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Sunday, July 11, 2021

How to chat

How to chat

It's not cold to find topics to chat. It's necessary to find a wide range of topics, face up to the differences between male and female students' interests in topics, chat more about common interests, don't talk about a topic to death, and chat is the interaction of both sides' hearts.

1. There is a wide range of topics to look for

There are many topics that can be talked with girls, such as emotions, star entertainment, life trivia, social phenomena, anecdotes and so on. This is just the broadest category. Each category can be subdivided into many small categories. So, there are too many topics to talk about. Just choose the topics that the other party may be interested in and you know better.

2. Face up to the differences of interest between male and female students in topic

Because of the difference between male and female students, the topics they understand and are interested in are usually quite different. A group of girls chat gossip happy, boys feel incredible. A group of boys chatted happily for a ball game, but it was also difficult for girls to understand. This kind of difference in understanding of topics between different genders can help us chat happily with girls.

Girls prefer stars entertainment and emotional topics, boys prefer social phenomena and sports events, and boys and girls prefer social phenomenon topics. Can be combined, as far as possible to chat both sides are interested, and then find girls interested, so that chat can gradually get better.

3. Talk more about common interests and hobbies

If you are chatting with male elders, you can talk more about social phenomena. If you are chatting with female elders, you can talk about life trivia. This article focuses on the heterosexuals of the same age, you can lead the topic to the category of interests and hobbies.

Young people, too, are likely to have common interests. If they are different, they can get to know each other and arouse each other's interest. If they are the same, it would be better. The topic can be talked more deeply, and even the experience of privacy between the two parties can be talked about. Then the relationship will be more intimate.

4. Don't talk a topic to death

Most of the time, we just don't grasp the extensibility of the topic. The content of a single topic is usually limited. If you want to continue talking for a long time, you need to extend the topic to related topics, or naturally transition to other topics. It's almost impossible to keep talking if we only grasp this topic.

5. Chatting is the interaction between the hearts of both sides

When chatting with each other, always remember that chatting is not your speech alone, but the interaction between two people's hearts. When you speak, you should pay attention to the attitude and expression of the other person. Does she want to express her opinion? Do you need to listen quietly? Are you not interested in or tired of the current topic? These all need you to grasp the signal in time, don't just focus on your own words and ignore the feelings of the other party.

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