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Thursday, July 29, 2021

How can we talk(chat)?

How can we talk(chat)?

For everyone, "chatting" and "talking" are very important skills.

Listening & mastering the rhythm

All guys who talk annoyingly have a common trait, that is, they "don't consider other people's feelings at all".

I believe many people have met "torture" interlocutors. Open the chat records between you and him. In the 10 conversations, 90% of them are asking you all kinds of questions, ranging from where your parents work to your income and private life. This "unique way of communication" gives you the illusion of being caught and interrogated by the enemy.

In addition, I also know some "performance" talkers. They basically don't give you a chance to speak. They chatter about how good they are all the time, and then give you a set of life principles. It's so annoying. They don't need normal communication, but eagerly turn every conversation into a stage and give everyone a free talk show just to satisfy their fanatical desire for performance.

Of course you can ask questions, but you must master the boundaries of frequency and privacy; Don't talk about yourself, give the other person some chance to talk. The rhythm of conversation is a very important thing. It determines whether you can communicate happily. By the way, if you don't hate each other, you can try to smile and keep a friendly expression.

Before any conversation, please remember to listen to the other party instead of asking nonsense.


Don't make complaints about it.

Make complaints about the atmosphere of Tucao too heavy, so everyone began to make complaints about "Tucao" is a very cool thing.

Sometimes, it's cool to see Tucao's passage, but it's not the same thing to make complaints about yourself. Especially those who are not close enough to Tucao, you may make complaints about it. In real life, apart from cross talk actors, Tucao will not make you look funny and humorous, but it will make complaints about your "lack of courtesy and upbringing". The dislike of Tucao is that you put a big pot of salt on the other side's pain to make complaints about the "cheap and interesting". It can't help you solve any problems, but it may make things worse.

If you want to be considered a decent person, you must use more honorifics and thanks. When asking others for help, say more polite words such as "please", "trouble you", "I don't know if it's convenient for you". When the other party has made contributions to the project, say more "thank you for your contribution in XX..."; When rejecting others' requests, you can be firm, but use euphemistic words. You can say, "I'm really very sorry. I really can't help with this matter. Do you want to consider other methods, such as.

In short, don't leave without a word. Let the other party feel that he is valued and respected.

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