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Monday, July 5, 2021

What do chats usually say

What do chats usually say

Through chatting, two people constantly exchange information to deepen their understanding of each other and know each other more and more. Then they can determine whether the other person is the one with their own channel and whether they are choosing to further develop.

So, you know the importance of chatting.

How can we chat to better show ourselves, understand each other, and make two people more and more intimate?

What should we talk about?

Many people don't know how to find topics when chatting. They feel that everyday life is very dull and meaningless. Or they don't know whether the topic of chatting will offend each other at this stage. Let's talk about these two points.

First of all, chatting is not to let you perform, let the other party feel that your life is wonderful, you are very good, and then like you.

We meet different people and experience different things every day. We can lead colleagues, meet strangers and have three meals a day. In fact, these are the materials for chatting.

But sometimes chatting is time phased,

For example, if you come up to tell a story to someone you just met, you may be blackmailed and deleted, or someone may say that you are sick.

But if you tell some short stories in the ambiguous period, it will make the opposite side red and make their feelings warm up quietly. So it's important to grasp the timing.

When they first met, their main purpose was to understand each other through information exchange. In this period, we need to choose some topics with strong universality,

For example, the weather, environment, hometown, school, major, travel, food, pets, music, movies, a series of other things can be chatted.

In particular, girls chat about constellations, tests and gossip news that they are generally interested in. Don't talk too deeply, just find some interesting points of each other, mainly to make two people familiar.

Through these, we can deepen the relationship between two people while chatting more deeply. In the later two intimate relationships, you can find some more unique and private topics or try to add some ambiguous elements to the other side.

How to ask questions?

It's about what topics can be talked about in a chat. Don't just survey your account and feel at the interview...

Directly ask "where do you go to school?" "where do you want to travel when you have time?" "what kind of pets do you like?" don't ask too big questions, try to ask life related things, and ask some easy questions.

For example, if you want to know whether the other party likes pets or not, you can say that you just saw a fat animal downstairs. I'm so happy. It's so cute.

At this time, the girl will definitely give you an answer about what animal it is. Then you can understand what animal she likes through this thing, and then the topic can start.


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