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Thursday, July 8, 2021

What are the chat tools(2)

What are the chat tools(2)


Anychat is a high-quality, wide adaptability, distributed and modular network audio and video interactive platform based on advanced H.264 video coding standard, aac audio coding standard and P2P technology, integrating the leading development technology of Bairui technology in the field of audio and video coding and multimedia communication.


By providing free and high-quality call services to customers all over the world, the telecom industry is gradually changing. Skype is a real-time voice communication tool. Other functions required by IM, such as video chat, multi person voice conference, multi person chat, file transfer, text chat, etc. It can have free and high-definition voice dialogue with other users, and can also make domestic and international calls. Whether it is a fixed line phone, a mobile phone or a PHS, it can make direct calls, and it can realize call transfer, SMS sending and other functions.


Fastmsg is a powerful instant messaging software, completely free, without any functional restrictions. Whether it is the internal application of the enterprise or the operation of e-commerce / forum community, the server program can be downloaded and freely deployed to the LAN / public network server.

Fastmsg team (enterprise version) integrates organizational structure, instant messaging, web customer service, offline file transfer, voice and video, remote assistance, application center, enterprise announcement / notification and other functions. It can also integrate ERP, OA, CRM and other local systems and applications through fastmsg team SDK. It is the best choice for enterprises to build instant messaging platform at zero cost, It is suitable for cross regional enterprise management and internal communication of various groups, branches of small and medium-sized enterprises, administrative organs, institutions, financial, medical, school and other social organizations.

Fastmsg live (operation version) has beautiful interface, rich chat function, open application center, users can freely upload their interested applications. No advertising, no plug-in installation, no invasion of user privacy, all functions are free, can be used after registration, with text, voice, video, group, offline folder and many other rich functions and applications, suitable for all kinds of vertical portals, industry websites, shopping websites, forums and other websites of registered users / members of online communication.


Jabber is a real-time communication protocol based on XML, which is cross platform, open source, and supports SSL encryption technology. Jabber's open architecture makes it possible for all parts of the world to have jabber's servers, no longer limited by the official. Not only that, some jabber enthusiasts also devote themselves to developing and introducing jabber's protocol conversion program, so that jabber users can talk with users of other real-time communication programs, which other well-known real-time communication software can't do!


IRC is the abbreviation of Internet Relay Chat. Generally speaking, it is a multi person online real-time conversation system. It's a conversation based system. In IRC, several people can join the same channel to discuss the same topic. Such a channel is called channel. Of course, one person can join more than one channel, which is very similar to the feature of news. IRC was developed by Jarkko Oikarinen of Finland in the late 1980s. Its original purpose was to enable users of his bulletin board to not only read documents, but also conduct online real-time discussions. Of course, he is very charming, especially after the IRC was used to cover the Gulf War in real life (1991), the IRC has a tendency to gradually split up. Until now, IRC has been a separate system from the bulletin board. So far, more than 60 countries have used the system.


ICQ means: I seek you. In July 1996, four young Israeli people, Yair Goldfinger (26 years old), Arik Vardi (27 years old), sefivigiser (25 years old) and Amnon AIMR (24 years old), felt that it was very inconvenient to contact their friends in real time when using the Internet, so they set up mirabilis company in order to establish a real-time contact mode on the Internet. In November 1996, the first version of ICQ was published on the Internet. It was immediately accepted by netizens, and then like preaching, the products were introduced to each other among netizens. As a result of the surprisingly good response, we created a newly established company with the largest download rate in the history of Internet. By May 1997, 850000 users had registered. A year and a half later, 11.4 million users had registered, of which 6 million were using ICQ, and nearly 60000 registered every day. In June 1998, American online (AOL), an American Internet service company, focused on the crowd of more than 10 million people and spent 400 million US dollars to acquire Israel mirabilis software company, which developed ICQ. This record set another miracle in the history of network development. In September 2000, the official version of icq2000b was finally launched.

The disadvantage of ICQ is that after MSN appeared, it didn't keep up with the pace of MSN, such as adding emoticons.


MSN is short for Windows Live Messenger. The latest Chinese version is 9.0 beta. MSN is a kind of Internet software, which is based on Microsoft advanced technology. It can make you and your family use the web more effectively. MSN 9 is an excellent communication tool, which makes Internet browsing more convenient and enhances the online security through some advanced functions. These advanced features include parental control, CO browsing the web, spam protectors, and other customization features.


On November 12, 1998, Ma Huateng and his classmate Zhang Zhidong formally registered and established Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co., Ltd. At that time, the company's main business was to expand the wireless network paging system. When the company was founded, its main business was to establish an online paging system for the paging station. This kind of software development project for enterprises or units can be said to be the best choice for almost all small and medium-sized network service companies.

In 1997, Ma Huateng came into contact with ICQ and became its user. He personally felt the charm of ICQ and saw its limitations: first, the English interface; second, it was quite difficult to use and operate, which made ICQ widely used in China, but it was not particularly popular. Most of them were limited to the "net worm" level experts. At the beginning, Ma Huateng and his partners wanted to develop a Chinese ICQ software, and then sell it to a powerful enterprise. Tencent did not think that it needed to invest a huge amount of money and could not make money in Chinese ICQ. At that time, it was because a large enterprise intended to invest a large amount of money in the field of Chinese ICQ. Tencent also wrote a project construction document and started to develop and design OICQ. When the tender came, Tencent did not win the bid, so Tencent decided to do OICQ by itself. You know, at that time, the price Tencent offered OICQ was only more than 300000 yuan. Later, when Tencent began to develop rapidly, Ma Huateng said very timely, "we need our own Chinese network software, we need our own ICQ!", But in fact, Tencent launched OICQ by accident. If that big enterprise didn't plan to invest in the field of Chinese ICQ, there would be no OICQ. If Tencent won the bid, there would be no OICQ of Tencent. To some extent, Tencent's success is half luck and half strength.


