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What are the chat tools

What are the chat tools

1. Wechat and QQ

National level chat software, wechat is much simpler than QQ, more convenient to operate, easy to learn, and can be used by parents and elders. Wechat is very clear about its advantages, so it is very restrained. It will not make any changes in the chat function, which will affect its ease of use.

QQ has many functions, such as chat, live broadcast, study room, reading, shopping and micro view. It integrates almost all the interfaces of Tencent products, and automatically pushes a lot of information content, so it is suitable for people who like fresh entertainment.

2. Nailing

Office chat software. Different from the chat of acquaintances on wechat, pinning is positioned to the office communication. In addition to meeting the chat needs, it also adds the functional sections of internal and external management, office process processing, file transmission and sharing, business reporting, etc.

The functions of each block are very powerful. For example, the size of files transferred on wechat is limited, and they will be compressed automatically. On the nail, large files can be transferred, and they can be saved in the cloud all the time. They can be downloaded at any time. Document files can also be edited together with group members.

3. Bats

Private chat software. Compared with wechat and nailing, bat is also a relatively small chat software. Its main advantage is privacy and security, which can prevent the leakage of chat content.

Before entering the software, fingerprint or face verification is needed to prevent others from browsing chat records; When chatting with friends, you can open the code docking, and enter the correct code to enter the chat page with friends; It can be burned immediately after reading, and can automatically destroy the messages that have been viewed by each other; At the same time, it uses the end-to-end encryption algorithm, which is one of the most secure encryption algorithms.


Line is developed by the Japanese subsidiary of NHN, a South Korean Internet Group, and is very popular in Japan and South Korea. Unlike other chat software, which focuses on the software itself, line's social function is not prominent, but a series of "chat expression maps" created by them are very popular. NHN company also pushes the boat along with the current, creating stories and animations for the characters in the expression maps, and then brings them to the third dimension, launching various dolls and surrounding physical stores.

What impressed me deeply was that when I saw you from the stars, the owners of men and women chatted with this software. I don't know if it was their advertisement placement.


WhatsApp was launched in 2009 when the smartphone was just in its infancy. After that, it was acquired by Facebook. Together with the cooperation with apple, WhatsApp has become the number one chat software in the world.

WhatsApp is more concise than wechat and pays more attention to the nature of chat tools. There is no circle of friends, no game platform and no expression store. Its function is simple, the program is small, the use is very smooth, and the mobile phone with SMS as fast. In addition, WhatsApp is deeply integrated with the mobile phone address book. After SMS verification of the user's mobile phone number, the contact person in the address book will be automatically added as a friend and can immediately send a message to the other party.

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