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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Several ways of chatting

Several ways of chatting

The first step is to build self-awareness in the chat. A very important point in your chat with him is to establish attraction and provide value, which is to upgrade the relationship. There are three levels of attraction. The shallowest level of attraction is based on external attraction, just like your dress and talk. The second level of attraction is based on emotional link, which is based on emotional attraction, that is, you like each other, that is, you have emotional attraction. The third level is soul attraction, which is what many people call soul mate. Attraction itself is based on understanding and familiarity. Before repeatedly stressed that you want to lead the chat between you, the core is that you must skillfully understand yourself, understand your self-awareness, if you really fall in love with a person, the more you understand, the more you love a person. It's the same for ourselves. The more we know ourselves, the more we love ourselves. Some friends do not know how to show themselves, do not know what to show convenient. That is, you didn't do a good job in self-awareness. An example that I often have with my friends is that if you want someone to introduce you to an object, you must first let the introducer know your advantages and disadvantages. Advantages and disadvantages. You need at least a letter of introduction, that is, sales. You need to sell yourself, so I suggest you do a self analysis first. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses to get the right medicine. In order to better develop strengths and avoid weaknesses and chat with her. When you have a clear self-awareness. Instinctively, you will know what your strengths and weaknesses are? In front of the girl you like, you will naturally develop your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. This is the internal condition for building attraction.

The second step is to get to know each other in the process of chatting. Sun Tzu's art of war says that only when you know yourself and the enemy can you win a hundred battles. During your chat, she will ask you a question, where do you love me? Where do you like me? But generally they can't answer. Then he will say, you don't know me, just say love me, in fact I'm not as good as you think, so this situation is a fact in many times, when you don't know him, when you chat with him, it's easy to be rejected. This is the confession of death. If you want to have a good chat with him, you must be more and more familiar with him. Because each of us has the need to be familiar, understood and praised. You can't give her a cart of apples just because of the pears he wants. Then you say that she doesn't love me when I give her so many apples. But you do not understand, she ah, why should she love you? Every one of us likes to get to know others and ourselves. There are many friends and I sigh. He said that company and understanding are more important than love. There's another saying that's very good. He who is believed to be a confidant dies. A woman is the one who pleases herself. So if you want to constantly deepen the understanding in the chat, you should pay attention to a step-by-step, just at the beginning. If you want your sister to tell you what's on her mind and tell you about her physiological period, it's undoubtedly very difficult. Ah! Generally speaking, what's the order of knowing a person? In order to understand his basic necessities of life and arouse his interest. Build a sense of connection. Share two people's lives and build a sense of security. Implanting the expectation of invitation, initially establishing a framework for two people to try to communicate.

The third step is to understand the needs. When you chat, you must know what her needs are! You can better suit the remedy to the case and chat with her. And the needs are generally divided into three categories, one is material needs, of course, first of all, you don't say how realistic she is, because many people choose bread between love and bread. This society is so realistic! Maybe some people choose love at last, but love is awakened by hunger. No one will fall in love hungry unless there is a mine at home. Because she also wants to enhance and improve her life through a love, so you should show him your material and value needs in a targeted and effective way. The second point is emotional needs. Everyone's attitude towards marriage and feelings is different. Therefore, we have strict control over the feelings of our lovers. I will also teach you how to talk about her feelings, and then implant a common emotional view and image to understand her emotional needs through chatting. An emotional way to connect with her. Third. Instinctive needs, that is the needs of the body, as well as the worship of the strong, oh, how to find out this need for him through chat? I will talk about this in the future.

The fourth step is to provide chat value in the chat. In the conversation between you and her, it's not your language, but also your expression. A lot of times, there is a good saying that, er, expression is more important than what you say. How to say, how to say, sometimes more important than what you say. So in chatting, chatting has similar emotional value. The second point is the emotional value of chatting, that is, resonance, plus some skills that can bring your relationship closer. Just like the third step above, I understand his needs through chatting, aiming at his different needs. You need to provide corresponding values, such as language value, emotional value, emotional value, material value, and soul value. These contents, we will preach slowly in the later articles.

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