Feixin (English Name: Fetion) is a "comprehensive communication service" launched by China Mobile, which integrates voice (IVR), GPRS, SMS and other communication modes, covering three different forms of customer communication needs (full real-time, quasi real-time and non real-time), realizing seamless communication service between Internet and mobile network. Feixin can not only send SMS to mobile phone from PC for free, but also start chatting with friends anytime and anywhere without any restrictions, and enjoy the super low chatting fee. Fetion 2012 New Year's edition is the highest edition. China Mobile Fetion realizes seamless multi terminal information reception. MP3, pictures and ordinary office files can be transmitted anytime and anywhere, so that you can maintain smooth and effective communication with your friends anytime and anywhere, with high work efficiency and happy sharing!

Feixin also has anti-interference function. Only when the other party is authorized by you as a friend, can they talk and text with you, which is safe and convenient. The latest version of Fetion already has the function of sending SMS directly to the mobile number that is not a friend of Fetion, even if the other party is not a friend of Fetion, the charge is the same as the normal charge, 0.1 yuan each. More powerful functions provided by Fetion, such as free SMS for friends, ultra-low charges for voice group chat, and mutual transmission of mobile computer files, make users have a more perfect product experience in the use process; Feixin can meet the needs of users to communicate with text and voice anonymously. In a real sense, it creates an unrestricted, unrestricted and secure communication platform for users.

Feixin is an instant messaging tool established by China Mobile in May 2007. It is reported that the number of users has already exceeded MSN, ranking the second largest instant messaging software in China“ On the evening of June 26, 2011, a person familiar with the situation disclosed that "China Mobile has recently decided to transfer the operation right of Feixin to the south base of Guangdong Mobile".


February 29, 2008, the major technology websites have published news, long rumored Baidu IM software finally began the internal test! Im name determined as Baidu Hi "Baidu Hi", with the beginning of internal test, followed by overwhelming media reports. Baidu officials did not release details of their own. According to the data analysis of major websites, due to the internal test, we can only look at the files and interface of the installation directory after the installation. The installation files are not big, only 5.24m, and there are not many files in the installation directory. There are 58 facial expressions and 28 avatars (including 6 group avatars).

7. Baidu Hi is an instant messaging software with the functions of text message, audio and video call, file transfer, etc. through it, you can easily find like-minded friends and get in touch with them at any time.

At the same time, there is news that Baidu Hi is temporarily in the internal test stage, you can apply on the Internet.

Baidu IM's birth, as far as the instant messaging market is concerned, will not immediately change the pattern, for Tencent QQ and MSN, a year will not have a great impact. Even so, Tencent and MSN are also facing the threat of the future development of Baidu im. In my opinion, baidu launched im to prepare for Baidu's entry into C2C market in advance. As the most effective communication tool for e-commerce, it is impossible for Baidu to use the products of other enterprises as a communication tool for users. Another reason for launching IM is to strengthen the stability of Baidu community and Baidu Post Bar users. The construction of sticky user base means that the "Baidu Hi" instant messaging products tested internally can achieve the function of connecting products and integrating users. In this way, Baidu users can freely switch Baidu space, Baidu Post Bar and Baidu search through "Baidu Hi" to complete the operation of a series of products and achieve active and interactive.

Business News BB

Shangxun BB, also known as Shangxun baby, Shangxun baby and Shangxun Beibei, is a powerful web communication software that Chongqing Zhongshang Technology Group has spent three and a half years and invested millions to develop. It has the characteristics of safety, reliability and technical stability. At the same time, it can be used without downloading. It is easy to operate and adapt to the daily habits of users.

Shangxun BB has a series of powerful instant messaging functions, such as voice, video, file transmission, offline short message notification, free phone call back and mobile phone login client management, which can easily meet users' online consultation, online communication, interactive chat, online transaction, making friends and so on; It is suitable for online application of major e-commerce websites, such as B2B, B2C and C2C mode websites. It is also very suitable for major entertainment and information portal websites, such as blog, community website, dating website and comprehensive portal websites of various industries.

Shangxun BB communication software platform can be completely customized and OEM based on the different needs of the website. The client interface and chat window can be customized and designed. At the same time, it can bring the following new profit models for the website: keyword advertisement, precision search advertisement, content page chat window advertisement, system message flat advertisement, client advertisement and chat window advertisement, Telecom value-added services.

Ali Wangwang

It is a new brand that integrates the original Taobao Wangwang and Alibaba Tradelink. Taobao and Alibaba are free online business communication software tailored for businessmen. It can help you easily find customers, release and manage business information; Seize the business opportunities in time and negotiate business at any time!

This brand is divided into three versions: Ali Wangwang (Taobao version), Ali Wangwang (Tradelink version) and Ali Wangwang (WOM online version). Users can communicate with each other between the two versions. However, if you want to use the functions related to Taobao website and Alibaba Chinese website at the same time, you still need to start Taobao version and Tradelink version at the same time. At present, Tradelink account needs to log in to Tradelink Aliwangwang, Taobao account needs to log in to Taobao Aliwangwang, and wom needs to log in to WOM Aliwangwang.

Sina UC

(Universal Communication)

Sina UC Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the development of the next generation of open instant messaging network chat tool, which integrates the idea of P2P.


It is a test version of multi language translation chat software launched by e company in 2010. It can realize the online chat function of 15 countries such as China, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, Russia, Spain and Portugal. It is very suitable for students to learn foreign languages, foreign trade personnel to chat with foreigners, make friends and communicate with foreign countries.

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