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Monday, July 19, 2021

How to chat? What's the way to chat?

How to chat? What's the way to chat?

There's no need to find a way to chat about a topic, just a way to keep a topic chatting for a long time, or a way to continue, so as not to let a sentence end the topic. There is also the essence of the chat content, a lot of chat content is in the "share" people or things around... Start

Personally, I don't like dealing with people. I think it's very troublesome. However, due to some reasons, I have been doing some small coordination work in the past few years. In addition to the suggestions given by some friends and my inner feelings about some incorrect dialogues, I would like to summarize here and give you some suggestions.

Because I'm a girl, this article is from a girl's point of view. Later, I will add the method of interviewing my talking friends from the male point of view.

Different words in different contexts will have different feelings, the key is how to say.

What are the skills of chatting and finding topics?

Turn the topic of conversation into an open one, instead of a cold one question and one answer one by one.

What are the skills of chatting and finding topics?

More to find a good way to cut into the topic, find the right angle to chat.

What are the skills of chatting and finding topics?

Telling stories or jokes can increase the interest of chatting and arouse each other's interest. The most important thing is to sincerely invest in emotion, exchange each other's values and express the deeper side. This is the core value of chatting. Chat has a sense of humor, will be more attractive, although humor is difficult, but you can train more thinking in this area.

What are the skills of chatting and finding topics?

In fact, it is to enrich one's knowledge

I have a common topic with everyone

If you want to stay alive

Also know how to change the topic in time

Try to lean on each other's interests and concerns

Don't be too serious. Talk about some light topics

If two people can chat with each other as soon as they meet, it means that two people are suitable to be friends. If you feel that you don't know what to talk about when chatting with someone, but you still want to be friends with him or her, I suggest you practice more. In fact, if you are together, you can try to observe the objects around you, and then find inspiration from them. You can also talk about your own memories. These are good entry points. In fact, if you feel embarrassed when chatting, But you all want to talk, so it means that you want to be friends with each other, and you don't want to give up. In fact, once you get back to know each other, no two people will talk very well at the beginning. Only by constantly meeting and chatting, there is always a place to chat together.

Do you want to chat between men and women, or between friends, no matter what kind of chat, as long as you find a way to get along with each other, chat mode, talk to each other, have questions

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