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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Chatting is an interactive process of speaking and listening. Its success depends on whether the two sides can understand each other

Chatting is an interactive process of speaking and listening. Its success depends on whether the two sides can understand each other

Semantics. Therefore, in chatting, we should cultivate and improve our cognition and keen insight of others and our own psychological state.

Can't chat several performance: first, find not to chat time; 2、 Boring opening remarks; 3、 Boring topics; 4、 Unable to grasp the degree of chat; 5、 I don't know how to mobilize each other's emotions. The following is targeted to solve.

I can't find the right time to chat. When the other party replies that we are having dinner with friends or busy with other work, we should think that the other party may not be very convenient. If we continue to chat, we may not be able to chat. At this time, we should choose to retreat and choose the right time. According to the normal work and rest time, we usually choose to chat with others between 8 pm and 12 pm.

Boring opening questions. 80% of men and girls say "Hello, hi, what are you doing" and so on. If girls are not particularly interested in you, they will not necessarily answer you. There are also some brothers who are used to chatting. So a good opening is crucial.

The most important thing in the opening of a chat is to use declarative sentences. Through the circle of friends or something, to understand each other's personality or interests, opening, but also can't tightly around this point to pave too long road, don't be embarrassed at that time.

Boring topics. I used to chat with friends. At the beginning, I asked what topic to talk about. I said casually, then I didn't talk about it later. In fact, the topic can not be limited to death, usually we have to accumulate more experience in life, either consult the type of talk about people's views, or talk about today's hot topics, so that we can have something to say.

We can't grasp the degree of chatting. When chatting, we also need to grasp the time of chatting. It's almost time to eat and time to sleep, so we have enough. Don't let the other party say, "OK, I'm going to have a rest". In this way, your impression in the other party's heart will be bad. Even if you have a good chat this time, it's not necessarily the next time.

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