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Saturday, July 17, 2021

How to let oneself become can chat?

How to let oneself become can chat?

Chatting is to have something to talk about when we are together. If we are not in the cold, chatting will not make you embarrassed. A common saying, people who can chat say it is comfortable, people who can't chat say it is often misunderstood and hard to accept. When people get along with each other, chatting can enhance their feelings. If you want to become a chatting person, you just need to make some changes.

1. Chat should be interactive. Don't always be a quiet listener. Chat with each other, others are always saying, you just listen, no corresponding interaction, this will let people guess your mind. Appropriate expression of their views, appropriate resonance, more conducive to the chat between the two sides.

Don't spoil the fun of others. When the other party talks with you about a recent movie, and they are very engaged and happy, you can say that you have seen the movie yourself and it is not interesting at all. Other people's enthusiasm will soon be extinguished by you, you chat again, it is difficult to be so happy. So we should consider each other's emotions and feelings, and don't think about what to say.

Don't be too distracted when chatting with each other. Some people are chatting with each other, but their eyes are always looking around others. This gives people the feeling that you are not interested in the topic here. Once others notice, they will naturally end the conversation.

How to let oneself become can chat

Don't be too wary of others. As the saying goes, it's necessary to guard against others, but if you always talk like a dike, it's hard for others to get close to you, and it's hard to make effective progress in chatting. Don't protect yourself too much and protect your privacy properly. It's much easier to share when it's time to share.

5. Find more common topics. Since it's a chat, there should be a topic. So the premise of a good chat is that both sides have a common topic. How to find topics, usually pay more attention to life, news and other information, more exchange topics.

6. The tone of chatting should be easy-going. When chatting face to face, your facial expression and tone often affect the feelings of the other person. The tone of voice should not be too exaggerated or too low for people to hear you clearly. A normal tone is more acceptable.

How to make yourself chat slowly?

1. Learn to listen. Although people who can chat will grasp the general direction of the whole conversation, they will also give others the opportunity to speak. If you keep on talking, even if you are talking about something interesting, it will appear that you are too self-centered, and it will easily cause other people's antipathy. People who can really chat will grasp the discretion of speaking and listening, so that everyone has equal opportunities to speak.

2. Every time you chat, you should focus on the topic raised by the Chater. If you always show a casual appearance in the process of chatting, it will make the other party lose the enthusiasm of chatting with you. When chatting with others, you should focus on the speaker and avoid the impolite behavior of texting or calling.

3. Expand your knowledge. The more you know, the easier it is to talk to different people. Usually, people who can chat don't just nod and agree with other people's words. They can easily lead from this topic to another new topic, and master the direction of the whole conversation without boring others. Read more books and newspapers, learn more about news and current hot events, and attend more lectures in various industries, so as to expand their knowledge from multiple channels.

4. Increase your own experiences worth sharing. Those who can chat will always inadvertently share their own interesting and wonderful personal experience in the chat experience, which makes everyone feel that their life is always wonderful and constantly attracted to them. The more you try, the more stories you will have to share with others. The best way to accumulate interesting experiences is to travel. In this process, you will meet new people and new things, and all these will become your chatting material.

5. Cultivate your own positive interests and hobbies. When you participate in them, you will make a lot of like-minded friends. When you have common interests, you will easily integrate into each other's chat direction. Introverted friends can exercise their chat skills at the beginning. At the beginning, you will talk about your common interests. After you get familiar with each other, it will be easier to integrate into each other's chat topics. Slowly, you will find it not so difficult to chat with others, and your self-confidence in staying in the crowd will be improved.

6. Keep an open mind when chatting. Everyone has the right to express their own personal views. Even if other people's views are completely opposite to yours, you don't have to worry about it. Keep an open mind as far as possible. Always remember that this is only a friendly debate, and it won't hurt the root of the problem. Therefore, it's not worth showing your dissatisfaction and destroying the atmosphere of chatting at this time.

How to make yourself talkative

1. No matter you meet any big person on any occasion. If you want to communicate well, you have to overcome your own tension. Once you get nervous, you will lose your previous agile thinking. Your brain will become chaotic. So it is important to overcome the tension of talking with strangers first

2. When you are nervous or anxious to express yourself, you may become short and disorganized in your speed and way of speaking. Remember to talk calmly when you are anxious about anything. Only in this way can the other party understand what you are expressing in the shortest time

3. There are many ways of language expression. When you want to express a thing or a thing, remember that the language should be concise and easy to understand. Use the shortest sentence to express what you want to say. Don't talk too much. The other party still doesn't understand

4. Always keep your brain in a clear and calm state. Don't just start with a few words of truth. When you say something, it's totally different. You should always talk around the central point you want to express. Don't pull around. The other person will not be able to communicate with you

5. Don't always keep a business zombie face in language communication. Don't let the conversation atmosphere be less tense. Deliberately. Because the tense atmosphere is not conducive to normal communication. Only in a pleasant conversation can we get the other party's trust and achieve the desired effect

6. It's not delicious in the process of talking. Don't exaggerate. Just say what you want to express. Only say what you know. Don't say something fictional just to please. It won't get the recognition of the other party. You will feel that you are not sincere enough!

How to make yourself able to chat

1. To understand the true humor, refuse the false humor, many people have some self righteous humor, they feel like it, but others are very cold, especially when they make fun of others as humor. This kind of thing must not be done, because it will make people feel disgusted, so humor becomes not humorous.

2. To be confident, a lot of people don't dare to speak, that is to say, they lose because they don't have confidence. In fact, there's nothing they don't dare to do. Everyone is the same. Just say it boldly.

3. Practice more, you can start with your friends, and gradually change from the listener to the talker. Don't always listen. After your friends get used to it, you will lose the chance to speak.

4. It doesn't matter if you can learn more and can't speak. When chatting with others, you can see why the popular people can attract people's attention, why people like to listen to his speech, and if you have a heart, you can record some golden sentences, maybe you can use them one day?

5. Be bold and take part in more projects that need to be said, such as actively communicating with others. Don't push it to others later. Take over and do it yourself slowly. Even if you have the opportunity, you can step on the stage more and show yourself in the crowd, and you will get better slowly.

6. Understand the new social trends and fashion trends, read more books to enrich your knowledge and broaden your cognition, so that you can have something to say when you chat.

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