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Sunday, July 18, 2021

How to chat? What's the way to chat?

How to chat? What's the way to chat?

There's no need to find a way to chat about a topic, just a way to keep a topic chatting for a long time, or a way to continue, so as not to let a sentence end the topic. There is also the essence of the chat content, a lot of chat content is in the "share" people or things around... Start

The methods of chatting include appropriate opening remarks, letting the other party know what you want to do, paying attention to the tone and speed of speaking, and showing confidence.

1. Appropriate opening remarks:

In what occasion, with what identity of strangers chat, prologue is very important, of course, there are address, can't guess the other party's age, you call handsome beauty, also much safer than big brother big sister.

2. Let the other person know what you want to do:

With the address, the other party began to take care of you, don't say too much nonsense, let the other party know your purpose immediately, otherwise the other party may guess and doubt your motivation.

3. Pay attention to the tone and speed of speaking

Although I said it's important to let the other party know our purpose, we can't talk too fast or too impatient. It's easy to put pressure on the other party and tell the other party what I want to communicate with you at a constant speed.

4. Be confident:

If you are going to introduce some business and show some confidence, don't be afraid of rejection. Good business will definitely be needed. You just need to speak out the business boldly.

5. Think ahead of time about what the other person will say:

When chatting with strangers, different strangers may have different reactions. You should plan ahead. If the other person is interested, we will exchange contact information next. If he is not interested, how can we thank him and end the conversation.

Extended information:

Taboo of chatting:

1. Ask about her past love experience

It's not a wise choice to talk about other people's sadness and pain. No matter how well cultivated they are, they may not like you at all. My sister will think that such a man has no Eq. she has her own painful experience. Even you don't want to talk about your own emotional experience.

2. Money

Don't talk about money when you haven't established a love relationship with your sister. It will only make your sister feel that you are too superficial. However, when you are with your sister, you should show your generosity. Women especially hate stingy men.

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