sharpen your tools first. In the final analysis, it is still about being cheerful and closed.

Of course, as an authority, you certainly don't want to chat with a celebrity, a generation in the clouds, or a conformist.

Second; Chatting is undoubtedly about a topic. This kind of speech score occasion is related to the group. Of course, the chat proposed by the landlord is the chat with friends. First, let's put aside our character for the time being. Let's talk about several advantages of talkers. First; Appropriate to break the silence. At this time, your words are the center. Cultivate this habit from time to time, and you will like the focus of attention. Second; Chatting is undoubtedly relaxing. Although happiness and sadness can become topics. But I don't think anyone will use their leisure time to listen to your tears. Here you can choose to tell a little joke or story. You don't have to scratch. The ears of a table of people will naturally follow you. This is on the table.

After dinner, such jokes that are not close to reality may be reduced. You can take yourself as the center and tell the things around you in the form of black you silence. Remember that you can not laugh. Long Shang tells jokes without laughing. He wants to leave his laughter to the listener.

In addition, often chatting with friends can not only practice your eloquence and ability to distinguish quickly, but also make your character more cheerful. You can choose to start with a friend. This friend must be your best friend. Lying in the moonlight, the breeze blowing. The dust and smoke of the past... Even if you wanted to shut up, you couldn't stop it.

I used to have a friend who was a real mug. Influenced by my eloquence, he likes to come to my house and chat with me. It's not over. There are many occasions. People don't see how "conservative" he is anymore. Anything can be an art. Chatting is no exception. Those who are close to Zhu denounce those who are close to ink. You spend all day with a bunch of guys who can't fart. I think you'll even degrade your ability to express.

How about friends? The above is my personal opinion. I used to be a real mug. But after reading so much, do you still think I'm like an authentic stuffy, ha ha. Academically, maybe I'm an ordinary person. But on the chat. The more I meet you, the more I can act as a%%. Have time to chat with me. I don't believe you can't pollute!!

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