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Friday, July 9, 2021

How to chat correctly

How to chat correctly

What should I say in the first sentence of chatting with girls?

Look at your answers

All kinds of things, no one got to the point

What is it all about?

Are you there?

I'm sure guniang will come back to you

If there's no accident, she'll be here in the next 50 years

Every day she may meet many boys to say hello to her

If you use this kind of old opening line again, can she have the desire to chat and reply?

Anyone who asks me "is there" will be punished as "borrow Q"

Direct shielding, never soft

Let's take a look at the student's answer below

"The moon is beautiful tonight. When I watch the moon, I can't help thinking of you."

The beauty of the moon?

I think you want to be beautiful

Do you really think you are Wong Kar Wai?

The beauty of the moon?

Then you live with the moon

On your opening remarks, you either want s

Or greasy nausea

Remember, the most important thing in the beginning of a chat is

01. Curious (knocking on the blackboard)

The right formula: share experience + trigger

For example: I saw a girl like you in a coffee shop today

One sentence arouses girl's infinite reverie

If you always ask "are you there" and "what are you doing" it also reflects the emptiness of your soul.

If there is no specific direction, it can not mobilize the emotions of girls, so many girls are not willing to talk to people who use this kind of opening remarks.

In fact, as long as the "what are you doing" is changed into a form of expression, the effect will be different.

You can assume that the girl is doing something, and then ask the girl questions in the way of verification.

"What are you doing? I guess you should eat something delicious outside."

Is it better to embellish "what are you doing" than to ask "what are you doing"?

2. Ask about the opening

This type of opening is usually to ask the other party's opinion on a question.

Moreover, this question must be of interest to her, so that you can have something to talk about.

This problem can be a new movie recently released, or it can be an online restaurant

For example: "did you see a good movie yesterday? My friends and I are going to see it, too. "

After you read it, you can discuss it with her to extend your topic.

Maybe, chatting and chatting, we can ask her out to see a movie together!

3. Opening of circle of friends

Remember, a girl must be most interested in her own topic.

So, our opening remarks can focus on what she shows.

Or her hobbies, for example:

For example, she shared some travel photos in her circle of friends. The reason why she sent them out is that she hopes someone can share her feelings with her.

So you can say:

"Those pictures in your circle of friends are so beautiful."

(Photos) + I've been to this place before. It's really beautiful. "

If she shares a song in her circle of friends, you can say:

"Hi, the song you shared in your circle of friends is my single cycle recently"

At the same time, combined with some information of her circle of friends, find out your similarities, you will find that there are many topics between you.

4. Eat, drink and have fun

This topic is very big, and there are many things I want to say. I can talk about eating, drinking and having fun.

And every bit of life can be used as an opening, as long as you describe it reasonably.

Girls are also individuals who can't stop playing and eating.

We might as well start with eating: just after eating Xiaolongkan with a friend, the spicy flavor of the beef is still wandering in our mouth, which is a kind of unspeakable feeling.

There are many points in this topic that girls can reply to.

For example, with friends, the performance is your character and social, she can reply to her friends how to play the situation;

Another example is Xiaolongkan. She can reply to her experience of eating hot pot, which is full of hot pot flavor;

There is also beef, a dish that can't be separated from hot pot, with high commonality;

Finally, there is the feeling of spicy taste in the mouth, which is inseparable from eating hot pot and spicy food.

Many points in this sentence, girls as long as choose a reply to you, you can talk along the topic.

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