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Thursday, July 22, 2021

How to chat with girls?

How to chat with girls?

Life is beautiful, happiness is in it, we should learn to find it!

1、 What kind of first impression should be left to mm (time: just started to contact mm)

1. I think the key is to let mm see your ambition.

The greatest charm of a man lies in his success in his career. Young people can't work long hours without success. At this time, you should let mm feel that you are a self-motivated person.

Others can talk nonsense, but this problem can not be vague. You must tell mm that you are confident in the future, you are not satisfied with the current situation, and you have a long-term plan. In short, your future is not a dream.

2. Be confident and responsible

Don't be like a child. Girls are lazy and hope to find someone to rely on. You should show your confidence and sense of responsibility.

It's better to have a wrong choice than no choice.

3. Don't be too serious, but don't be too casual

Be serious where you should be, and laugh when you should.

Girls like men who are a little cynical, so don't seem to care about everything. It's too rigid.

4. Be more mature and original: 100008555

Calm, calm man has a fatal attraction to mm.

2、 How to make further contact with MM

1. The key at this stage is not to be in a hurry. Don't make things so clear that people can see that you are chasing people at a glance.

Think about it, most people don't like you at a glance, but they don't hate you at a glance. They are all children of ordinary people (unless you look like chow yun fat, Andy Lau or Kevin Costner). Good will needs to be realized with the increasing understanding, so the key to the problem is the opportunity for further development.

Stand in the girl's point of view for others to think: you so straightforward rushed to engage in the object, the girl must have psychological pressure. If I don't like you after contacting for a while, it will be playing with you? So if you start to pose as if you want to win, you will be bored back immediately.

2. Start low

First of all, we should position the relationship as "friend". Originally, it was "ordinary friend". You hope to be "good friend". If you have good taste, you can also ask the other party to be "confidant". In short, don't say "chasing you".

Think about it, if you don't mention "chasing" at all, then girls will have no chance to "refuse" you - how can you refuse you if you don't chase her?!

This can reduce the girl's psychological pressure, so that you can go on smoothly. Don't fantasize about agreeing to marry you after three days of knowing each other. We should fully communicate and understand. Feelings don't arise out of thin air.

3. Don't be too impatient in the process of communication

Be relaxed and relaxed. Don't pester others all day. You'll be tired of anyone doing this to you. I have a good friend who told me that the key to chasing girls is "cold and hot, hard to get" (this is the crystallization of my classmates' hard work for many years).

If you pester others all day, naturally you don't feel good. If you are properly cold for a day or two, girls will think of the benefits of your presence.

Also, don't take out the ambition of "you don't marry". It's too cheap. Sometimes you can play tricks.

4. Create opportunities appropriately

As I said before, don't immediately turn things into "you're chasing others", and you need to get a chance to get close to girls. At this time, it depends on your creativity.

You can collect information and find a way to turn waiting for a rabbit into an encounter; You can also pretend to be careless and find the most sufficient reason to invite the other party to do something with you.

In short, this is the most technical place. It's really not good. You can ask your predecessors for advice.

5. Don't: it's impolite to give people gifts casually

Some people are eager to chase girls and like to buy things for others. However, this is the most taboo to chase girls.

As the saying goes, "no merit, no reward". You are putting pressure on others by giving them things like this. They will feel that they owe you, so they will find a way to give it back to you. If they can't give it back to you, they will find a way not to associate with you, so as not to always owe you human favor.

If you want to show your sincerity, you might as well invite girls to spend together. For example, find a good restaurant to eat, or find an expensive place to play with. Girls can naturally see that you spent a lot of money, but the money was spent by two people together, not turned into things and brought home. Original: 100008555

3、 What is "girlfriend"?

1. "Girlfriend" is a fact, not a promise

You start to associate with girls, from "ordinary friends" to "good friends", and then to "very, very good friends who have nothing to talk about". One sunny afternoon, you "accidentally" hold her hand“ You suddenly attacked and kissed her. At this time, she is already your girlfriend. Whether she admits it or not, she mentally thinks you are his boyfriend.

I know the best. I didn't ask "would you like to be my girlfriend" until I went to bed. Finally, the girl was worried: "why don't you ask me to be your girlfriend!"

So don't rush to break the window paper. The more hazy the situation is, the better it will be for you.

2. What is "confession"?

As I said earlier, confession is actually a form. The correct order should be: in fact, you have become your girlfriend, so you can confess to others. It's natural. Many people don't understand this problem. They always think that people promise to be their girlfriend first, and then how. I can only say that they are very, very "simple" and very, very "stupid".

3. Is there a time when you have to express yourself?

Yes, for example, there is a third party, or your relationship with a girl is not mature, but the two may be separated for a period of time.

The confession at this time is the confession with immature conditions. The risk is very high. It is similar to the situation when playing go. The laggard side is forced to release the "winner". If he wins, he wins. If he loses, he can only say that "misfortune is born".

4. Don't export the word "love" easily

I often see "bold confession" in forums. To be honest, I really think it is a very immature performance“ "Love" is a sacred word, which means pursuit, commitment and even responsibility.

A man who casually says "love" is irresponsible.

4、 Civilized love cannot be forced

1. Not every mm can catch up

There will always be a lot of people chasing good girls, it is impossible to fulfill everyone's wish, there will always be losers. For example, even if you assiduously study and master the principle of chasing mm, you can't catch up with any of twins.

Consider the problem from another angle. A rural nanny who has not graduated from primary school will not fall in love with her even if she is good to you and earns 600 yuan a month to buy you 700 yuan as a gift (overdraft) and is willing to "be a cow and a horse" for you. If she's crying around every day, you'll be annoyed.

Therefore, love needs material basis, at least balance.

2. Pursuing mm is a serious social activity

Don't bother others. Leave yourself a way back. Why does a man have no wife? Some mm are really snobbish (a few). If you are not convinced, you can be angry and powerful, and prove with facts that "she was blind at that time". Never mistake others and yourself.

Finally, add two points:

① Don't be cynical in front of mm. Cynicism sometimes means "you are a failure."

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